Spain Increases Technocratic Surveillence State

Some would call this modern-day highway robbery, but there's also a more sinister surveillance plan – that is only enhanced with the use of 5G.

Spain's National Traffic Authority (DGT) adds extra radar surveillance on Spanish roads for Summer

Drivers in Andalucia should be aware that data from the DGT shows there are 382 speed cameras located around the community, with Seville leading the way with 68 radars, followed by CADIZ, where there are 55 – 19 fixed, 2 average speed, and 32 mobile – and just three of the Cadiz fixed radars, according to DGT data, are among the 50 in all of Spain with the highest rate of speeding sanctions imposed during 2019.

The Ministry of the Interior to redouble its resources to ensure security, and combat accidents on the roads, reportedly adding 16 new radars to the roadmap this Summer, making a total of 780 fixed radars, 92 average speed radars, and 545 mobile radars available to traffic cops on main and secondary roads of Spain.

{read: generate funds disguised as "helping you"}

As the DGT adds extra radar devices, the 12 DGT helicopters will also be out on patrol – some equipped with the Pegasus radar system – as well as 28 new drone units that are being added to the airborne fleet, on top of the 11 that went into operation last Summer, with 23 out of the 39 drones having the capability of reporting traffic offences.

{read: Surveillance State}

How The DGT Uses Drones To Control Spanish Roads

Surveillance and control are necessary, they are the way to enforce the law. The desirable thing would be that complaints about speeding were zero. The best radar is the one that does not report, it means that we have achieved the objective to pacify the area”. – General deputy-director of Mobility Management and Technology of the DGT, Jorge Ordás said.

"Surveillance and control are necessary" - that about says it all for the technocrats. They aren't enforcing The Law - it's political-legislation that comes in the form of highway robbery and these bandits just happen to wear a uniform. Isn't there better things for them to do besides be policy enforcers?

"If we transfer this to more specific data we find that **for what it literally costs to have the DGT helicopter flying there could be a hundred of these drones guarding different points" – The DGT studies the possible implantation in Spain of drones with radar | Free hardware

It's also "sold" with "your interest" at heart:

Spain’s Drone Test Center Set to Test Advanced Drone Operations