Euthanasia Soars Among Covid-Vaccinated

Euthanasia Soars Among Covid-Vaccinated

Frank BergmanJuly 7, 2024

Disturbing new data has revealed that the number of people being killed by euthanasia is soaring among the Covid-vaccinated as many struggle to cope with injuries caused by the mRNA injections.

The news comes amid growing concerns that euthanasia, or “assisted suicide,” is being “mainstreamed,” especially in Canada and “progressive” European nations.

Burdensome citizens are now being killed off by the state in nations that have socialized “healthcare” systems.

All the countries that now have liberal euthanasia laws all followed a similar pattern.

When the laws were first introduced, they were pitched as a last resort for desperate terminally ill patients to give them the option to avoid dying a slow painful death.

However, in recent years, these laws have been increasingly expanded.

Some nations, such as Canada, are now killing physically healthy citizens, adults and children, for a range of minor and recoverable issues such as depression, hearing loss, and even poverty and homelessness.

Taxpayer-funded doctors are increasingly pushing for patients to opt for euthanasia rather than treating them for mental health issues such as depression or suicidal thoughts.

However, this is raising major concerns because a substantial number of people who are suicidal recover eventually.

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