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Agenda 2030 is Evil

So many of their programs work toward this evil Agenda 2030 agenda.

And T.H.E.Y. tell us in advance what the plans are.

Most everything is written out – like brought up in the report on Gibraltar Messenger.

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@be1 made an excellent find relating to the Gibraltar Messenger report and David Heymann’s influence, as posted here:

Here is a clickable graphic to the W.H.O. report:

Government Promotes Green Gibraltar – A Sustainable Mobility Initiative :arrow_left:

The Government has today said that the protection of the environment and the climate remains at the heart of its thinking. It notes that air pollution dropped significantly during the lockdown as people reconsidered the way they moved and indeed their need to move.

A statement continued: “Government will seek to build on this change and work to redesign our streets for people, not cars. This will enable and encourage people to choose to travel differently, and also enable and encourage the movement of goods and services to take place in less polluting and more space-efficient ways. We will do this by:

See more at the link above.

They are bringing global plans to The Rock, as outlined in the Gibraltar’s Messenger report:



Gibraltar Messenger really found it because without Gib. Mes. who would have read STAG_IH (masks). :slightly_smiling_face:


Over 40 central banks and supervisors are already examining how climate risks can be integrated into their economic and financial activities.41 The Bank of England has warned that corporations in incumbent “dirty” industries can expect to go bankrupt if they fail to understand the risk of their business models becoming obsolete as investment flees to net-zero-emission alternatives.42The Financial Stability Board’s Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures announced recommendations in 2017 that have driven boardroom discussions regarding financial exposures and transition strategies.43 Now supported by almost 900 companies, assessing financial risk of climate change is becoming more mainstreamed.44Governments are also moving towards mandatory disclosure of climate risks by listed companies.45 The investor community is also responding to climate risk, with a recent notable development being the launch of the UN-convened Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit.46 World Econoimic Forum Global Risks Report 2020


Yes. Thank you, @GibMessenger.

And it takes fighters to keep digging. Thank you @be1. We all must work together to expose them.

More Agenda 21/2030 being rolled out by GOG

This public notice was recently posted on "5G Gibraltar Under Attack" Facebook page by Simon McIntosh.

Fighting the "Good" fight.

When other social media bans The Truth, share it on Defending-Gibraltar.net.


"Solidarity" and "Leave No One Behind" are key talking points puppet politicians use, which were handed to them by the Globalists in order to soften up the public to the coming Mandatory Vaccines.

Translation – all nations must confound to the global agenda. Leave No One Behind is about being vaccinated.

Everyone is being climatized to live in a "world of mandates" which is why they want everyone to wear their masks to show solidarity with this plan – it's not about health. It's about traitors in governments showing their masters they can corral their herds.

Everyone is being dehumanized.

Watch this informative video to see how politicians and governments are following the global plan. They mark themselves when they use the globalist talking points. It's not hard to unmask the puppet politicians or health authorities as NWO agents.

The Mask Slips (38 min) -

They want to build a global community.

Before mandatory vaccines will be enforced, everyone will first just lose privileges and rights based on vaccination proof.

Beware who your politicians pledge their allegiance to, as shown in the video with a compilation of officials parroting the evil plan.

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Had no idea that the people of Australia were so oppressed.

You’re welcome.

The Globalist term – SOLIDARITY – alive and well on The Rock:

:green_circle: Former Governors Send Letter of Support and Solidarity:


“Gibraltar’s former Governors have written an open letter to all Gibraltarians to express their support and solidarity in the face of the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.”

:green_circle: Chief Minister’s Statement of business Employee Assistance Terms The Beat Covid 19 Measures:


“This is a moment for communal solidarity.”

“And a moment for international solidarity.”

A Global Gibraltar - that’s the plan all right.

:nauseated_face: Know them by their fruit.

Speaking of a Global Plan – Dr. Vernon Coleman puts it in simple, logical terms that are easy to grasp:

Vernon Coleman's 'Old Man in a Chair' YouTube videos will, from 2nd August 2020, appear on Wednesdays and Sundays at 7 p.m. UK time

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains how we are being oppressed by people who want to turn us into slaves. And he explains how the Resistance Movement is the only chance we have to save our humanity.

Many of his YT videos are removed, but the transcripts are available on his website:


The YT video (which may be taken down) is -

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The Plan is Coming Together Right Before Everyone's Eyes

Who are these masked persons, really?

When Fabian Picardo met with Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya in July, some people on The Rock questioned his motives.

Can you really blame them with how Picardo talked?

He said, “We agreed that working together we can turn this into a rainbow of opportunities which can turn this region into an arc of prosperity for all of the people who live in and around it.”

Rainbow? Arc? Who talks like that?

A politician with an alternative agenda lurking below the surface. He can’t really disclose what he means, but perhaps those behind the scenes know what he’s promising. And the general public is just supposed to get on board with his plan because it sounds so, so flowery.

Just because we can see his lips moving doesn’t mean we understand a word he says.

And remember the famous question: How can you tell when a politician is lying? Answer: When his lips are moving.

Politician Picardo goes on to say, “I have committed my government, my team and myself to provide all of our ability, capacity and enthusiasm in the determination to finalise ambitious arrangements that can deliver the future area of shared prosperity which we all want to see. We want a win-win and together we can deliver it.”

Maybe we should be skeptical. Maybe it’s prudent to look at those commitments in black and white.

Was this meeting set up in answer to Chatham House’s call to have neighboring countries to work closely together? You know – for those wider Global goals?

CHATHAM HOUSE (April 2020): COVID-19: How Do We Re-open the Economy?

As a minimum, an effective border plan requires close cooperation with near neighbours as these are likely to be the most important economic counterparts for many countries. But ideally each country’s plan should be part of a wider global opening-up strategy coordinated by the G20. In the absence of a reliable antibody test, border control measures will have to rely on a combination of imperfect testing, quarantine, and new, shared data requirements for incoming and departing passengers.

Chatham House was already identified as one external organization that controls Gibraltar, as described in A Global Gibraltar – That’s The Plan.

Dr. David Heymann, former CDC and WHO health official, turned Chatham House head for Centre on Global Health Security was specifically mentioned.

The Centre on Global Health Security will draw on Chatham House’s expertise and international networks in foreign policy and international affairs to broaden the debate over global health. It key aims will be to conduct research, host events and develop new policy initiatives and best practices. These activities reflect the growing need for close co-operation on global health goals across government departments, international institutions, civil society and the private sector.

To this day, Heymann continues to advise the WHO.

He even chimed in on how governments can get people to obey Covid restrictions:

"Dr. David Heymann, who led the WHO’s infectious disease unit during the SARS epidemic in 2002-2003, identified two critically important tools for policymakers seeking to ensure as many people as possible abide by the rules: messaging and the tradition of the society."

Maybe Gibraltar’s surveys were the government’s answer to giving Gibraltarians a voice. And when Dr. Bhatti brings up that there should be public discussion or debate he is doing that to appease the public. Don’t look to them really listening, that’s not part of the Global Goal. Mandatory vaccinations are. And this is why they continue to combat the growing opposition.

Gibraltar’s Liaison to the Global Reset – Dr. David Heymann


If Dr. Sohail Bhatti is the change-agent for Gibraltar, set in place to further the vaccine agenda, then Dr. David Heymann is the facilitator to such a change. Both might as well be on Bill Gates payroll.

Dr. David Heyman, whom the Government of Gibraltar relies on for advice – so that it is in LOCKSTEP with the Global Reset, seems to be well-placed and deemed credible based on his education and job experience. He worked for the CDC, WHO, PHE and now Chatham House. Basically, it seems global organizations have “created” their point-man, complete with academic position.

As a reminder, Heymann pushes global agendas. He is the head of Chatham House’s Centre on Global Health Security, which conducts research and develops new policy initiatives and best practices for close co-operation on global health goals. He said the Centre will work to improve and strengthen health worldwide and raising levels of overall international security and prosperity. Globalist Mark Malloch-Brown welcomed the new Centre, saying the imbalance in health provision between countries contributes to security threats to all of us. Malloch-Brown is listed as a adjunct fellow at the Queen Elizabeth Programme at Chatham House; and he also has connections to George Soros' Open Society, listed as one of its board members.

But what has Heymann left in his wake?

Heymann and Ebola

He took an active role in the first Ebola outbreak in 1976. While The Establishment gives him kudos for this work, was he part of a sinister plan? Read the following investigative article about the Ebola outbreak, "Ebola 101: Early Beginnings – Part 1".


“The unvaccinated are described as threats when in reality, it’s the vaccinated people who shed and are highly infectious.”

“We don’t have Ebola, it came out of a lab – I mean if you look at who developed these vaccines, there are always are labs involved and the first Ebola outbreak […] the people who got Ebola in Zaire, Congo in 1976, were people who took a vaccine.”

Read this article:

and watch this:

The Ebola scaremongering campaign is gathering momentum. After all, it only serves the purpose of panicking people into getting vaccinated! Ebola vaccination is injecting genetically altered viruses; genetic engineering, introduced directly into the body!

There were reports in 2018, Ebola was back. Isn't it interesting how these viruses recycle?

And isn’t it interesting that Heymann is the point-man for Ebola? Tie this in with Dr. Dolores Cahill saying they have found Ebola fragments on PCR tests. Are these epidemics man-made?

See also:

Are we facing an Ebola pandemic that will kill millions, or is this just a marketing plan of the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs and vaccines?

Well, in retrospect, the swine flu epidemic of 1976 never developed. It wasn’t because 40 million Americans took the shot. It was because the swine flu never existed. It was nothing more than poor science, flawed judgments and wishful thinking. In short we all were part of a grand hoax.

Leaders of the public health system, such as those in the WHO, are eager to grab at any opportunity to find a disease threat and to eradicate it. After all, that is their job. Generals and public health officials both think in terms of the next battle to be fought. That is what they will do even when the threat is minimal or maybe does not actually exist. Are the generals of pandemic warfare at the World Health Organization making inferences and assumptions, which might just prove to be wrong?

Heymann and Polio

In 1988, the WHO passed a resolution to eradicate polio worldwide by the year 2000. Soon thereafter, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was formed. This is a public-private partnership led by national governments with five partners – the World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). India was declared polio-free in 2011, however, the OPV vaccination did not stop. Since that time, there has been an increase in the cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NP-AFP).

Heymann was instrumental in giving the Bill Gates Polio vaccine in developing countries, as well as many other BMGF, GAVI, and Merck vaccines.

Bill Gates paralyzed half a million children with polio vaccines – do we really want him vaccinating the world for coronavirus?

Heymann and Zika

The Zika virus was patented by the Rockefeller Foundation — Zika virus ATCC® VR-84™. The source of the virus was blood from an experimental forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947.

Heymann and SARS

SARS could be the biggest disease threat since AIDS, says WHO expert

In 2003, Heymann was making false predictions: The head of the World Health Organization's (WHO's) communicable disease programs says severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) may pose a more serious global health threat than any other new disease in the past 20-plus years, with the sole exception of AIDS.

Why is Heymann such an EXPERT on OUTBREAKS?

Get the picture?

Read: A Global Gibraltar – That’s the Plan


Chatham House was brought up in "A Global Gibraltar – That's The Plan".

Chatham House is one of those think tanks helping to bring in the New Normal; with all their "advice" and "planning".

Chatham House is basically an elitist organization that used to be known as The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) with connections to the Committee of 300. The Committee of 300 was exposed by Dr. John Coleman, featured on JAHTruth: "Conspirator's Hierachy: The Story of the Committee of 300."

Besides advising Gibraltar as Dr David Heymann has done, how much of their new plans will be incorporated on The Rock?

There have also been other posts about their reset on DG, even concerning the new diet they are planning, like "Where's the meat?" and even how agents in Gibraltar are pushing this plan.

This article on Conservative Woman brings up some of the future diet they imagine, brought to you by Chatham House:

Rebecca D’Amato: LAST week the Chatham House think tank released Futurescape, four short clips illustrating what they predict our world will be like at different stages in the hundred years between now and 2121.

There are too many terrifying aspects of these four clips to outline them all here, and I’d rather you watch it yourself anyway, but one of the things that stood out for me was the laughter in the background in every clip. It felt sinister, as though our globalist overlords are laughing at us.

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The Global Public-Private Partnership (GPPP) is a world-wide network of stakeholder capitalists and their partners. This collective of stakeholders (the capitalists and their partners) comprises of global corporations (including central banks), philanthropic foundations (multi-billionaire philanthropists), policy think-tanks, governments (and their agencies), non-governmental organisations, selected academic & scientific institutions, global charities, the labour unions and other chosen “thought leaders.”

The GPPP controls global finance and the world’s economy. It sets world, national and local policy (via global governance) and then promotes those policies using the mainstream media (MSM) corporations who are also “partners” within the GPPP.

Often those policies are devised by the think-tanks before being adopted by governments, who are also GPPP partners. Government is the process of transforming GPPP global governance into hard policy, legislation and law.

Under our current model of Westphalian national sovereignty, the government of one nation cannot make legislation or law in another. However, through global governance, the GPPP create policy initiatives at the global level which then cascade down to people in every nation. This typically occurs via an intermediary policy distributor, such as the IMF or IPCC, and national government then enact the recommended policies.

The policy trajectory is set internationally by the authorised definition of problems and their prescribed solutions. Once the GPPP enforce the consensus internationally, the policy framework is set. The GPPP stakeholder partners then collaborate to ensure the desired policies are developed, implemented and enforced. This is the oft quoted “international rules based system.”

In this way the GPPP control many nations at once without having to resort to legislation. This has the added advantage of making any legal challenge to the decisions made by the most senior partners in the GPPP (it is an authoritarian hierarchy) extremely difficult.

Continued at link.

Interview with the author of the above article:- The Global Power Structure.
1hr 02min





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