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Spain rejects Israeli 'falsehoods' following dispute

"Israel's" embassy in Spain claimed that Spanish officials had aligned themselves with "terrorism (of) ISIS-type." This comes after Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra said that "Israel" was conducting a "genocide attempt" and called for Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes.

The Israeli occupation embassy also urged the acting Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to condemn the unnamed ministers' comments, alleging that they have threatened the safety of Jews in Spain.

Spain's Foreign Ministry said that the Israeli remarks were based on "falsehoods", reiterating its support for any "political leader" expressing their stances "as representative of a political party in a democracy such as Spain's."

Responding to the occupation embassy's comments, Belarra said that remaining silent on the Netanyahu government's crimes, which include "massive bombings, water, and electricity cuts," means complicity with terror.

The controversy appeared to have been triggered by critical comments by three far-left ministers on Saturday about Israel’s response to Hamas’ attacks on Oct. 7.

Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra said on Saturday that Israel was conducting a “genocide attempt” in the Gaza Strip and called for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

Two other ministers, in charge of consumer protection and equality, also on Saturday criticized Israel’s operation in Gaza in posts on social media platform X.

Criticizing the embassy statement as “falsehoods,” Spain’s Foreign Ministry said the Madrid government strongly condemned Hamas’ attacks on Israel and called for the protection of civilians in Gaza. “Any political leader can freely express their positions as a representative of a political party in a full democracy such as Spain’s,” it said.

Spanish Minister: “EU is Becoming Complicit in Genocide of War Criminal Netanyahu”

Spain is one of two EU nations, alongside Portugal, which voted the UN resolution approved by 120 countries for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza.

Spanish Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra has urged European leaders to take immediate action against Israel, including severing diplomatic ties and imposing economic sanctions, amid the intensified bombing and expanded ground operations against Hamas militants in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

She also called for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be prosecuted for the alleged war crimes committed against civilians in Gaza.

“After this hellish night in Gaza, I have a very simple but very important message for European leaders. Do not make us complicit in genocide. Act. Not in our name,” Belarra said in a passionate video message on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday.


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Making the news of late is the document about Isreal displacing the Palestinians, and there looks to be a Spanish connection:

The document also says that the United States should be enlisted in the process to exert pressure on Egypt to absorb the Palestinian residents of Gaza, and that other European countries — particularly Greece and Spain :es: — as well as Canada should help absorb and settle the Palestinian refugees. The Ministry of Intelligence said the document was not yet formally distributed to U.S. officials, but only to the Israeli government and security agencies.

The 10-page document, dated Oct. 13, 2023, bears the logo of the Intelligence Ministry — a small governmental body that produces policy research and shares its proposals with intelligence agencies, the army, and other ministries. The document, whose authenticity was confirmed by the ministry, has been translated into English. The fact that an Israeli government ministry has prepared such a detailed proposal... eflects how the idea of forced population transfer is being raised to the level of official policy discussions. Fears of such plans — which would constitute a serious war crime under international law — have grown... continues.

Social Rights Minister Ione Belarra is featured in this news report -

Spanish Minister Says "Suspend Relations with Israel"

The West tries to portray a united front on the State of Israel, but that really isn't the case.

In her statement, she called Netanyahu a ‘war criminal’ and demanded European leaders to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel.

Belarra - We ask our partner that, as the Government of Spain, we bring Netanyahu before the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

Protest in Barcelona

Protesters Gather in Barcelona in Support of Palestine - video in Spanish

More than a thousand people took part in a pro-Palestinian rally in Placa Sant Jaume in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, October 29, local media said. People chanted “Free Palestine” and “Boycott Israel”.

Spain’s PM Pedro Sánchez declares recognition of the State of Palestine


In a move marking a landmark shift in international relations, Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has declared the Spanish government’s official recognition of the State of Palestine. This policy shift, particularly in the context of the Middle East conflict, is a significant development that could potentially influence the stance and policies of other nations on the Israel-Palestine issue.

Spain’s decision to recognize Palestine as a state underscores its foreign policy stance and its approach to conflict resolution and international law. This move is likely to have diplomatic repercussions, potentially impacting Spain’s relations with Israel and its standing within the European Union and the broader international community.

Spain's incoming government, led by acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, declared its intention to actively advocate for the recognition of the state of Palestine, both domestically and within the European sphere.

Sanchez emphasised this recognition and diplomatic pursuit as the primary commitment of the upcoming legislative term.

During the pre-vote debate to cement his coalition government, Sanchez stressed the necessity for the international community to acknowledge the Palestinian statehood, citing it as a long overdue and just demand from the Palestinian people.

Additionally, Sanchez called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and urged strict adherence to humanitarian laws. He further appealed to Israeli authorities to facilitate the unimpeded passage of international aid to the besieged population.

Leaders met in Spain about Israel - Gaza:

42 countries attend Union for the Mediterranean annual meeting over Israel

A summit of the Union of the Mediterranean nations started in Barcelona with calls to extend the ceasefire in Gaza. Arab and European leaders of nations along the Mediterranean rim are attending with the talks aiming to convince European countries to pressure Israel to commit to an extension of the Gaza truce.

Palestinian diplomat appeals for Gaza truce to be extended as EU and Arab nations meet in Spain

“We have to find how to apply the necessary pressure so that the Israeli government does not continue killing innocent people, so that we can continue counting cadavers,” Riad al-Maliki said in Spanish during a news conference during the gathering of diplomats in Barcelona, Spain.

Israel is not attending the meeting hosted by the Union for the Mediterranean and chaired by the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, and Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi. Many of the 42 delegations were represented by their foreign ministers.


Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares speaks at the forum:

Spain advocates Palestinian Authority’s return to Gaza, replacing Hamas

Albares called for the effective return of the Palestinian Authority to the war-torn Gaza Strip, replacing the ruling Islamist Hamas group.

The foreign minister made these remarks at the 8th regional forum of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), where foreign ministers from the Euro-Mediterranean region convened for a two-day conference in Barcelona. Israel chose to skip the meeting.

Emphasizing that the Palestinian Authority is the only feasible partner for peace, Albares apparently sought to address the controversy after Israeli accusations that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez supported terrorism by Hamas.


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In a cautious EU, Spain stands out as vocal Israel critic

Despite divergent positions in a cautious European Union, Sánchez, who governs in coalition with the far-left Sumar parry, has been one of the most critical leaders of Israel's military strategy in Gaza, which he deems "disproportionate." His position has triggered a diplomatic crisis with Israel.

Sánchez has also pledged to take the Palestinian cause to Brussels. "My first commitment of the legislature is that the new government will work in Europe and of course in Spain to recognize the Palestinian state," he said on November 15 during the speech to Parliament preceding his vote of investiture. A week later, on November 23 and 24, he was on an official visit to the Middle East in the company of Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, who will succeed him in January as the rotating president of the Council of the European Union.

"Israel has the right to self-defense in the face of attacks, but let me be clear, Israel must also respect international humanitarian law," declared Sánchez on November 23, during a particularly tense meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "The whole world is shocked by the images we see every day from Gaza. The number of dead Palestinians is truly unbearable." Pleading for a lasting ceasefire and the holding of a peace conference, Sánchez asked Netanyahu to "work now to implement the two-state solution." In Ramallah, Sánchez and De Croo gave their support to the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.


Turkish President Erdogan, Spain's premier discuss Gaza

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Monday discussed Israel’s over 40 days of attacks on Palestine and the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7.

In a phone call, Erdogan and Sanchez also exchanged views on steps to help ensure uninterrupted humanitarian aid to Gaza, and efforts for a permanent cease-fire, according to Türkiye's Communications Directorate.

Erdogan praised as “valuable” the Spanish government's stance against Israel's "illegitimate attacks" on Palestinians and its statements in favor of the recognition of Palestine.

Erdogan told Sanchez that Türkiye is ready to assume all kinds of responsibilities, including as a guarantor, to ensure permanent peace in the region and to work together with Spain for regional peace.


Also - Israel in diplomatic dispute with Spain and Belgium over Gaza bombardment - Israel has become locked in a diplomatic dispute with Spain and Belgium after it accused the EU countries of supporting terrorism in response to their prime ministers’ criticism of its bombardment of Gaza. The Israeli and Spanish foreign ministers exchanged harsh words and summoned each other’s ambassadors for reprimands as the dispute spiralled on Friday while Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez and his Belgian counterpart Alexander De Croo continued a visit to the Middle East.

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The Rational National (Independent political commentary, media criticism, news and culture - Canada) - David discusses the Spain, Belgium and Israel News:


Spain And Belgium Anger Israel With Joint Statement

Breaking with a lot of the EU, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo delivered a clear joint statement on the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding at the hands of Israel.

Spain And Belgium Anger Israel With Joint Statement

Spain takes resolute approach against Zionist aggression

Examining news reports in Spain over the 50 days of the conflict, here is a compilation of key events: “The Barcelona City Council cuts ties with Israel”; “Spain’s Prime Minister declares intent to recognize Palestine State unless the European Union takes official action”; “Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister commits to imposing sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and an arms trade embargo against Israel at the beginning of the new government term”; “Spain’s Minister of Social Rights called for Benjamin Netanyahu to be brought before the International Criminal Court”; “Pro-Palestine protests erupt in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, ...”; “Spanish representative to the European Parliament submits Israel’s crimes dossier to the International Criminal Court.”

Spain is among the countries that, from the very first days of the unprecedented intensification of conflicts between the Zionist regime and Palestinian resistance groups, raised the voice of support for Palestine through rallies in various cities. In addition to that, Spain, in contrast to many Western countries and a significant number of European leaders, stood alongside Palestine and the residents of Gaza which is now considered the world’s largest open-air prison. The noteworthy aspect is that Spain’s recent stances align perfectly with the historical approach of this country.

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Spain’s foreign minister says victims of Hamas, Israel ‘equally unbearable


Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said on Tuesday that the Spanish government believes that innocent victims of Hamas and the Israeli attacks on Gaza are “equally unbearable.”

Albares defended Spain’s position on the Palestine-Israel conflict in a 30-minute speech in Spain’s parliament.

His speech came amid a diplomatic row between Israel and Spain, in which both nations summoned the other’s ambassadors. Israel also recalled its ambassador to Madrid.

Albares announced that Spain would not recall its ambassador to Israel.

“What we are trying to do is help peace, stability and prosperity to return to the Middle East,” he said.


Over 3,000 people form human mosaic in Spain to support Palestine


Hundreds of protesters in Spain made a human mosaic of the Palestinian flag and the Pablo Picasso anti-war painting, Guernica.

In the manifesto, the Guernica-Palestine Citizens' Initiative said: “Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people,” and asked the international community to share the suffering of the Palestinian people and stop the massacre.

Spain Says Europe’s Leaders Should Do Everything in Their Power to Stop Israel’s Crimes

Spanish social rights minister Pablo Bustinduy calls on Europe to use legal and economic pressure to halt Israel’s crimes.

As I write these words, we are witnessing a massacre without precedent since the turn of the millennium.

It has destroyed 70 percent of buildings in the north of the Strip, a percentage higher than that caused by the bombing of Dresden in World War II, today considered a paradigmatic example of a war crime.

Faced with this campaign of collective punishment, 1.7 million Gazans — over 80 percent of the population — have been forcibly displaced to the Egyptian border, where conditions are worsening by the minute and there is no infrastructure to accommodate them and no guarantee of their safety.

No one who looks at the reality of what is happening with objectivity and decency can deny that ethnic cleansing is taking place in Gaza.


Hundreds of NGOs protest outside Spain's parliament, calling to cease arms trade with Israel


Protestors backed by more than 375 non-government organizations in Spain gathered outside the nation's parliament on Wednesday, calling for the government to end arms trade with Israel.

According to the Centre Delas think tank, one of the organizations involved in the protest, Spain has purchased €861 million ($944 million) worth of weapons from Israel this year alone. “And that's only the tip of the iceberg,” said the organization, insisting that the country's arms trade is shrouded in secrecy.

For instance, in September, Spain authorized the purchase of SILAM rocket launchers, made by the company Elbit Systems — one of Israel's main defense companies whose products have been tested in operations in Gaza and the West Bank. The deal was worth €576 million, according to the demonstrators.


Spain rejects proposal by two Israeli ministers to resettle Palestinians out of Gaza

“The Government of Spain rejects recent statements by members of the Government of Israel evoking population movements in Gaza that would be contrary to international law,” the ministry said in a statement. “Spain reiterates the peremptory need to respect International Law and International Humanitarian Law and to guarantee the protection of the civilian population.

Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance and leader of the far-right Religious Zionist Party, and Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security and leader of the also far-right Otsmah party, have proposed the resettlement of Palestinians out of Gaza.

Israel to send its ambassador back to Spain as diplomatic row eases

The recall of an ambassador for consultations is one of the harshest warnings in diplomacy and the final step before the severing of diplomatic relations.

It comes after Spain's newly re-elected prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, condemned Hamas terrorist attacks, but criticised Israel's offensive in Gaza and the level of devastation in the enclave, during a Thursday television appearance.

"With the images we are seeing and the increasing number, especially of children, who are dying, I have real doubts that (Israel) is respecting international humanitarian law," Sánchez said.

Spanish premier urges Western countries to recognize Palestinian state ‘once and for all’

10 January

Spain’s prime minister on Wednesday urged Western states to recognize the state of Palestine “once and for all.”

“And until that day comes, we must state clearly and with passion that the Palestinian population cannot pay for the terrorist acts of Hamas,” Pedro Sanchez told diplomats at the Eighth Ambassadors Conference in Madrid.

The Spanish leader added that he is aware of the enormous suffering in Gaza, which he said has only gotten worse over the last three months.

“The number of civilian victims is absolutely intolerable,” he added.

He said the first goal of the international community should be facilitating an immediate and permanent cease-fire.

When Sanchez formed the current government in November, he vowed that Spain would work to pressure the EU to recognize Palestine.

Spain's Podemos urges government to back South Africa's genocide case against Israel

The leader of Spain's Podemos party announced on Tuesday that her far-left party has formally urged the Spanish government to back South Africa's case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel.

South Africa is accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza at the UN's highest court while also seeking an emergency suspension of Tel Aviv's military campaign on Palestine.

Belarra told a press conference that Podemos has sent official letters to Spain's Foreign Ministry and the central government, urging leaders to publicly back the case and that Podemos will raise the issue in parliament for debate.

Podemos has complained that Spain's criticisms of Israel have been hollow and not followed up with action.

“It's so that we begin to take concrete steps to stop the genocide against the Palestinian people,” said Belarra, Spain's former minister of social rights.


Spain coalition party backs UN genocide case against Israel

The left-wing party in Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's coalition government on Thursday backed South Africa's genocide case against Israel at the UN's top court, calling it a "necessary step".

Sumar is the junior partner in Spain's minority coalition government with Sanchez's Socialist party.The party's leader, Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz, is one of Sanchez's three deputy prime ministers.

In a separate message on X Spain's social rights minister, Pablo Bustinduy who also belongs to Sumar, called South Africa's lawsuit "a historic gesture, brave and necessary".


-People in Spain hold nationwide rallies in support of Palestinians

Tens of thousands of people in Spain thronged the streets on Saturday in support of the Palestinian people, and in condemnation of Israel’s genocidal war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

According to Anadolu News agency, Spaniards in more than 90 provinces and regions responded to the protest call of the Solidarity Network against the Occupation of Palestine (RESCOP), an umbrella group of over 100 civil society organizations in the European country.

The protesters demanded the establishment of an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip while denouncing the bloodshed of Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Zionist regime.

They gathered in the center of the city holding Palestinian flags and banners with the themes "Boycott Israel", "Netanyahu the killer", "Free Palestine", "Justice now" and "Israeli attacks supported by the United States and the European Union" Europe".

Over 50,000 people estimated to have participated Spanish government urged to 'sever all political, economic, cultural, and sporting relations with Israel and take concrete steps for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire to stop the genocide' - Stop 'genocide in Palestine': Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards stage nationwide anti-Israel rally | News

Palestine solidarity protests: Rallies take place across European cities

Spain's protest featured in this report:

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