NASA Finally Reveals the Truth About Fake Moon Landings

The moon is 1/4 earth size. There's no atmosphere and haze so it's hard to discern distance.

Here for instance, Apollo 15 AS15-90-12187


That peak is over 22km away.

Here's a simulation of that photo that I made in Google Earth

Another one, 27km

In the video below the mountain is about 17km away.

Not easy to determine how far away the horizon is on more flat images though.

The computers built for the Apollo program were good enough for the calculations needed.

Already covered

Too heavy, 210kg?


If it was designed for 2 persons then I don't think it's impossible for a third person still to fit.

"With the command module losing power fast, the astronauts had to move into the lunar module, or LM, to use it as a lifeboat. Designed for two, the LM's cabin was a tight fit for three people, with Swigert keeping mostly to the small section at the rear of the cabin."

It had been hoped the launch, called Start Me Up after the 1981 Rolling Stones hit, would turn the country into a global player - from manufacturing satellites to building rockets and creating new spaceports.

Perhaps, "Give It Up" would have been more apropos.

Virgin Orbit: Branson’s rocket dream ends after mission failure.

The demise of Virgin Orbit shows just how hard this race to space can be - and there may well be more failures along the way. But the UK's ambitions for space are far from over.

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Doesn't look like a foot or an arm.

NASA claims that Al Shepard pulled the camera's cable with his foot although he says nothing of it. The object is too thick for a cable,which was on a tripod. The camera does not move or tip over...

It's not just the cable but a connector. The camera is clearly moving.

At about 135:24:38, late in the Apollo 14 EVA-2 close-out, Ed Mitchell was about to head up the ladder. Al Shepard was walking toward the ladder from the MESA with the rockbox, which he would hand to Ed once Ed was up on one of the lower rungs and had had a chance to stomp his boots to clean some of the dust off his legs. As Al moved toward the ladder, his foot caught under the TV cable and pulled it enough that the camera tipped forward and fell to the ground. As indicated below, this was at least the fifth instance during the close-out that the camera moved as a result of Al snagging the TV cable with his boot. An analysis of this sequence of cable tugs suggests that, cumulatively, they put the camera and cable in a much more vulnerable configuration than would have otherwise been the case.


I've not been able to find a long video to look into it properly. They say he/they snagged on the cable 5 times.

You can also read it in the transcript:-

135:16:39 Mitchell: Your feet are about to get tangled up in the TV cable again. Don't fall.
135:24:53 Haise: ...someone must have got caught in the cable; we just saw the TV go over.

Dishonest quote-mining.

"In September 2015, Buzz Aldrin gave an interview at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. Flat-Earthers misrepresented and quoted it out of context as if Buzz was admitting that the Apollo Moon landings never happened.

The original interview was 17 minutes long, and there were other occasions Buzz clearly said the Moon landings happened, without any possibility of misinterpretation."

"We are also really pushing the boundaries in terms of where we are going forward, with exploration. I think humans are naturally driven to do this. And, this is really the beginning, I think, of human beings leaving low Earth orbit. I certainly plan on being around to see that."

I don't see her explicitly admitting that humans have not left Earth's orbit before. You can begin and stop things many times. She's referring to current NASA programs and them being a beginning to leave low Earth orbit. Since there hasn't been programs to do that since the Apollo programs it's a big deal and a new beginning. Mentioning the Apollo programs isn't necessary because they are self-evident.

Seeing/reading other interviews by her talking about the Apollo programs makes it hard to believe that she would believe/know that the Apollo missions were fake and somehow make a slip up like that.

Found the videos:-

They are in ancient RealVideo format (VLC/Mplayer will play them)

Here's the video that includes this:-

135:24:53 Haise: ...someone must have got caught in the cable; we just saw the TV go over.

We Are Completely Puzzled by This Video of a Chinese Astronaut Playing Ping-Pong in Space

That's one way to stay active in space.

Ping-pong in space? Sounds awesome.

But footage shared by Chinese media of astronaut Deng Qingming whacking a ball around in the country's Tiangong is frankly very puzzling. The ball always returns to Deng's paddle, but he doesn't seem to be bouncing it off a flat surface, and it wobbles mysteriously as it moves through the air, leaving us with far more questions than answers.

How is this extraterrestrial game actually work? And whatever's going on, does it really count as playing ping-pong in space?

Here's our theory: Upon closer examination, the ball appears to be attached to some sort of long static tether, kind of like a floppy antenna, which is itself attached to the floor of the station, circled in the screenshot below.

The ball seems to hover in midair when Deng isn't actively hitting it with his paddle, which supports our theory.

Yes. The octagonal black shape is the base of the antenna which can even be seen.

Here are some amateur astronomer videos and images of this Chinese space station.


In light of the upcoming disclosures to be presented by Steven Greer which includes a massive cover-up (by NASA?) of advanced technology that has been used but withheld from humanity, it no longer seems far-fetched that there may be lunar space stations, but not in the fashion that is presented to the people by NASA; hence the confusion and lack of certainty. The astronauts are told not to tell-all and maybe that is why they run away when approached with "moon" questions.

Occam's razor nonetheless remains a useful tool for trimming the fat off of bulky assumptions, at least in our day-to-day lives. "The universe is a complicated place, but it's sometimes made more complicated through the invention of complicated explanations that suit a particular ideology, philosophy or political persuasion," McFadden said. "Occam's razor tells you to forget about all of those."

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So, @ThePrisoner, are you going to continue spreading the videos "Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Admits NASA Never Went To The Moon" and "Apollo 14 busted by "3rd Man on the Moon"" on your channel even though they are CLEARLY debunked?

@NancyDrewberry Which of the two alternatives do you believe is the plausible one, and why?

A) He thought Sibrel's theory is incredibly idiotic and didn't want to have anything to do with him and stoop to swearing on the Bible.

B) They didn't go to the moon and he's conscience wouldn't let him swear on the Bible

Also, do you think Sibrel's theory on faking the shot of being half way to the moon is plausible? If so, does not the material I've provided prove it to be wrong?


NASA's debunking as already described in my description, is obvious BS. I will keep piling you with evidence, knowing full well you will parrot the NASA lies. It's only debunked in your mind.


What makes it obvious BS, and why?

From photos we can see that there's a large connector on the cable, and we can also see them tripping on the wire other times making it very probable that this is what is happening. Not someone whistleblowers foot. That's stretching it and imagining things.

Read my original description, It already pre-debunked the NASA excuse/lie.

Apollo 11 Transparent Astronaut, NASA Lied! UFO Sighting News.

Try this one.