MUST SEE: Vaccine Mass Sterilization Depopulation Agenda Revealed on Amazon ‘Utopia’ Show


Exploring the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

In Dr. Mercola's latest article he shows the connections of AstraZeneca and the Eugenics plan, with the British, Chinese and American ties. James Corbett interviews Whitney Webb, whose research exposes these criminal cabals.

AstraZeneca is being promoted in mostly developing countries right now, as it doesn't require refrigeration like the other covid death jabs do making it easier to distribute. Bill gates hands are involved in this, as the money trail leads to his involvement.

Vaccitech holds the patent and royalties on this vaccine, and the investors include GOOGLE (Who sensors and suppresses "vaccine misinformation') Welcome Trust (with Bill Gates) the Chinese branch of Sequoia Capital, the Chinese drug company Fosun Pharma and the British Government.
This "Not for profit" vaccine will be profiting tremendously, as it will be an ongoing yearly vaccination.
The drug was developed by Adrian Hill who has a long time involvement with the Eugenics movement, thru his work at the Welcome Trust and the Galton Institute (UK Eugenics Society). The Galton Society wrote that the scope for eugenics increased enormously with the development of technology for the manipulation of DNA. Galton said this new wider definition of eugenics would cover methods regulating population numbers as well as improving genome quality by selective artificial insemination by donor, gene therapy, and gene manipulation...
Eugenics never disappeared said Webb it was rebranded to a more acceptable "public health".