NASA Finally Reveals the Truth About Fake Moon Landings

I wish to thank all contributors to this topic and thread. Revealing what NASA has been really doing is important. Though I do not believe humans went to the moon (at least as far as in the manner we were shown), I respect the right of @deleted to share a differing point of view/opinion on the subject.

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"Conspiracy theorists claiming the ISS is just CGI, green screens & wires seem very focused on a particular clip which they say proves its all done in a studio - Time to debunk this once and for all"

Welcome back, I knew you would :slight_smile:

Lunarcy: NASA's Radiation Problem




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Lunarcy: NASA's Radiation Problem 8

Lunarcy: NASA's Radiation Problem 8

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The video "Debunking the 'FAKE' claims once and for all" seemed legitimate. Astronauts in that pressurized cabin in a zero-gravity environment in a space station looked real and probably was as presented in the video. I still think Sandra had hairspray on her hair because it was very stiff. One would expect long hair to fly up, but also move around a bit; not stand up like some statue. BTW, loved that dog with the presenter in the video. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can accept that humans are able to reside on a space station for a certain period of time, but not on the Moon as NASA presented to the public. Radiation is the real problem (and is a deadly one).

Yeah Humans are capable of being in Low Earth Orbit. I don't deny some ISS SPACE station footage is real, but I think some is fake as its cheaper and easier to produce. BUT ALL the Apollo footage ie Moon Landing NASA footage was FAKE, every single frame of it. Humans never had the capability of dealing with the radiation in space and still don't and arguments to the contrary are just noise and fantasy. Also using rocket fuel, as Von Braun himself said in the 50's the rocket would have had to have been many times bigger than the Saturn V rocket was to have achieved a journey to the moon and back, and don't even get me started on the supposed battery power running all the systems on board once the main rocket boosters were jetisoned.

Observe the way these women's hair behaves in ZERO gravity and compare to the supposed ISS footage. It's self-evident

How to stop a planet killer

Two humans in space when disaster strikes.

Gravity (2013). A fictional drama.

A medical engineer, on her first shuttle mission, with a veteran astronaut in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving the two completely alone -- tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness.

I happened to come across yet another thorough debunking of this ridiculous theory:

And a totally ridiculous explanation too. How many gallons do these guys drink on a space walk?

This incident is a poor argument against the many details David McKeegan brings up.

"...was the product of a leaky drink bag. **That conclusion was incorrect, with the subsequent investigation finding that the suit also leaked during the earlier excursion...."

"Engineers found that contamination had clogged one of the suit’s filters, causing water from the suit’s cooling system to back up. Those parts have been replaced, and tests have indicated no lingering problems."

Here's a video of the incident

So what's the explanation? This room is under water, he was out in the pool and got a leak? then he gets back in and they're all hanging from wires and they then pain tout the wires and CGI in some flying water drops? Yeah, I don't think so.

After seeing all the bubbles in "space' I can't be bothered watching Dave Keegan's rationalizations for what these bubbles are. I know what a water bubble looks like. Same reason I don't watch MSM.