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The sun only sets in this exact position twice a year. Yep, that's right. So imagine how crowded that beach must get during those two evenings a year!

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The Stone portrayed in the arts as the correct colour. It mysteriously changes colour to red when it is suppose to leave Scotland for England the 2nd time....

one amazing voice, beautiful lyrics


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The long awaited "Blessing" from 144 Harpists Live from Jerusalem. This is the 2nd track from "The King Is Coming" album. On October 3, 2022, 144 harpists from 35 different nations, including Israel, gathered together with worshippers from 140 nations in Jerusalem to minister to the King on the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount.

{Stairway to Gilligans Island}
No coincidences, perfect timing like Father Who is Perfect in all His Ways.

"What would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island" (Dune)
Weather your storm on a narrow path, a spiritual journey? Face satanic waves, it's
ego rushing by, calmly abiding in the eye of your storm ( Psalm 46:10 ) drink up good you crave amid heavenly airwaves, no misbehaves, only Love saves, please come and follow THE LORD.


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Puddles Pity Party - promoting a preoccupied & painfully pessimistic philosophy -
Painting peppery, pale yet provocative parallels [which are] paradoxically plausible, penetrating the pioneering pilgrims progress to praiseworthy prayer, and polished possibilities of peacefulness, powerfulness and positive playfulness.

So without further ado, the pleasing poetic peachy and perceptive Puddles Pity Party

{Stairway to Gilligans Island}


{Although Phils version is still my favorite}


Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin with Lyrics and Interpretation

Read the post/thread at Defending-Gibraltar that contains this video: Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar and a Proposal For Elizabeth Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar If you CAN…

By the way, Gilligan's Island was originally created as a political statement, a shaming of world politics, in the sense that, when necessary for survival, "We can all get along". It was also modeled after Lucille Balls 1939 movie drawing inspiration from The Bible on surviving a plane crash in the Amazon.

The seven deadly sins are represented by the characters portrayed in the show, for example, Gilligan can be seen a slothful, Howell as glutenous, Ginger as adulterous, Maryann as jealous, the haughty professor, and the wrathful skipper.

"What would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island"

On the day that the pilot filmed, JFK was shot and killed by that "magik bullet".
The flags flew half mast behind the SS Minnow, which, the creator named after the FCC chairman in 1961, whom he hated for "ruining" TV with his statement during a speech that - TV is a vast wasteland. [Back then it seems the FCC got something right].

There are many parallels between Gilligan's Island and The Bible.

Each castaway is from a different background and world view, a test to judge not, and how is that possible? By putting away ones ego, and first removing their own blinders, therefor the ability to cast others {little satans} aside becomes easier to do.

More importantly, each individual goal, morphs into a collective goal, which is Christ's rule, Gods Laws, His kingdom here on earth now, today, each day.

Each human - being faces their own storms, some peaceful, some tumultuous and traumatic.
Some are stronger than others, yet all are bought together on a mighty journey.

God provides the oars, the tools, and anything you need to "weather the storm", some see it quicker than others, some take more time to reflect. Does this make them any less than? I think not.

When rough waters come by, do friends stand by you, or do they leave you stranded?

God alone suffices, God alone heals, God strengthens and saves. He is motivated by pure love, and His Laws are understanding and wisdom.


Did you ever wonder how Gilligan's shoes and clothes never wore out, just like the Isrealites wandering the wilderness, a favor from Almighty God?

{a little humor is good for the soul}

James F.Twyman & Jim Wilson - The Children Of God

Matthew 5:9 Blessed [are] the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.



Come Sail Away

Styx - Come Sail Away

At the end of this song, the journeyman is visited by aliens, "Come sail away with me" they tell him, before riding off in their spaceship.

This was a very intergalactic time, as the album was released a little over a month after Star Wars hit theaters.

In the last part of this song where the angels/aliens come to visit is a kin to the Bible verse of Ezekiel chapter 1:1-28 where a large wheel/cloud (depending on text) appears to Ezekiel and gives him instructions from God. The passage concludes:

This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord

The lyric has a similar theme:

A gathering of angels appeared above my head
They sang to me this song of hope
And this is what they said

(later in song)...

:turtle: emerging after hibernation :smile:

This snapping turtle is carrying the "earth" on its back. (Image credit: Timothy C. Roth)

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Prince Charles 2008 Birthday, Loses Teeth

Prince Charles (Craig), Camilla (Philip McGrade) and the Palace Guard (Chunky B) celebrate a birthday, with an unruly Rod Stewart (Bradley Laise) and unexpected tooth loss. November 17, 2008


@be1 ,
That one takes the cake!


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I had this weird desire during lockdown to start bee-keeping! We all love honey in this house. So of course, being the owner of this blog, I got to wondering- are roses bee-friendly?


Roses are bee-friendly and bees are great for roses! Roses attract bees, which prefer brightly-coloured roses. In particular, bees are attracted to roses which emanate an intense scent. A rose will attract all sorts of pollinators due to the juicy, quality nectar it creates.

Bee-friendly rose varieties include Harlow Carr, The Generous Gardener, The Lark Ascending, Scepter’D Isle, Lady of Shalott, Golden Celebration and Iceberg. All of these varieties are tried and tested and loved by bees. Generally, bees are great fans of small-blooming roses which flower abundantly. Climbers like Kiftsgate are a perfect pick for an un-bee-lieveable garden!

If you’re trying to keep bees out of your garden, plant red roses and avoid yellow ones – bees don’t see red and will fly right past, but yellow roses remind them of sunflowers which they love! Cucumber, garlic cloves and peppermint are great repellents which you can just throw around your roses to keep them away without harm!

Bees are incredibly attracted to most kinds of roses. Flying from rose flower to rose flower, bees drink the flower nectar , and in turn get covered in rose pollen . As bees are extremely invested in drinking nectar and need to visit many flowers to get the amount they need, they will transfer all sorts of pollen around. This will ensure the pollination of all of your outdoors rose plants, both balcony and the ones planted in the garden.

"How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gather honey all the day
From every opening flower!"

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Female Grandalas are brownish-grey and the Male ones are royal-blue A tree full of Grandala birds | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian Magazine


The Judge –versus – A Judge

THE JUDGE of the Universe called me
to dock and asked on the judgment day
“Justice Joy, to defend yourself
do you have anything to say?
You’re charged with the
crime of denying justice at your hand
To many an innocent accused
when you dispensed justice in the world.
Heart-rending cries of innocent convicts I’ve heard
Acquitted criminals’
trumpeting boasts also I’ve heard.
Despite knowing the truth yourself,
you’ve relied on (false) witnesses,
And sent to gallows many faultless.
Your acts were indeed heinous.
I’ve heard your judgments many
that you pronounced in open court.
Often you treated life and freedom
with no justice of any sort.
Widows’ wails and orphans’ cries
have never ever touched your heart.
Innocence written on victims’ faces,
you always failed to look at.
Succumbed to pressure you
wrote out judgments as ‘bosses’ wanted
To gain ‘their’ pleasure and favors,
several evidences you twisted.

Judge, your traits were bad.
You harbored prejudice and hatred
Your opponents couldn’t ever escape.
Traps you had manipulated.
You never used your knowledge to give
men their life-saving justice.
These are ‘A’ grade crimes,
according to Heaven’s Law of Justice.
Prescribed punishment for these
is ‘Long-term Roasting in Fire’.
State your defense as to why
you shouldn’t be condemned to that fire”.

The dormant lawyer in me woke up
when those ‘allegations’ I heard.
I posed the following questions:
“Who are the complainants? Tell me lord?
What is the evidence? Who are the witnesses?
Who is the advocate on record?
I want to cross-examine the witnesses.
The allegations are absurd.
Which judgments did fail the test of
Evidence Act of my country?
Stoutly I deny the charges.
Let the prosecution prove to the contrary
Grant me time to file my counter
and examine my witness
I’ll disprove the allegations,
and I’m sure the case you’ll dismiss.”

The Judge said “the system is different here.
There’s no provision for witness.
Men’s thoughts, talks and acts
get recorded here at once.
I’m the complainant, the lawyer,
the witness, and also judge.
If men hadn’t shed their evil,
I punish them. I do not budge.
I condemn you to a long roast! ”
On His desk He hit His hammer.
Then angels rushed forward
and threw me into hellish fire.

P K Joy


very sweet, precious ending

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Japanese Snow Monkey Hot Spring Experience

Japanese Snow Monkey Hot Spring Experience | Nagano ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Japanese Macaque aka SNOW MONKEY bathing at the Jigokudani Hot Spring waters of Nagano is one of Japan's most iconic sights. But there is more to this story than just monkeys in a hot tub.

This park has a special mission: to protect the resident monkeys and care for them through the hard winter. Staff have been doing that since the park opened in 1964, but it was in 1970 when LIFE Magazine put the Japanese Snow Monkey on the front cover that curiosity for the Japanese Macaque really grew. Despite being in a remote area of Japan, it gets many visitors from around the world.

The Japanese Macaque’s life here is dedicated to a 4 season cycle.
SPRING: babies are born, monkeys start shedding their winter coats
SUMMER: a lot of activity, playing in the mountain forests
FALL: monkeys start mating, bathing food and growing out their coats for winter.
Female monkey pregnancy lasts for 6 months. If babies were born in the winter, they wouldn't survive so the cycle of life to give birth only in spring is essential for the whole troupes survival here in the mountainous north.

This is the only place you’ll find Japanese monkeys bathing, soaking. The Japanese Macaque is the northern most primate besides humans and they have significance spiritually to Japan for thousands of years.

These Japanese macaques look quite similar to their Gibraltar Barbary macaque cousins but with brown to grayish fur coats instead and pink faces when soaking in these remote natural hot springs.

Smoking some tires

Ken Block Drifts London – EXTENDED Director's Cut | Top Gear | BBC

I think the queen is a deep fake