Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net

The intent of the revealing article on TIME TO THINK, “Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net,” is to get the world to realize we are living in extraordinary times that actually involve the second coming of Christ –

The article contains a lesson within a lesson, but does require the reader to swim outside his or her comfort zone; and explore waters filled with knowledge from The Master, the pro-fisher-of-men.

Get caught up, because has already been cast into the sea of people.

“If you’re a keeper, your schooling has just begun.”

There’s plenty to sink your teeth into and digest.

The TIME TO THINK article will help navigate drifters in the right direction. It should cause the right kind of fish to climb aboard Christ’s ship and do it His Way.

For those already on board, it may provide a deeper understanding. Please consider the article a leaked document from insiders. Recognize its value in your own fishing expeditions. Cast it out into the many seas of men.

Help spread around the world. Use the article or let it inspire you to start casting His Net in places you haven’t considered.

Please share the article’s specific URL:

Social media messages are fine, but go deep – search and reply to posts – there are many Christians online who might appreciate a heads-up. Please also sail out from social media waters into the unknown – reach local congregations, local leaders, patriots and all-kinds of freedom-fighters. Help gather them in His Net; and let Christ do the sorting.

Thank you kindly.


Happy Sabbath everyone.


Thank you
Happy Sabbath to you / and to all as well

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Thank-you. Likewise.

Do you recognize Christ Who is now known as The Second Coming of Christ ?

Mary recognized her Robboni, (another word for Master) , after hearing Him speak one word to her.

Please also see “The Scriptural Marks of Christ” found at this link


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Dear @TimeToThink Thank-you kindly. Will do as suggested.

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You’re welcome.

This post on Defending-Gibraltar (DG) was to announce publication of the latest article; to let everyone know to please share that article which introduces Share one or both links as appropriate and inspired:

Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net -


Christ’s Net

Happy Fishing!

Fishing takes patience and over time more and more are caught. So please continue to cast the net into different seas. There are lots of Christian and “Freedom” websites, Christian and “Freedom” social media accounts and replies to be made on youtube videos, twitter, face-book, news articles, other forums, etc. Those places where they talk about The End or that Christ is coming back, but don’t understand the timeline. Emails can be sent to individuals, contact forms filled out, news-tip forms filled in etc. And that’s just naming some internet activities, without mentioning other things that can be done through mail, local groups, etc.


Dear @TimeToThink Thank-you for the lovely Scripture and great Guidance on how to go Fishing. :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

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More “Alternative” Seas:

It seems Twitter and Facebook and other BigTech social platforms are really cracking down on those opposed to their fake narratives.

Be sure to cast nets in Gab and Parler - both are growing rapidly due to censorship.

Gab looks and feels like Twitter with all kinds of groups. Donald Trump is on Gab.

Many top names are promoting Parler like Laura Ingraham, Sarah A. Carter, David Nunes, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, ZeroHedge.

One of the owners is Dan Bongino ( There is misinformation that it has been sold, and Soros owns it, but Bongino says it’s fake news,

You could also search out Christian forums:

There should be all kinds of opportunities to share on the Internet, from the lastest Time To Think article or TWHOFTF or

Happy Fishing.



thank you