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In the end, we all are responsible for what we think, act upon, and how we interact with each other. One builds upon the other.

The world is competing for our attention.

What is your 'game'?
What are you focusing your attention on?

The world wants us to focus our attention on them because we give them power if we do. At present, the world is giving its attention to Covid-19, 'powerful' people, injustice, problems, etc.

If people changed their focus of attention to what is important,

  • what nobody can take away from us,
  • what Father allows us to "keep" from lifetime to lifetime,
  • that is only attainable through telepathic communication with Him, through prayer and listening (meditation?),

then we may be finally doing His Will for us, which will ultimately change the world.

When something 'rattles our cage', or stirs our emotions, this is a sign from Father of a place that needs 'work'. It's an inner feeling that is impossible to ignore. It's a waving red flag.

Calm and peace is true meekness. Un-ruffled in EVERY circumstance. This was Christ's biggest example that He demonstrated during His persecution and crucifixion. Killing the 'self' and controlling its desires (for comfort) for the benefit of all (There is no greater love than this).

Unplugging is a start. Little by little, more and more, until we realize that we have DO have control, then taking that control, and not being "Double Minded" and focusing on the ONE thing that is MOST important to us, YHWH, and learning to be like Him (Matt. 5:48), then we can help ourselves and help others (not intentionally).

Focusing attention (on Father - on what is good)... not the world/money/work/etc...

Take back your life.

How To Control Your Attention In A Noisy And Shiny World

Live in love,


Pride Bars The Way. - April 10

Obedience is one of the keys unlocking the door into My Kingdom, so love and obey. No man can obey Me implicitly without in time realizing My Love, in his turn responding by love to that Love, and then experiencing the joy of the beloved, and the lover.

The rough stone steps of obedience lead up to the Mosaic of Joy and Love that floor My Heaven. As one on Earth who loves another says, "Where you are is home," so it is in relation with Me. Where I am is My Home - is Heaven.

Heaven may be in a sordid slum or a palace, and I can make My Home in the humblest heart. I can only dwell with the humble. Pride stands sentinel at the door of the heart to shut out the lowly, humble Christ.


God at Eventide- Break Free. - April 10

I sent no disciple to carry My Healing Power to the Syrophoenician woman's sick daughter, the centurion's servant, or to the ruler's son. My Word was all-sufficient.

All that I needed was the faith of the petitioner. Can you not realize that?

Learn to understand and to ask more of Me. If you do not, then others' bonds are your responsibility.

Loose your own body from all bonds. Remember the beam and the mote.

As the fault (the beam) is removed from your own eye, giving you the power to remove the mote from your brother's eye, so if you bring your body into subjection, discipline it wholly, you will be enabled to free your brother from bonds that bind him to ill-health.


Food for thought:
If you can begin to see the real you, the spirit/soul inside of the human flesh, the one who loves God and wants to obey Him, and then see the destructive one, the big BAD self, you will be able to set boundaries against its/self destructive ways, which hurt others and make bad decisions, allow other to run riot all over you, stop others form false accusations, apply love and tender kindness instead of hate and anger, kill the emotional roller coaster your self gets on, ............... ecetera.
Taking that seriously into account please ponder this...............Unless the spirit-energy Being, not the "self" and all it's emotions, is sincerely accepting an apology there will never be an end as to how much hate, and ill feelings, anger, strife, resentment, self pity, one feels towards others and for it's self, due to no boundaries being set against the self and it's self centered ways. Truth is all humans hate each other.
God gave everyone FREE-will choices to choose what we make each moment of every day, and accepting an apology takes work, in other words, it takes self control with ones self to accomplish this correctly. When an ill feeling arises in your thought wave, cast it down, " setting a boundary right then with the self, choose at that very moment who you will listen to, "Am not listening to that nonsense today", I have chosen forget this and understand the situation from a different point of view now, to never think ill of it again or allow the self to lash out towards that person in an ill manner."

(KILL self Now- But what you do not see is that you, the 'Self' in you, can never forgive injuries. The very thought of them means 'Self' in the foreground, then the injury, instead of appearing less, appears greater.

No, My children, as all true Love is of God, and is God, so all true forgiveness is of God and is God. The 'Self' cannot forgive. Kill 'Self'.

Cease trying to forgive those who fretted or wronged you. It is a mistake to think about it. Aim at killing the 'Self' now - in your daily life, and then, and not until then, will you find there is nothing that even remembers injury, because the only one injured, the "Self", is dead.

As long as it recurs to your mind you deceive yourself if you think it forgiven. Forgiving injuries can be one way of feeding a 'Self'-life.

Many deceive themselves in this.)
This act sets the invisible boundary line for the self who is now hopefully being controlled by the spirit Being.
One must be interested in learning humility and the compassion towards others to be able to move upward and onward on our spiritual Journey. Remember it is the Journey that matters most not the destination.
This is how the self works against you. The “self” is constantly trying to reinflate itself, to take up all of its personal space It is always pretending to be your best friend when in reality it is your worst enemy. Being full of one's “self” leaves no room for the truth to get in, which is the only thing that can set us free. When ill feelings are held against others that resentment shows itself as grudges over the most petty things. All of that hatred and ill will is then focused outwardly onto others, even if not especially) toward the very people who are trying to help them with their anger issues. All of us should be striving to help others overcome their egos, by pointing these things out to others in a loving way, but each of us must be willing to do whatever it takes to keep the hateful ego/"self" under control so it cannot do harm to others. That's the job each of us has to do. Unfortunately, like thinking, it's a difficult job, which is why so few choose to do it (and thus and can't be helped). But it is what we all MUST learn to do everyday: get rid of the selfish, negative emotions, particularly self-pity which is a powerful dark emotion.
Hope this helps shed some light on resentments, ill feelings stemmed from anger and dark emotions that points to self.

![image|534x360] from article https://hannahmichaels.wordpress.com/2019/11/11/how-to-spiritually-beat-depression/(upload://5MpWa58SCy2QOTtGK17hbDgmaII.jpeg)


Agreed. Resentment, the need for forgiveness, holding grudges, are all attachments created by the needs of the 'self'.

Emotions are the human's self trying to exert its control over the mind-spirit of the individual, thus are Satanic because they are pulling the mind away from love which is God. This amplifies the importance to focus attention on God/good and living in the present moment. Not dwelling on the past and "offenses" of others or worse, revenge/retaliation, etc..

God puts people in people's lives to test (prove) them. If someone is "hurting" you (red flag), it could be a reflection of how they view themselves ("this is what has always worked for me in the past" the offender may think). When one views the "offenses" of another person as a state of their spiritual development, if they resort to the "Dark Side of The Force" (to get their way - exercise control over you), one CANNOT take offense to their behavior. They must be viewed in the light of sympathy, pity, and compassion. They are only hurting themselves through Karma. They probably can't help it (yet). Patience exercised towards them until Father corrects their behavior through the curses explained in Deuteronomy 28 will eventually change their behavior (hopefully before it's too late).

Father gives us all free will to choose our decisions which determines our course of actions. Good or evil. All will be revealed on J-Day.

If one focuses on the dark forces in life only, they are not focused on God, but on them-selves and whomever has "hurt" their feelings (red flag).

Fear is the root of all evil and is proof that the self/ego/personality is not eliminated, thus, still imprisoned causing pain and suffering to the individual.


Thank-you. @GodTaughtMeHow


All things happen for a Divine reason. It's up to us to find out why.


Thank you so much! If anyone can help me over come the SELF it would be greatly appracaited!


We all need help overcoming self.
That's why we are here.
Through God, ALL things are possible.


This article is so helpful, it was like as if Father knew I needed it so urgently.

Thank you for sharing.


Thank Y/you so much.


You're welcome.


"I hate this stupid place [hell / planet earth]." "The whole thing is like one big test."


It's not "like" one big test...



Dear Dylan,

Each is responsible for themselves, self sacrifice as Christ exampled on the cross, His cross, He hung the human named Jesus upon, daily as He is still exampling before everyone today in His new body with a new name writen, The Second Coming of Christ, as promised.

Live in Love, Peace

Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net





Test are blessings. that help us grow into Christ-likeness.

Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so [is] he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart [is] not with thee.


Thank you so much for the advice! I am so grateful thank you so much! Humility is so important and is something I am starting to figure out. Am so thankful for this oppertunity we are all experincing. Father is amazing He loves us so much!

Lets all give so much devotion to Him and Christ!





Psalm 103:13 Like as a father pitieth [his] children, [so] the "I AM" pitieth them that fear Him.
103:14 For He knoweth our frame; He remembereth that we [are] dust.

We are only a speck of dust on a tiny planet on the far side of a galaxy, in an infinite universe, and yet Father still loves us, despite our transgressions...


The cross on their backs