#NotMyKing – 'Not My King' Trends As Charles III Starts Reign: 'Abolish The Monarchy' (from 12 Sept)


Gravitas LIVE| Anti-monarchy protests in UK| Protesters say "Not my king"| Police arrests protesters

Anti-monarchy protests in UK Protesters say Not my king Police arrests...


‘You’re Not My King,’ Protesters Tell Charles

You're Not My King Protesters Tell Charles III

Not my King': Charles gets booed in Edinburgh; Protest reignites Scotland's independence debate

Not my King Charles gets booed in Edinburgh Protest reignites Scotlands...

In Cardiff



NOT MY KING!!! Indeed, it’s time to say No!


Why Are People Protesting Against King Charles III & The Monarchy In England?

Why Are People Protesting Against King Charles III The Monarchy In England

NOT my KING either, only Christ Jesus my Beloved is my KING-JAH-Muad 'Dib, and the only ONE deserving being crowned KING. Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net. | Time To Think

Who can fix ALL of the satanic problems in the world today, that is if we work with Him, not against Him: KING CHRIST.

Christ CAN and WILL fix this mess we’ve made. Christ will restore His Father's Law, TRUE Freedom and Justice, Peace and Prosperity, Safety and Security for ALL that it provides. He will PERMANENTLY throw out the money-changers and their corrupt and evil system of usury that has enslaved the entire world in endless debt and endless un-gondly bloody war. There will be no more lawyers and politicians messing up everyone’s lives, because Christ will rule with a rod of iron, to ensure that no one EVER oppresses another again. And unlike anyone else, Christ has both ALL of the Authority and Power of heaven at His disposal, and, unlike human Presidents, THEY dare not kill the body He is using this time, and He NEVER lies like politicians, who can't seem to tell the truth for the love of money JAHTruth – "Politics"

1 Timothy 5:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Millions of Americans repeat the mantra, “No king but King Jesus.” Well, He’s here now, “***Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net ***and waiting for us to put Him on His Rightful Throne.


Why Christ is NOT a Christian…


Charles the Pretender - What You NEED To Know!!!





While we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for your parade 2022-10-22

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Which Charles?



BBC weather with PRINCE CHARLES very funny

British citizens have to pay a tax when inheriting any money after the death of their parents, but Charles is exempt from the 40% death tax.

Will King Charles have to pay taxes on his inheritance?

Charles the Pretender III won't have to pay inheritance tax

VERIFY: Will King Charles have to pay taxes on his inheritance

King Charles III won't have to pay inheritance tax

King Charles will not have to pay inheritance tax on the Duchy of Lancaster estate he inherited from the Queen due to a rule allowing assets to be passed from one sovereign to another.

Charles automatically inherited the estate, the monarch's primary source of income, while his eldest son, Prince William, inherited the Duchy of Cornwall estate - valued at more than $1 billion - from his father.

A rule introduced in 1993 by the U.K. government safeguards the royal family's assets from being wiped out if two monarchs were to die in a short period of time.

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The royal family also enjoys another perk - Their wills are sealed.

The indefinite sealing of royal wills is a practice that dates back to the early 20th century.

In line with a century-old tradition, the will of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh will be sealed up and remitted to the safe keeping of the President of the Family Division (currently Sir Andrew Macfarlane), as Head of Probate.

This custom of sealing royal wills was first instituted in 1910 when the will of Prince Francis of Teck, the brother of Queen Mary, was sealed up (allegedly because of concerns that it contained legacies that could embarrass the Royal Family). Other sealed wills residing in the safe of the President of the Family Division include those of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

However, in a departure from previous practice, Sir Andrew chose to make his judgment regarding the application – made by the executor of the Prince’s will and heard in private – a matter of public record, which is the first time this has ever been done. In another first, he also specified that the will must remain sealed for only 90 years, rather than indefinitely, as per the current arrangement.

Did he leave Charles anything?


Fake stone pictures instead the real one. Interesting that Hannah Michaels wrote a piece on the previous Charles’ in relation to the information in this video

Prince Charles Is Not King

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‘###NotMyKing’: With King Charles III’s accession to the throne, why are anti-monarchy protestors being arrested?

This week, the hashtag ‘NotMyKing’ was trending on Twitter as Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Prince Charles, acceded to the British throne. These protests have not been limited to social media alone.

Written by Rahel Philipose , Edited by Explained Desk
New Delhi | Updated: September 15, 2022 8:51:59 am


People protest ahead of the proclamation ceremony for Britain's King Charles, following the death of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, at Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales, Britain September 11, 2022. (Reuters Photo: Molly Darlington)

As tens of thousands across the United Kingdom mourn the death of the country’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, there have also been growing calls for doing away with the monarchy altogether.

This week, the hashtag ‘NotMyKing’ was trending on Twitter as Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son, Prince Charles, acceded to the British throne. These protests have not been limited to social media alone. In many cases, people have been seen carrying anti-monarchists signs, shouting slogans and heckling royals during some of the events being held across the country to mark the death of the Queen.

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But lawyers and advocates of free-speech sounded the alarm bells when police started rounding up some of these protestors and arresting them.

So, what has been happening in the UK?

In the past few days, police have been arresting people protesting against the monarchy. The first report emerged on Sunday, when Symon Hill from Oxford was arrested after he shouted, “who elected him?”, while a document formally proclaiming Charles as king was read aloud. Later, Hill wrote about his experience in a blog post, where he alleged he was handcuffed and not told what he was being arrested for.

In his blog post, Hill claimed he also faced the pressure of censorship by some fellow Britons, who were present at the event to mourn the death of the Queen. When he publicly questioned the monarchy, it appears two or three people in the crowd asked him to “shut up”.

A similar situation took place in Edinburgh, where a 22-year-old was violently pushed to the ground by some members of the crowd for allegedly heckling Prince Andrew, before being dragged away by the police.

Meanwhile, a woman in Edinburgh was taken into custody for holding up a sign that read: “F*** imperialism, abolish the monarchy”.

Another activist and lawyer, Paul Powlesland, on Monday said he was questioned by the police when he “held up a blank piece of paper”. The officer said “that if I wrote ‘Not My King’ on it, he would arrest me under the Public Order Act because someone might be offended,” he tweeted.

In a statement earlier this week, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy said: “We have been making [the public’s right to protest] clear to all officers involved in the extraordinary policing operation currently in place and we will continue to do so,” The Washington Post reported.

Also Explained |What is a constitutional monarchy, which King Charles III has vowed to uphold?

Is the UK police permitted to arrest anti-monarchy protestors?

According to Oxford protestor Hill, police initially said he had been arrested in accordance with the UK’s toughened laws on protest — a change that was prompted by the recent Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion protests across the country.

Under the new law, police officials are able to intervene in cases which they believe are “unjustifiably noisy protests that may have a significant impact on others”. As per a government fact sheet, “impact” is defined as intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress, Sky News reported.

Groups like the Republic, which have long been pushing for the abolition of the monarchy, have stepped up their calls for change in the country. The group has drawn parallels between the crackdown on protestors in the UK and the actions of authoritative regimes around the world.....

King Charles is a ‘demanding boss’ with ‘a fierce temper and ferocious work ethic’, bombshell new royal book claims. He’s a privileged and petulant arsehole with a shocking sense of entitlement as I have been saying for decades and now we have an arsehole as ‘king’ (but not in my house) – David Icke

King Charles 'swollen fingers' spark health concerns amid royal duties

King Charles could face health problems with excessive royal tours

King Charles III could have a health scare amid his new duties.

The new monarch, who often makes headlines with his odd-looking sausage fingers, could get them puffier with excessive royal tours.

Earlier in September, Dr Gareth Nye told Daily Star a possible cause of the 74-year-old's finger could be oedema (fluid retention) or arthritis.

With new duties, the King could swell his digits further since blood begins to thicken mid air, reports Hello!

Charles became the King of UK on September 8, hours after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

He is not my King either my King is Christ (JAH) and only the real King can set us free. Only the real King will bring peace and lasting joy, happiness. May the people open there eyes and support the real King, may they accept him openly, he who once rode on a donkey over palm tree leaves. JAH is Christ here now in his second coming! Long Live the King Long Live The Fighters!

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THEY want to enslave us so THEY can keep being ridiculously wealthy, pedophile minded, ego controlled manioc's THEY really are. These people know nothing about leadership only to commit crime after crime and hide inside there insanely large homes and hope no one dose anything to stop them. These people deserve no form of power and should truly be publicly hanged for such a injustice.

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