Kate Shemirani & Attorney Anna de Buisseret: The UK Has Abandoned The Highest Laws – God’s Law

Kate Shemirani was given The Challenge Document prior to this interview.

The Queen of England takes an oath in which she swears to specifically “maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?” She and Parliament have abandoned those law in favor of siding with a demonic world agenda against the People and against the God of Heaven. The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani and English attorney Anna de Buisseret join me in this episode for a fantastic discussion of British history and law and a warning to those who are currently violating it with genocide via the experimental injections during the CONvid-1984 show.

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The interview is on Rumble, with Kate and Anna being introduced at the 18-minute mark -

Watch Elizabeth Promise "To Maintain The Laws of God To The UTMOST of her power" during her Coronation -

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The Challenge Document – JforJustice.net

The moment Elizabeth signed her first piece of legislation, giving royal-assent to it, she broke her oath and abdicated The Throne, with immediate effect.

This means she has NO LAWFUL authority to bring charges against the British People or take anyone to court for victimless, fraudulently legislated offences. This means BRITS can challenge her sovereignty, her jurisdiction and fraudulent legislation with THE CHALLENGE DOCUMENT.

If you are tired of politicians’ lies and living in a police-state; and you want to fight back against government tyranny, lies, abuse, theft and oppression, use The Challenge Document to the "Crown's Jurisdiction and Sovereignty".

Because men made up so many thousands, of their own laws, to enable themselves (the rich) to break God’s Laws, that mankind has forgotten that God’s Laws (the Royal Perfect Laws of Liberty) even EXIST. God’s Laws; Statutes and Judgements; etc., are the ONLY ones that exist, and ALL of today’s, many THOUSANDS of UNLAWFUL human laws/legislation and judgements, do not exist, as far as God is concerned; except in your minds (Matt. 5:18). Do NOT be fooled — God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows, THAT shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). [Read The Way home or face The Fire]

Malachi 4:4-6
Malachi 4:4 Remember ye and return to The Law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, [with] the Statutes and Judgments.
4:5 Behold, I will send you EliJAH the Prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful Day of the "I AM" (Sura 43:61):
4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.




"Modern Israel, with all her Leagues, her Committees, her Societies, is doomed to failure if she trusts in her own strength. She must seek a spiritual power (The "Force") greater than that of Satan; she must indeed seek the power of her Redeemer and King, the Lord Christ Jesus. Only when she does this, only when she has re-established The Law of the Lord, will she be secure; only then will she be delivered from her plagues; only then will she be free to fulfill her mission, and to become a blessing to all the nations of the Earth.

We see then how vitally important it is that modern Israel should realize her identity for, failing this, she can not understand her mission, and her responsibility to the rest of the world.

Christ the Lord and Saviour still claims to be the King of Israel. He is the same yesterday, today and for ever; and he is waiting until we, of our own free will, beg him to come to take his Kingdom, and save civilization.

In this struggle we can NOT remain neutral. If we do not take service under our Redeemer and Saviour then, consciously or unconsciously, we must serve Satan and the Hidden Hand, to our own inevitable destruction.

Matthew 12:30 He that is not WITH me is AGAINST me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

The choice before Israel today is between slavery and death on the one hand, and freedom and life on the other; between Satan and Christ. And this choice is the same as that which was offered by God, through the mouth of Moses, to our forefathers at Mount Sinai, 'See, I have set before thee this day Life and Good, and death and evil. . . . I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and Death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose Life, that both thou and thy seed may live' (Deut. 30:15-19). This is the very same but a more final warning that was given by God through the last Old Covenant prophet Malachi on the very last page of the Old Testament, foretelling that, just before the Day of the Lord, He would send Eli-JAH the prophet to warn the world to return to His Laws given to all Israelites at Horeb and that He will burn to ashes everyone who refuses to do so." [Read THE FIGHT FOR THE KINGDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL]

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING.



“Can any of us realistically use the law to challenge the global Covid response?

That’s the question to which my [Dan Astin-Gregory] latest high-profile guest [Reiner Fuellmich] has been seeking an answer for more than a year now, having set up the Coronavirus Investigative Committee in July 2020 with a view to taking on governments and public bodies worldwide in far-reaching class actions.

I will be exploring with him what’s been achieved so far and what he has discovered after gathering evidence from more than 150 key expert witnesses. Their testimony has touched on all aspects of the physical and psychological fall-out from the global pandemic response, how it’s impacted the economy, our politics, our personal freedoms, the law itself.

Join me at 5pm on Monday 20 September when I will be asking my guest where we go from here, in or out of the courts, what we can learn from history and whether legal options offer any promise or whether we now need to start looking for more innovative and spiritual solutions.”

I could only find this (without registration being required) live on Ew-tube. It can also be viewed here, but with a registration requirement: Reiner Fullmeich | Pandemic Podcast

This was a live interview with Reiner Fuellmich broadcasting live on Ew-tube on 20 September 2021.

The interview was removed by Ew-Tube (not a surprise), but it has since been published on BitChute:

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