NASA Finally Reveals the Truth About Fake Moon Landings

In light of the upcoming disclosures to be presented by Steven Greer which includes a massive cover-up (by NASA?) of advanced technology that has been used but withheld from humanity, it no longer seems far-fetched that there may be lunar space stations, but not in the fashion that is presented to the people by NASA; hence the confusion and lack of certainty. The astronauts are told not to tell-all and maybe that is why they run away when approached with "moon" questions.

Occam's razor nonetheless remains a useful tool for trimming the fat off of bulky assumptions, at least in our day-to-day lives. "The universe is a complicated place, but it's sometimes made more complicated through the invention of complicated explanations that suit a particular ideology, philosophy or political persuasion," McFadden said. "Occam's razor tells you to forget about all of those."

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So, @ThePrisoner, are you going to continue spreading the videos "Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Admits NASA Never Went To The Moon" and "Apollo 14 busted by "3rd Man on the Moon"" on your channel even though they are CLEARLY debunked?

@NancyDrewberry Which of the two alternatives do you believe is the plausible one, and why?

A) He thought Sibrel's theory is incredibly idiotic and didn't want to have anything to do with him and stoop to swearing on the Bible.

B) They didn't go to the moon and he's conscience wouldn't let him swear on the Bible

Also, do you think Sibrel's theory on faking the shot of being half way to the moon is plausible? If so, does not the material I've provided prove it to be wrong?


NASA's debunking as already described in my description, is obvious BS. I will keep piling you with evidence, knowing full well you will parrot the NASA lies. It's only debunked in your mind.


What makes it obvious BS, and why?

From photos we can see that there's a large connector on the cable, and we can also see them tripping on the wire other times making it very probable that this is what is happening. Not someone whistleblowers foot. That's stretching it and imagining things.

Read my original description, It already pre-debunked the NASA excuse/lie.

Apollo 11 Transparent Astronaut, NASA Lied! UFO Sighting News.

Try this one.

I already quoted it and addressed it in my previous message. Are you even reading my replies, as your usually just ignoring them.


Edward Mitchell and Alan Shepard - and a Whistle Blower's foot pops up...Camera man with honesty stuck his foot up quickly possibly in protest to expose the fakery.

Does not look like foot or arm.

This reveals 3 people on set, exposing Apollo as the fraud that it is and was. This is whistle blowere activity from back in the day, done in many Apollo segments to expose it. Not everyone was happy with deceiving the world, only the satanic shits. Same as now.

This is fantasy.
What is the source for "done in many Apollo segments to expose it. " ?

NASA claims that Al Shepard pulled the camera's cable with his foot although he says nothing of it. The object is too thick for a cable,which was on a tripod. The camera does not move or tip over.

At one other point the cable is mentioned as he trips on it and the whole camera falls....

It's not only the cable but a connector as can be seen on photos.

The camera obviously starts to wobble, why are you denying that?

Moon Landing 1969 vs Scientific Evidence II

The "wire" which is seen flashing has been debunked ages ago. It's the antenna on their back.

Apollo 11 Transparent Astronaut, NASA Lied! UFO Sighting News.

The transparent astronauts is an ancient debunked detail. It's just image lag.

This video is pure dishonest brainwashing material. The added implications, soundeffects, and smileys.

Well, @ThePrisoner I must admit defeat. With your thorough and unscrupulous way of debating you've corned me and left me paralyzed... Perhaps others can learn from this thread and from your methods... Thanks and goodbye.

You'll be back....

Some good Moon Truth resources -

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I like her hair

BTW Cybe, saw this earlier, seems Finns tend to trust the MSM more than other people, well at least in this survey:

At least it helps me understand where you are coming from......


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