🇺🇸 The US Presidential Election For Gibraltarians: Creepy Joe Biden or Patriot Trump

First, Gibraltarians need to realize that Joe Biden and his family are totally corrupt. See below.

Second, if Gibraltarians, like many other Europeans, use information the European Mainstream puts out to form their views and opinions of who is the better candidate for the states – Biden or Trump – they may be confused why Biden didn’t win by a landslide.

European media is as complicit as American media in propagandizing an upside-down reality. They use compromised news hosts, has-been entertainers, and loud-mouth Marxist politicians to push something far from reality. None of those groups represent everyday folks living in the states, but these talking-heads are who you hear constantly bad-mouthing Trump. If you believe all this fake news, then you’d think America hated Trump and loved Biden, but the opposite is true.

In Truth, Americans love Trump; and hate Biden.

The MSM is owned and controlled by globalists. Because the UK and Europe now have had a taste of what the media can do – like support a plandemic with their constant reporting; and character assassinate credible doctors and nurses challenging the Establishment’s wacky fake-science – you can easily grasp they’ve been doing this to Trump and associates since before the 2016 election.

Just like they over-report the numbers related to Covid, they over-report their hatred for Trump. It’s sickening, and no other president of the US has even been treated with so much disrespect.

Biden and his Marxist running mate are pro-China and pro-EU, so they fair well in media coverage across the board. The EU is essentially the 4th Reich, so you can understand they’d be pro-Biden. Their agenda – along with their cohorts – is the destruction of sovereign nations, including the United States of America, and Gibraltar, to construct their New World Order.

Everyday Americans don’t like corrupt Creepy Joe or China Joe. If you pay attention to alternative patriot news, you’d realize why he is hated by everyday Americans. This isn’t to say all British and Europeans hate Trump – that’s also propagandized by the media. Some people in the UK and Europe absolutely love Trump, but they also rarely make the news.

Joe Biden is compromised by the CCP-China which has been busy infiltrating Western countries through bribes, blackmail and financial deals – all to sway local politicians to its favor, so that they can secretly control these countries; and push satanic communist totalitarianism world-wide.

Check these out:

1: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets full Version (41 minute documentary) –

2: Hunter Biden’s Partnership with China Revealed – An Investigation by TYPHOON – INVESTIGATIONS

3: The Biden Crime Family Dossier –


Biden’s latest corruption scandal hit the news right before the election; yet, MSM completely ignored it – well, they actually helped cover it up, along with cohorts Google, Facebook and Twitter. That should tell you whose side they are on.

Look at how the Chinese CCP has its hand in American media; how ballots may have been among the documents being burned at its embassy in Houston; how players supply illegals with guns so that violence and chaos help bring down the republic; fund BLM movements – and the list could go on.

How much influence does the CCP have in Europe and the United Kingdom? How much influence does financial dealings with the CCP have in Gibraltar? It’s hard to say, because deals are anything BUT transparent. Where did Gibraltar’s £300 million loan come from?

If you familiarize yourself with the current Biden family scandal, you will learn that Joe Biden, “The Big Guy” receives money off his children’s dealings.

They use the family name, implying deals with them mean access to the White House, something the corrupt Clintons call “Pay to Play”. Together with the Clintons and CCP, the Bidens are also mixed up with another scandal involving the Ukraine and China.

Basically, any time a Biden benefits, Creepy Joe benefits by taking a lion’s share, as outlined by Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner with the Bidens and the CCP.

Gibraltar’s ruling politicians may “act” like they are British and democrats, but they are hidden anti-God Marxists, who align themselves with CCP practices; and who use their home-grown influence on The Rock to further a red communist agenda. They also align themselves with the European Union, which was the German Nazi Party’s creation after they realized they were losing WW2; so really the Nazis won the war, at least in Europe – and have disarmed everyone so no-one can fight and resist their evil plans, with the exception of Switzerland, where every male must have a military assault-rifle in his home and know how to use it.

But in America, citizens still have the right to bear arms – and China would like nothing more than to disarm them, even deviously using politics to do it. Why? America is the last frontier. So, you bet they are for Chinese stooge, anti-gun Biden, who wants to disarm the American patriots; and if you think they are sitting back and allowing Trump, who is exposing them, to win; you are, at a minimum, naïve.

The reason the Japanese, during WW2, did not attempt to invade the USA was because there would have been a gun aimed at them from behind every blade of grass, according to General Hideki Tojo.

Trump called MSM fake news, and this set the stage for a news-war. He didn’t start it, but he ignited it, at least in the States.

Don’t be fooled by European media that constantly criticizes and ridicules Trump.

The fact is that Trump drew tens of thousands to his rallies everywhere he went, and Biden’s were almost empty, with literally only a handful of supporters, and that tells you whom Americans really love.

Trump crowds –

Biden's few –

Here's the PDF of graphic in tweet: Trump vs Biden Events

Proof of election fraud is MASSIVE – if you are paying attention to real patriot news. Trump won the election by a landslide and Biden and his gang are trying to steal it. Trump is fighting mad and all this fraud looks like it is about to be exposed. It’s likely Biden and the controlling communists in the demonrat party were so desperate, they did desperate things.

Take a look at a few patriot sites, instead of relying on UK and European MSM propaganda.

  1. Breitbart News
  2. The Gateway Pundit
  3. News Punch
  4. Natural News

You may like that Trump criticizes and is against the Second Europe Lockdown:

See also:

The Plot Against The President

If they would do all this to remove Trump, that's nothing compared to what they would do against Christ. Their evil and conniving is astounding.


Christ is against forming political parties, which divide and weaken a nation (Matthew 12:25), and so it is against The Law (Deuteronomy 17:20). We should not turn to the left or right. This is why democracy is flawed – one side or the other wants to control by any means necessary, even evil, corrupt ones, for their own benefit, instead of everyone’s benefit like under God’s Covenant. And this is why, under God’s Law, debt is to be forgiven every 7 years and wealth redistributed every 50 – without it – as we have seen; the rich and powerful create legislation to keep themselves enriched and in control, and impoverish everyone else.

“The political right and left having been condemned by God makes democracy; with all its in-fighting, trying to score party-political points, instead of getting together and running the country for the benefit of everyone; unlawful, too.” – Welcome to a Unique Sociological Event

Winston Churchill said many years ago, that democracy is the least BAD of all of the systems of government produced by MAN out of human experience.

Theocracy is the ONLY way: The First Principle of God's Government - Theocracy

As more is learned about the US Election, this thread will be expanded. If you have news, please reply here.



BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote-theft-software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden.

These were NOT "glitches"; it was done purposefully by the Criminals In Action (CIA) who are loyal to John Brennan, to try to steal the presidency from Donald J. Trump, in order to prevent Brennan and others from going to jail.

The fact that Biden couldn't even draw enough supporters to fill a small room at his rallies, tells us that the Demonrats must have already stuffed the ballot-boxes everywhere, even before the CIA used their software to switch votes, and when both of those methods weren't enough, they suddenly, at 4am, inserted thousands of fraudulent ballots, all of which were for Biden.

Desperate people do stupid desperate things.


At approximately 0900 GMT/UTC (4am in the morning, EDT), when the vote counting abruptly stopped and the ballot box stuffing began, the officially reported tallies (courtesy of Fox News) in the swing states were personally written down, for posterity.

They were as follows:

State…EV…% of votes in…% of vote…advantage


Compare these numbers to the final vote tallies that are being reported now.

All of these unbelievable come-from-behind victories for Biden in states he was clearly losing are just that: UNBELIEVABLE. For example, for Biden to overtake Trump in Michigan required Biden to magically begin winning over 76% of the remaining 20% of the votes in an allegedly “neck-and-neck” race, which is completely unrealistic.

The same has happened in Pennsylvania and Georgia. For Biden to now have an advantage in GA required him to win take over 62% of the votes for the final 5-6% of the voters.

Pennsylvania is even more ridiculous. Down 12.6%, Biden had to rally with 62% of the remaining 35-36% of the vote, after mustering only 43.1% – with the vote-switching software – for the first 64%?

Perhaps these statistical absurdities can be attributed to the pathetic turn outs at the Biden rallies. Fewer to wince at lucky lunchbox Joe’s “senior moments”, which left no doubt he can’t even run his own mouth, much less a country.

This, like the BS-19 scam, is blatantly obvious. It apparently has to be made this obvious for people to see that the deck is stacked against us.


Thanks @A_Freeman for the stats – there are numerous graphs making the rounds on alternative media about how the change in votes is mathematically impossible.

Also, while the corrupt and complicit mainstream media, worldwide, are calling the election in Joe's Favor – they don't get to call the election winner.

Mike Adams called it gaslighting on Natural News:

Trump's statement on Joe's announcement, "We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed." (Joe made the announcement before Rudy's press conference below)

As Constitutional lawyer, Jenna Ellis explains: “Joe Biden is not the president-elect just because media declares him so.”

Media coordinated efforts are attempting to simply declare Joe Biden the president and ignore the rule of law.

This is the press conference Trump mentioned from today Nov. 7. Rudy starts talking at 22 mins into it. Silly journalist says there's no proof; Rudy says 50 witnesses are proof - plus a lot more.


“Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated."



By the way alternative media sources listed above are reporting on the fraud, instance after instance. Be sure to check Breitbart News, Natural News, and The Gateway Pundit.

We are supposed to believe Biden won Nevada – Seriously

They had to pad the vote from all sides to pull this steal off.


So what did the Gibraltar Ministry of Propaganda Report about the U.S. Election:

So far, didn't see Gibraltar Panorama going along with the illusion.

Maybe people should educate the Gibraltar Ministry of Propaganda that the media giants don't legally call the election.




Biden is a friend of European Elites, as outlined by Gript News in Ireland - a little Banksters’ history included.

Biden would have the EU’s back on Brexit.

Biden is a friend to Ireland elites, not to Ireland

We all know what the EU did to our back when the European Central Bank with the support of our “allies” forced us into the €64,000,000,000 bank bailout in 2010. What is less known is that the then Obama/Biden administration in Washington was a key factor in imposing that on their Irish “friends.”

Note to Gript: The U.S. Election has not been currently decided, so Trump may not be “out-going”.


Electronic Voter Fraud - Operation Hammer & Scorecard

Hammer & Scorecard: NSA Security Software Turned Election – Steve Bannon interviews Elections Retired General Thomas McInerney (9min).

The General described “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” a pair of programs initially designed for the CIA before being privatized by Deep State players from the Obama administration.“THE HAMMER” is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while “Scorecard” is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. It’s the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stations and data storage hubs. Unless both sides are looking for irregularities, it’s impossible to catch.

See also:


Huge Vote Fraud Mechanism Exposed by Sidney Powell, J. Kirk Wiebe


Testimony from Vote Machine Whistleblower Surfaces
A former computer programmer's testimony about software being used to rig elections...
While working for Yang Enterprises in Florida, Clint Curtis says Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) asked him to write a program that would covertly “flip the vote 51-49 to whoever you wanted…to win.” When he was hired, Curtis thought he was writing code to help prevent election fraud. Curtis gave the testimony in an Ohio hearing on voter fraud conducted by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Feeney was Speaker of the House that year, as well as a lobbyist and lawyer for Yang Enterprises. Feeney has denied the allegations.


This just in – relates to EU Elites liking Biden – of course EU Media is announcing his fake-win:

Jean-Claude Juncker, former European Commission president, conceded Sunday that while nothing will change immediately if Biden does indeed make it to the White House, in the longer term diplomatic life will get easier.

“Things are going to get a lot easier, because Joe Biden understands Europe better than Donald Trump,” Juncker declared.

Biden will do what the globalists demand. As to him better understanding Europe than Trump, that's also debatable, but if Juncker means Nazism, he may be right. It's debatable because many question Biden's mental ability (he recently said he was running for senate; and called Trump Bush - two examples); and some say the office will be given over to Harris.



Kill Gates advice to Creepy, Sleepy China Joe:

"Gates said Biden should listen to the experts more, encourage mask wearing, stay in the World Health Organization, and fix the painfully slow US coronavirus testing system."

He said that he imagined Biden would "want more expert advice" about what to do during the pandemic, versus Trump who, in 2018, disbanded the unit inside the National Security Council devoted to fighting such global public health threats.

"He'll probably choose not to leave the WHO," Gates said of Biden. "Since that's where all the data is, and that's how countries coordinate with each other."

Biden's Covid-Plan – sure he's not compromised!:

Biden has acknowledged that the pandemic will not end anytime soon, but he has said he will rely on the counsel of scientists and medical professionals. “It’s going to take a lot of hard work to end this pandemic,” Biden said this month. “I do promise this: We will start on Day 1 doing the right things.”

Note: Joe has not won the 2020 Presidential Election.



In addition to Newsmax https://www.newsmax.com, One America News Network https://www.oann.com is an alternative to global fake-news media.

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They decided Joe Biden was the winner of the Presidential election even though there are millions of votes yet to be counted in crucial swing states.
The media has gone full Big Brother in deciding this election, yet as we show the race is still very much in progress. The electoral maps show what is happening as opposed to what the media and big tech companies are telling you. Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and all who participated in calling it for Biden, which happened 2 minutes before Trump's Rudy Guiliani was to come out and talk about the various legal cases launching in several key states. What timing.

What they did on the night of the election was to give the impression Trump was behind -- he was not-- he was ahead the whole evening.

The media kept coming back to these figures Trump 214 and Biden 253 [electoral college].

Looking at the real maps starting with Alaska:

Alaska should have been called on the night of the election because with 3 electoral votes, 2 to Trump and Trump has a 2/1 advantage 60% of the vote for him, and Alaska hasn't gone blue since 1964 and Trump has insurmountable lead. So, we see they were projecting for Biden over and over but not for Trump.

North Carolina

Again, they suppressed North Carolina it was a Trump win, yet they had it as a toss-up. If you add North Carolina to Trump it gives him 232. The reason for this is that North Carolina shows with 99% vote in with a 75,000-vote advantage for Trump, even the main stream media clearly show Trump win, no doubt about it.

Trump had insurmountable lead and all of a sudden, they had all these "mystery ballots", but as it goes into recount it will go back to Trump as predictions about Biden in Georgia won't hold up. Also were not even getting into voter fraud yet, but putting Georgia back into Trump would give him 248 as opposed to Biden's 253 leaving only 37 electoral votes left for a toss-up.


At one point on election night Trump had an 800,000-vote advantage clearly dominating the state. Then again "mystery ballots" show up and they are projecting the win for Biden. Trump lead in Pennsylvania was insurmountable. Moving Pennsylvania back into Trump win gives him 268 as opposed to 253 Biden electoral votes.

Nevada has 6 and Arizona has 11 electoral College votes.

The Media shortly after they called Pennsylvania for Biden called Nevada for Biden, the odd thing about this is Nevada is accepting ballots through November 10th, 2020 so there is no way to know the full count as there are 180,000 votes outstanding. There was a 15,000 votes advantage for Biden which could be easily overturned with all the outstanding votes left to come in. So, it's truly a toss-up. Since they gave it to Biden that gives Biden literally 259 electoral votes, and neither of these candidates would have enough to win.


Odd thing about Arizona is Fox News calling it for Biden on election night, because there were so many votes from different counties for Trump that had yet to come in. Even now as the days go by, its more and more favorable for Trump. Interestingly the NY Times didn't call it for Biden which is significant because they knew it was too close, and that Trump leads in those counties would be insurmountable, especially since Arizona is a red state. Even if Biden had won Arizona it would only have given him 264 electoral votes, so he's 6 short. If Arizona went to Trump, this would give him 279, over the 270 threshold electoral votes needed to win the Presidency, with Biden's 253, not 290 they have been running around the media with. 290 is an absurd number because Pennsylvania is already under recount.

If you go back to the 17 toss up electoral votes left, Biden would have to take Nevada and Arizona to get 270 votes, over Trumps 268. A very tall feat considering they are neck and neck especially in Nevada where votes are still coming in.

In Wisconsin and Michigan because of "software glitches" 6000 votes already went back to Trump. Both states may need a re-canvasing recount which may change the totals in both states. Wisconsin would go back to Trump and pull off a victory he needs there. The things from the media don't add up with the facts on the ground. This election is far from over. Clearly Nevada should not be called yet with 180,000 votes still to come in.

Neither China nor Russia congratulated Biden because they know the projected win is coming from the media. Interestingly Benjamin Netanyahu did congratulate Biden and Trump automatically unfollowed him.

Trump is actually leader in the electoral college, and the Supreme Court will be involved.

Have a look at the maps in the video to see for yourself.


Epic Voter Fraud Compilation: All Election Theft Caught On Tape In One Place


How would Biden presidency affect Gibraltar?

By giving these nutjobs more control; and furthering their evil Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 goals worldwide. All the evil players on one page. Elite globalist control Biden.

World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus CONGRATULATES Biden

Crises like the #COVID19 pandemic show the importance of global solidarity in protecting lives and livelihoods. Together!" Mr Ghebreyesus said on Twitter.

Biden to restore US status in W.H.O.

Back in July, he promised to reverse the incumbent Donald Trump's controversial April decision to leave the World Health Organization — the United Nations' agency that oversees and coordinates global public health efforts. "Americans are safer when America is engaged in strengthening global health," Biden said at the time.

"On my first day as President, I will rejoin the WHO and restore our leadership on the world stage." (SOURCE)

Bill Gates to WORK with Biden on Covid-19 Plan. Biden plans to rely on “the so-called experts when it comes to the pandemic.

Biden taps BigTech to JOIN his team. No surprise there. Of course, it’s more like BigTech tagged him to be president.

Biden would team with globalists on a world depopulation mission

T.H.E.Y. had to ensure a Biden-win; and the only way to do it was to steal it. Not that they've gotten away with it.

The Election isn't over.


Dark Journalist: Dr. Joseph Farrell Exclusive Interview: Deep State Monkey Business!