The Fighting Irish Come Out Against Medical Tyranny


Next Irish Protest – Oct. 3


A video in the Yellow Vest Tweet asks.

Have we been sold to pharmaceutical corporations?

The video reads:

Media received 2.5 million euros from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for reporting on Covid-19. Another 4.5 million is on the way.

Every HSE institution receives money for each patient with Covid19. Where does this money come from?

Ask These Questions Together at the Custom House, October 3 at 2 p.m.

With a link to Public Demand Investigation.

Yellow Vest offers information on attending –

By the way, there was a debate between Dr Martin Feeley and Professor Sam McConkey on RTE

Also reported on Gript Media:

Irish politician – Getting to the bottom of deception and manipulation with a simple question:

“If somebody who is asymptomatic…and they have a heart attack and are brought to hospital and are tested…and they die soon thereafter…are they recorded as a Covid death or not?” asked Deputy Michael McNamara.

WATCH: Irish politician exposes WHO policy causing errors in Covid death-count

Dr. Cuddihy said, “[W]e adhere to the World Health Organization case definition in terms of the recording and reporting of deaths.

Rephrased: Yes, yes, we do.

The Fighting Irish Set to Protest Today, Oct 3 at 2 p.m. Custom House in Dublin

Yellow Vest Ireland provided information about today on its website –

Health Freedom Ireland also published this information –

As well as provided this press release:

The last protest was live-streamed by Yellow Vest found on their FB page - Yellow Vest Ireland group

The Yellow Vest YouTube Channel is

In the meantime, check out this video:


Irish Vaccination Awareness is live-stream on FB – Irish vaccination awareness - Etusivu | Facebook

Irish Citizens Journal is also live streaming it on

Note: The live-stream breaks and another live stream starts, which is a little frustrating. Click on Irish Citizens Jr icon to find the latest live stream.

An announcement was also made about another event on October 22, where people were encouraged to bring supplies for 3-days. Same time, same place.

The Irish Citizen's Journal has continued the live-stream of the march - everyone is sitting down outside the shops, chanting "No more lockdowns!"

On Grafton street


Protesters sitting

Irish Citizen Journal is also featuring segments of the live stream on their twitter –

Here is a tweet featuring a bird's eye view –

In the news:

Looks like Dublin Live knows how to count @RTE:

Some positive tweets:

Many thanks to the Fighting Irish who attended this and previous protests. There needs to be a mass awakening. A sea of people can challenge a mountain of government (Matt. 21:21).

In order to win the war, we must do it Father's Way. He will let it continue to get darker until people turn to Him.

Ireland is in a unique position to help Save The World – if you have eyes to see and ears to hear – bring back God's Law.

To obtain God's help you must return to keeping The Covenant

Resulting in abundant life for all who do return to keeping The Covenant and being God's Demonstration people.

Recovery of The Ark of The Covenant

Isaiah 16:1 Send ye the Lamb to the ruler of the land from the Rock to the wilderness, unto the mount of the daughter of Zion [Tara].

The "Lost" Ark of The Covenant, which contains the two stone tablets with the Ten Commandments written on them, as well as the original five scroll books of The Law given to Moses by God at Mt. Sinai, is buried in an underground chamber underneath (not in) the Mound of The Hostages (2kings 14:14; 2Chronicles 25:24), at the Hill of Tara (Torah), in County Meath, Ireland. Its recovery will be the greatest event to happen on this planet, and considering the accelerated declining state of the world, not a moment too soon. Along with The Ark are buried: Israelite queen Teia Tephi (daughter of king Zedekiah - 2 kings 24:17-18, 25:6-7; Jeremiah 43:6), the Harp of David, the Breastplate of Aaron, and other Israelite treasures. When shown to the world, The Ark of The Covenant is tangible proof that The Bible is True, that no-one can argue with, and not just a book of nice stories and a moral conduct guide. It would also prove that the Irish people are descended from the Israelite Tribe of Dan, and by extension would prove that the people of America, Great Britain, the Commonwealth, and Ireland are the true descendants of the "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel", and will reveal that to the world. This will also involve the recovery of the Stone of Destiny (Lia Fail / Bethel / Jacob's Pillar) and it fulfilling its destiny, for which it was named The Stone of Destiny, as God's Throne on Earth.

Paul in his letter to the Romans said, "blindness (as to their true identity) is happened to part of Israel (the ten "lost" tribes - the House of Israel), until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in (the time of the revealing)"; Rom. 11:25-26). Once it is recovered, then The Ark will become the focal point for all the people around the planet (and there won't be many of them) who want to keep God's Laws, and who want to help each other and put the world right, and will be drawn like a magnet to The Ark and gather together (Rev. 26:8-13), and the power of The Ark bringing the True Believers together along with returning to keeping The Law will make the system of Babylon crumble.

Just before The End, Father said He would send EliJAH the Prophet, and he will tell the people that they must remember and return to the Laws given to Moses at Sinai (Malachi 4:4-5). If Israel, does not return to His Laws and get rid of Babylon, then He will smite the Earth with a curse and burn everybody up (Malachi 4:1). As already explained, it is not hard to believe that these are indeed the "End Times". It is now time for mankind to see that he is going the wrong way, and that if he keeps going in the wrong direction then there is no future. The only future is to STOP, and recover The Ark; then that earth-shattering event will show everyone that this now is their LAST chance to repent (Rev. 14:6-12), and people will have to return to keeping God's Laws in The Covenant and put everything right. If everyone goes back to keeping The Covenant, Father has said that He will take away all sickness from the world and He will put everything right.

At this point in time, in order for the entrance to the tomb to be excavated, a license is required from the Irish Minister for Heritage, Sile de Valera (now - 2014 - Heather Humphreys, Minister for Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affairs). All that needs to be done is to dig an otherwise insignificant 6 ft. x 6 ft. piece of rough flat grass near The Mound of The Hostages. Just as when Moses was serving Father, and pharaoh was given 10 chances (the ten plagues of Exodus 7:14 - 11:10) to do the right thing and let the Israelites go, now the Irish Government is acting like pharaoh. Satan, who is the real power behind the Hidden Hand, does not want The Ark recovered.

You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain – have faith.

Source: Discover The Only Way You Can Defeat The New World Order


Update – Sunday, Oct 4:

For high quality footage of the festival of freedom, check out Jumping Jackeye's YouTube Channel. Here's one of the uploads when they were on Grafton Street (5.5min):

This is 1 of 9 videos uploaded regarding yesterday.

Here's a short one of some of the music (1min):

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The Irish came out fighting again on Oct 22 – and like always there are two sides of the story.

The media/government side is far right extremists organized a rally to disrupt government operations and stampede Grafton Street. They also wanted to prevent a repeat of the last Grafton Street sit in.

Police arrested 11 people and are currently investigating who organized the event. According to the below article, Health Freedom Ireland and Yellow Vest Ireland withdrew from the demonstration.

According to this other Journal article, “The description of what an organiser (is) has been expanded, and we’re mounting investigations to identify those individuals and then report them to the director of public prosecutions as well."

Looks like they want to make examples out of some protesters.

FreePress Ireland asks everyone make a comparison between two protests that happened Thursday.

Here are videos of the anti-lockdown demonstration; and you can decide for yourself:

From Jumping Jackeye’s channel, there are three videos. Here is one featuring a speech given by one in attendence, who held up a copy of the constitution during his speech (11 min):

It starts with the media interviewing one of the protesters; then leads to a man speaking to the Gardai as a voice for the Irish people (min-1:36).

“We are not being locked down for another six weeks. We do not want suicide on our streets anymore.”

Ironically, the policeman told him, “I will not be apart of your propaganda.” That didn’t go over well with the crowd who know the where the propaganda originates.

At minute-10:48, the protester kept speaking, “we’re here to make a stand; we’re not here to cause trouble… we’re here for freedom… we all know who runs this country and the way they run it – into the ground. They run it into the ground because they serve the EU; and that goes for all you farmers out there. Your land will be taken. You are next after the fisheries. Holding up a copy of the constitution, he urged everyone to take back the country."

Meanwhile, the Gardai wanted to know who organized the protest – he said everyone there did and the crowd cheered.

This man wasn't the only voice to speak out.

On thewelcomeinn YouTube channel, there are 15 videos featuring various people raising their voices about concerns for what is happening in their country. Here's the first one (10min):

On banters_tvs crazy Youtube Channel, here is a 5-minute video featuring the scuffle between The Gardai and protesters:

On QCares channel is an edited version of the event (8min):

Most of us know the score. We know what is going on here. Whether the protests happen in Germany, London or Dublin, the hierarchy enslaving us don't plan to stop; and they are desperate to control the narrative.

thank you for sharing

Must Watch Debate on Lockdown Ideology versus Scientific Approach

Irish TV (RTE) has obviously slipped up here in allowing a genuine expert to speak out. What Professor Lee says will resonate with any independent minded observer.

Did RTE slip up, or have they been shamed, by the many thousands of protesters chanting "RTE is the virus", into telling the truth for once?

The use of Garda batons against lockdown protestors sets a dangerous precedent

When asked if this contradicted what he had said previously about the Gardaí not wanting “authoritarian powers” to break up gatherings in private homes, Commissioner Harris said that he was a “faithful public servant” and would do “as I’m told”.

There’s something very ugly about the police force of a free and democratic country drawing batons and beating down its own people. This is especially true when a lockdown is being enforced by the same police force, who now have the power to fine or imprison people for breaking these draconian laws.

A state that denies its people the right to protest peacefully takes a dangerous step towards authoritarianism.

The Fighting Irish Hit the Streets Again Nov. 28 -


The Irish Freedom Party organized it. Speakers included Hermann Kelly, Prof Dolores Cahill, Michael Leahy, Ben Gilroy, Kevin Sharkey and others.

Theme: SUPPORTING FREEDOM Of Speech. To work and travel. To honour Christmas with family.

Dublin “Assert Your Freedoms” rally set for Saturday to oppose lockdown and controlled speech laws

Seems like it was a good turnout -

From Jumping Jackeye:

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Thank you for the update on the fighting Irish clans. Dr. Dolores Cahill is part of the new World Freedom Alliance, a group of independent experts challenging the official narrative. This must be the group she spoke of at rallies in the past:

Great speech by Dolores Cahill at the rally Nov. 28:

Her theme – For evil to succeed, it is enough that men and women do nothing. She also speaks about police coming forward, choosing to side with protesters; as well as the military connecting to protect them.

The World is Watching Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

Did you hear her Gibraltar? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Here are some things she said (in a nutshell), but please listen to her speech for clarity:

There are multiple elements that continue the lockdown.

I enter Ireland circuitously these days, because I have never filled a passenger locator form because if you do you are actually giving up your rights. I have never wore a mask, even at gunpoint in Frankfurt.

The military and security of the UN have infiltrated of the police force as we see in Trafalgar Square, where they are beating elderly people and peaceful protesters. If the military and police and doctors do not play along with this farce, then it cannot happen.

You are paying your taxes for the state to infringe all of our rights and we are paying their salaries.

If politicians and civil servants in Ireland and around the world collude in unnecessary harm and death, that is actually the crime of genocide; and we could have a referendum that all of them, within their clause as civil servants and policemen, no longer have rights to be employed in the Irish State or get their salaries.

I am now calling for peaceful civil disobedience of every Irish person.

From Day One, there was no need to declare a pandemic. So we have to ask what the hell is going on?

Look at what is going on. They are confining us to our homes; decimating small businesses; they are closing down small restaurants and hotels; and the travel and tourist industry for a virus that causes a fraction. There are natural treatments.

The police confining to our homes is tyranny. They are trying to get you used to your rights and freedom taken away so that your children think it’s normal.

Crimes against humanity are instigated by causing FEAR; which the media is complicit.

She’s been working with judges on the International Tribunal of Natural Justice. We are this year 2020, taking cases against of all the perpetrators of this crime including every prime minister. We are uniting doctors and scientists in the world, setting up the World Doctors Alliance. Now, they have founded the World Freedom Alliance with 45 countries around the world.

The next big meeting is New Year’s Eve in Berlin.

The WFA has some court cases and are winning, like in Madrid – the lockdown was deemed unconstitutional. Madrid is a freedom city. In Portugal – they’ve deemed PCR null and void. We are winning.

She brought up another case. It has been proven that brain damage can occur after 2 hours, so teenagers wearing masks in school is shocking.

One way to push back is to sue people; and they are suing insurance companies for brain damage. She encouraged people to sue individuals, like ministers and even ministers for transport, and companies, like airlines.

Cahill cautioned about the coming Dark Winter. They do have the next pandemic ready, like Bill Gates "predicted" planned. It may be in the form of the plague or even Ebola. They have found fragments of Ebola on the PCR tests. She mentioned a plan to bomb Rotterdam to cut the food supply, electricity, internet, ATMs and declaring Martial Law.

The video is also available on other platforms:


Una Mc Gurk SC speaks out on Cancel Culture

Una McGurk, Barrister and Senior Counsel explains what has happened since she spoke at the protest on 22 August 2020 in Dublin. They tried to vilify her. She did not and will not succumb!

She said this video would also be put on Bitchute (under 8 min).

Links she wanted to share:

PCR Test for Coronavirus Questioned by Prominent Scientists

Oxford Professor Heneghan & PCR Cycle Thresholds

The Scam Has Been Confirmed: PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2

COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens

Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective

Masks Delay Inevitable Acceptance of COVID-19 Reality


Gran Torino – Limerick (4min):

The heavens will open up with the wrath of the irish!

Irish Activist Gran Torino (Rowan Croft) -

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