Letter to First Minister and Mayors - Madrid wanting to share Gibraltar

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10 Oct 16

First Minister/Mayors of Gibraltar and Campo de Gibraltar

Dear Gentlemen,

Re: Further to Madrid’s Proposal to Share Gibraltar

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

Not only is Madrid’s proposal to share Gibraltar completely unfounded on any basis of historical fact whatsoever JAHTruth.net/britspan, and regardless of the temptation-offers of dual citizenship, the whole Campo region is more racially akin to Gibraltar and its people, and Gibraltar to the Campo peoples, than they both ever were, or will be, racially related to the current people of central Spain (See my 29 August 2005 letter to the Campo attached or at 100777.com/node/1393).

Instead of Madrid claiming Gibraltar, it should be recognizing the whole Campo region’s autonomous sovereignty, in exactly the same way that it should be recognizing the independent sovereignty of the Catalan people and all the Celtic peoples in Northern Spain JAHTruth.net/celtisr, as they rightly have been requesting it, and proved their separateness in their votes for independence.

The peoples of Madrid and surrounds are not Celtic, like the peoples in the Northern and Southern territories of Spain are, and despite the so-called central government of the whole region being in Madrid, they have no rightful claims to those regions whatsoever; whether historic, economic, racial, spiritual, moral, or any otherwise. Absolutely none.

Please let me know if you want my help to make the autonomy happen sooner, rather than later, because Bible Prophecy says it’s definitely going to happen - Please read my 2005 letter again.

Yours truly,

Christ. JAH

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