Is Smallpox The Next Pandemic?

Bill Gates has recently warned us about the next pandemic – a smallpox biological terrorist attack:

It wasn't the first time he mentioned smallpox.

In 2016 Gates declared, “the next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus.” – More on Billy The Kid-Killer Gates and his mad vax dream - #21 by be1

In 2017, Gates mentioned it – Bill Gates Warns of Weaponized Smallpox Just After FDA Approves His New Pox Drug

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko thinks we should take Bill Gates' smallpox warning seriously:

Bill Gates smallpox drug just got approved by the FDA.

Whether it's smallpox, marburg or another one up Gates and the Gang's sleeves to unleash, Bill has warned us, with a smirk, one is coming:

Gates warning about a smallpox terror attack and the news about a smallpox lab-leak scare should raise our eyebrows.

See also: Lab worker finds vials labeled 'smallpox' at Merck facility

The globalists who are setting the stage for the deadly pandemic have already told us rogue terrorists may have samples. They just fail to mention they are the terrorists.

The SMALLPOX BIOWAR – Globalists Prepare “Perfect” Scheme to Cover Up Vaccine Deaths and Cancel Mid-Term Elections by Unleashing a New, Deadly Epidemic (VIDEO)

It looks like their next weapon is going to be Marburg, Ebola or Smallpox.

The SMALLPOX BIOWAR – Globalists Prepare “Perfect” Scheme to Cover Up Vaccine Deaths and Cancel Mid-Term Elections by Unleashing a New, Deadly Epidemic (VIDEO) – Absolute Truth from the Word of God

This article has a link to Mike Adams episode The Smallpox Biowar, and includes a summary of the video.

"If smallpox were to be similarly genetically manipulated, our current vaccine may not protect against it. These vectors are not yet very efficient in introducing genes into tissue cells. But if a medical technique is perfected, similar vectors might eventually be used to insert harmful genes into an unsuspecting population. As a biological weapon, a stealth virus could clandestinely infect the genome of a population. Later, the virus could be activated in the targeted population, or a threat of activation could be used as blackmail." – Gene-therapy as a weapon

And let's not forget eugencist Stanley Johnson (BoJo's dad) saying he thinks - "That is absolutely wonderful ... the best possible news would be some mega-emergency which got rid of huge chunks of the human race" - when referring to a smallpox, ebola or HIV emergency - Stanley Johnson, Boris’s Dad, wrote a Novel. Can You Guess What it’s About? - #4 by GibMessenger. Stanley also wrote a novel called The Marberg Virus.

It's not just Gates and Johnson telling us what they are going to do. Take a look at Dr. Phil Gomez, CEO, of SIGA Technologies – Planning for Future Pandemics Including Smallpox Outbreaks. "If these samples were to be used to create a biological weapon, they could start a smallpox epidemic, as smallpox vaccinations have not been administered for a long time, meaning that very few people now have immunity. Moreover, it is unknown whether those that have been vaccinated in their youth decades ago are still immune to smallpox. Preparing for such unlikely, albeit catastrophic scenarios, is something we may need to invest more time and effort in. One example of an existing defense against a smallpox epidemic is TPOXX, a pharmaceutical treatment for smallpox developed by SIGA Technologies in collaboration with various US government agencies. While there are two publicly acknowledged stocks of the smallpox virus held by the United States and Russia, some believe that additional stores of the virus could be in the hands of governments or organizations that might use them TO CAUSE HARM.

No surprise that SIGA will rake in the profits -
Smallpox Drugmaker SIGA Surges Amid Anxieties of New Pandemic. SIGA earlier said that during the fourth quarter, it expected to deliver as much as $113 million of Tpoxx to the U. S. authorities, which maintains a stockpile. SIGA in a premarket statement said that a key European Medicines Agency board known as CHMP backed authorization of oral tecovirimat, which includes support for broad uses against smallpox, monkeypox, cowpox and vaccinia complications.

Whether it's governments (controlled by the eugenic globalists) or organizations (controlled by the eugenic globalists), smallpox has been weaponized before. Read the biological warfare section on Smallpox's wikipedia page – Smallpox - Wikipedia.

Interestingly, The last case of smallpox in the world occurred in [an outbreak in the United Kingdom in 1978. A medical photographer, Janet Parker, contracted the disease at the University of Birmingham Medical School and died on 11 September 1978. Although it has remained unclear how Parker became infected, the source of the infection was established to be the smallpox virus grown for research purposes at the Medical School laboratory.

Will they pull the Marburg Card next – Marburg Pandemic will be used to Cover up Vaccine clotting injuries and create new round of death

More Forshadowing –


Look into Operation Dark Winter – Operation Dark Winter was a Johns Hopkins table top exercise conducted June 22-23, 2001. It simulated a bioterror smallpox attack.

There may even be a 5G connection –

Proof 5G Will Soon Cause MASS GENOCIDE as a “Smallpox Outbreak” When it is Fully Operational!

(14:30 minute mark) - "When they crank up the 5G, it's going to appear like people have smallpox, when they are actually being cooked alive."


On November 16, 2021, it was reported that 15 vials of smallpox (variola) were found at Merck’s North Wales, PA laboratory in a freezer. While many people are panicking about smallpox being used as a bioweapon to unleash on Americans, as Bill Gates suggested just a couple weeks ago, the real question is – were there really vials found, or is this to invoke panic, siphon off another slush fund, and potentially prep for a future false flag event as another cover story to build the human enslavement system the globalists so desire?

Whether this is an impending false flag or a future event they wish to roll out, the timeline below paints a very interesting picture, especially the fact that the FDA just approved the first antiviral treatment for smallpox on June 4, 2021, and continues to add the smallpox vaccine to its Strategic National Stockpile. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time that smallpox vials were allegedly found outside of the CDC. It supposedly happened in 2014, when they found 6 vials in a cardboard box, stuffed away in a cold storage room at NIH. Have these labs been experimenting with it, or were vials really found in these locations?


Situation Update, Nov 18, 2021 - The SMALLPOX BIOWAR - their "perfect" scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel mid-term elections

In November 2020, Joe Biden warned of a “very dark winter,” in regards to the Covid cases rising, and on January 15, 2021 stated “we remain in a very dark winter.”

**Joe Biden's "Dark Winter": Was It Code for a Smallpox Plandemic?


(President-elect Joe Biden Says We 'Remain in a Very Dark Winter' - Bloomberg) “we remain in a very dark winter.”

Bill Gates warns tens of millions could be killed by bio-terrorism

This article is more than 4 years old

Microsoft founder and philanthropist tells Munich security conference genetic engineering could be terrorist weapon

Bio-terrorism could kill 30 million people in a year, says Bill Gates Guardian

Ewen MacAskill Defence correspondent in Munich

Sat 18 Feb 2017 09.00 EST

Last modified on Tue 11 May 2021 05.21 EDT

A chilling warning that tens of millions of people could be killed by bio-terrorism was delivered at the Munich security conference by the world’s richest man, Bill Gates

Gates, who has spent much of the last 20 years funding a global health campaign, said: “We ignore the link between health security and international security at our peril.”

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett speaks at Columbia University in January.
How Bill and Melinda Gates helped save 122m lives – and what they want to solve next

Read more

Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft who has spent billions in a philanthropic drive to improve health worldwide, said: “The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus ... or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu.”

US and UK intelligence agencies have said that Islamic State has been trying to develop biological weapons at its bases in Syria and Iraq. However, they have played down the threat, saying that the terrorists would need people with the necessary skills, good laboratories and a relatively calm environment free from the confusion and chaos of conflict zones.


Well, well, well - the smallpox outbreak from 1978 is resurfacing in this article... which includes a Gibraltar mention...

A pandemic of the vaccinated or Ivermectin ignored?

After the disease was confirmed as smallpox, Janet Parker's immediate family, including her parents were quarantined and vaccinated as were a total of 500 contacts.

But how did Janet get exposed? Professor Henry Bedson directed the smallpox laboratory at the medical school where Janet Parker was employed.

The Gateway to the Mediterranean, the territory of Gibraltar, contains the famed Rock of Gibraltar, whose strait can be seen from space. The Rock has been a symbol of British Naval Strength; however, now in the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has become a symbol of vaccine weakness.

Much more at link.

Was it a lab leak, an unsanitary lab, or did Parker contract it another way? If it resurfaces again what will the story be - lab leak?

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Smallpox, Ronald Perelman, Siga Technologies Exposé

The controlling shareholder of SIGA is Ronald Perelman.

Good video "connecting dots" at the link above. Link site also provides sources.


Smallpox vaccine aids virus