The Devil’s Greatest Weapon Has Always Been Religions

You don't have to go to church at all to be religious, in fact, the true definition of the word religion is 'bonded obligation' and that obligation is to God (The Ruler of The Universe) and His Commandments, Laws, Statutes, Judgments, Economic Policy etc. contained in The Torah, which is the name given to the five books of Moses. . . › spirit.htm

The Way home or face The Fire

11:69 The Devil’s greatest weapon has always been religions, and with them, he has divided;
deceived and conquered the world. You must avoid organized-religions, like the plague (Rev. 18:4)!
11:70 To make religions even more effective, Satan divided the beliefs even further, into little sects,
each with their own customs and beliefs. He is so sneaky, that you must be on your guard, 24 hours a
day, and NEVER under-estimate him.
11:71 Cling to God, like a drowning man clings to anything that floats (or you will drown in “The
Lake of Fire”). Always make sure, before you do anything, that the devil is not deceiving you into
doing something wrong, by talking to you with his SEDUCTIVE voice. He is VERY sneaky! If in
doubt, do nothing, until you are absolutely sure that you are following God’s orders, and not Satan’s
(Sura 2:256).
11:72 Religious wars are one of Satan’s favourite games. After Mohammed’s enlightenment, and the
spreading of his teachings, the Devil set the Christians and the Moslems against each other, in the
Crusades, in an attempt; through his use of religions (his invention); to stop people from uniting
themselves, and their Books, and thereby having a chance of knowing the Truth.
11:73 It is ridiculous, that Richard the Lionheart and Saladin were friends, away from the battlefield,
and had great respect for one another, and yet, they led their armies against each other on the
battlefield, killing each other’s soldiers (in God’s name?) (John 16:2).
11:74 There are stories about Richard being sick, and that Saladin disguised himself; pretended to be
a doctor; and sneaked into the English camp, where he treated and nursed Richard back to health. So
that they could try to kill each other, on the battlefield (?). In God’s name?
11:75 Another story tells where Richard and Saladin had a friendly contest, to compare their swords.
Richard used his broadsword, and chopped down a tree, to demonstrate the strength of his sword.
Saladin used his scimitar (sword), to cut a silk-handkerchief into two, in midair, to demonstrate the
fine cutting-edge of his sword.
11:76 Why did they have this loving respect for each other? Because they were BOTH honourable,
and God-fearing men, and both truly believed that they were doing God’s Will. Satan fooled them
BOTH, with religions. They did not have “direct” contact with God, so it was easy for Satan (Iblis)
to trick them BOTH.
11:77 Later on in history; after England had broken-away from Roman Catholicism; God helped the
British to conquer most of the world, to spread the new doctrine, to try to counteract the catholic
idolatry, and blasphemous brain-washing. How else could a tiny kingdom, like Great Britain,
conquer most of the world? The Church of England was still wrong, but probably, at the time, it was
the “lesser of the evils”. Britain then brought peace to the world, and was the world’s policeman, for
many years. It also helped to bring peace to the Arab world, because the Moslems had become
fanatics, in direct DISOBEDIENCE of the Koran (Sura 2:190 & 2:256 & 4:92).

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Christians are more correctly called Churchians of Paulians because that’s what and who they follow; not Christ

The beginning of following Jesus means Fasting like He did when He began.

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