Union of the Mediterranean on Isreal

I've highlighted what several people who were at the 8th Union for the Mediterranean Regional Forum, hosted by Barcelona in other threads (see below for links), BUT news on what diplomats said at the forum keep coming in, so I made this thread about the Union of the Mediterranean stance on Israel.

The Union for the Mediterranean is an intergovernmental organisation bringing together 43 countries to promote dialogue and cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region

Egyptian FM participates in meetings of 8th Union for Mediterranean Regional Forum in Barcelona


Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry participated on November 27, 2023, in the meetings of the 8th Union for the Mediterranean Regional Forum, hosted by the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​and which is being held this year at the invitation of both the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the European Union, as they hold the co-presidency of the Union, with the participation of representatives of the Union’s member states, and Israel’s boycott of the meeting.

This year's forum meetings were devoted to discussing developments of the situation in the Gaza Strip. The ministerial committee emanating from the recent Arab-Islamic Summit’s Resolution, in charge with pushing ahead with putting an end to the war in Gaza, was also invited to participate in the Forum's activities.

Shoukry said targeting civilians and their facilities cannot be described as self-defense, not to mention its inconsistency with international law and international humanitarian law.

Also Egypt’s Ambassador Abu Zeid emphasized the importance of the role that the Union for the Mediterranean must play in halting the war against Gaza, in light of what was stipulated in the Paris and Marseille founding Declarations of the Union for the Mediterranean regarding the importance of creating a Mediterranean region enjoying peace, stability, security and prosperity, and the importance of a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict in light of the agreed upon terms of reference, while highlighting the role of the European Union in advancing the peace process and supporting the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations.

The Foreign Minister concluded his intervention by emphasizing the collective position that categorically rejects the policies of the Israeli side aiming to forcibly displace the population of the Gaza Strip from their territories, by creating new conditions that make the Gaza Strip unlivable, in addition to fully condemning the escalation in the frequency of attacks and violence perpetrated by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank, which threatens regional peace.


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