The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich

The Prejudice of Dr. Reiner Füllmich, An Analysis of The Case Against Him.

By Patricia Harrity on February 2, 2024

Even before the main proceedings against Dr. Reiner Füllmich, the courts indicate what they intend to do – a short trial and a quick verdict against the critical lawyer and human rights activist: They imposed a muzzle with a penalty clause on a Füllmich lawyer, ignored requests from the defense, disregarded legal deadlines and constructed a case that it doesn’t even exist. Did the verdict come down before the first day of the trial even began? Wolfgang Jeschke.

The above has been taken from an analysis of the case against Reiner Fuellmich from Wolfgang Jeschke from Laufpass. As many readers who have expressed concern for Dr. Reiners situation and have asked to be updated I thought that they may find the analysis informative, providing a better understanding of the case against him, therefore I have republished the automatically translated article here at the Expose.

The Prejudice of Dr. Füllmich

by Wolfgang Jeschke published 30th January.

The judges of the courts responsible for the various aspects of the Füllmich case are assured of a place in history. Like so many terrible lawyers from Germany’s past, they will also receive appropriate recognition. The suspicion is obvious that the judges have to deliver a verdict to the system and to do so they disregard the rights of the person being persecuted.

Illegal Kidnapping and Deprivation of Liberty

After the illegal kidnapping of Füllmich from Mexico (due to the lack of an international arrest warrant, the lawyer was only arrested at Frankfurt Airport. The kidnapping was coordinated with the Mexican authorities, who accompanied Füllmich to the Federal Republic of Germany and then handed him over to the Federal Republic of Germany police), the second act now follows the unlawful persecution of the indomitable critic.

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