It’s Time to Crack Down on Surveillance of our children


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Amazon Tracking Device for Kids? It’s Time to Crack Down on Surveillance

As Amazon continues its relentless crusade to monopolize markets, crush rivals and extract as much data as possible from unsuspecting consumers and third-party merchants, Congress must step up to prevent the behemoth corporation from using these harmful practices.


Daniel A. Hanley


Is this collecting information to later be used against you to take your child away and into their custody.'s+phone+activities!&btnid=t&msclkid=3c6b8410c1b41aa9bd25e51225514762

With all the surveillance apparatuses on earth and in the sky, one would think life for children and everyone else would be safer. But, the opposite is true. Life was safer before all the cameras and satellites, etc. Agreed that it's time to crack down on surveillance in general.

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