European Member of Parliament Says COVID-19 Vaccines “FAKE” – Do no Good – Terminate Contract and Prosecute Pfizer!

Horrifying developments in the COVID-19 situation this morning in Europe. A member of the European Parliament says the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” for COVID-19 does not work, and the European Commission should terminate the contract for more vaccines and hold Pfizer accountable for fake medicine.

In the video below, from a meeting of an EU Parliament committee, with sub-titles, you will hear MP Mislav Kolakusic lay out the facts for yourself:

This stunning development is, at this hour, NOT BEING REPORTED in any other major news media.

By Matthew Roscoe • 12 October 2022 – European Member of Parliament Says COVID-19 Vaccines “FAKE” – Do no Good – Terminate Contract and Prosecute Pfizer! Calls it a SCAM!

Mislav Kolakusic of the European Parliament took to Twitter on Wednesday, October 12 to announce that the EU’s purchase of too many ‘unproven’ Covid vaccines equates to the “biggest CORRUPTION SCANDAL in the history of mankind.”

Mislav Kolakusic of the European Parliament said: “the purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for 450 million EU residents is the biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.”

In the video, Kolakusic said: Mrs von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, known as Mrs 4.5 billion doses.

“Today, 10 of us MEPs asked her the following question: Why will she present to us, the members of the European Parliament, as well as the EU citizens whom she supposedly represents, the communication she had with Pfizer during the procurement of 4.5 billion doses of vaccines at a time when there was absolutely no proof of the effectiveness, and especially not of the harmfulness of that product.”

He added: “Imagine, 4 and a half billion doses for 450 million people.

“Based on that calculation, each child, newly born, should receive ten doses of something that no one in the world except maybe two or three people, knows what it contains.

“This is about secrets, protected patents.”

“Don’t think that any kind of government or European agency knows exactly what is in that product,” he continued.

“Nobody knows that. And nobody tells you that.

“They approved that vaccine, that pharmaceutical product, just based on statements of the pharmaceutical companies.

“They did not get to see any medical research.

“To date, no medical research has been handed over to the members of the EU Parliament’s Covid committee or the European Medical Agency, to anyone.

“How is that possible?” he asked.

“We are talking about corruption here.

“The procurement of 4.5 billion products with the intention of injecting them into people, without anyone knowing what is inside, is surely the corruption affair in the history of mankind, not only in the history of the EU,” the Croatian concluded.

“Yet it was, with no due diligence whatsoever. Criminal and nothing short of murder given what was known THEN! Nuremberg 2 must be called for.”


This is definitely corruption; this is the biggest scandal of history ever and will be remember by those who survive. Dose anyone know what is in the shot, no, no one dose expect maybe just a few people on the planet. Infact its even a sin to use any pharmaceutical medications at all, if we keep the Law of God, then we are promised that no sickness will affect us at all. Have some faith people and wear the full amour of God, please start today it's so important. Also please read the book The Way Home or face the FIRE by JAH, it is the TRUTH about God and planet earth (Why am I here?), it opened my eyes and I know it can open yours to if you read it with an open mind.

Thank You for posting this article and all the work You do, it is very appreciated.

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Mislav Kolakusic MEP: "Covid is the biggest CORRUPTION SCANDAL in the history...

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Please see links below:

How could someone unwittingly subject their bodies to something that has never been tested and has been proven to be laced with killing poison and facts are proven that they can achieve full immunity again. Total insanity.

Agreed faith is so important and only comes by relying on God and The Master daily.

Everyone should take the little book and eat it up to find out why they are here.There is ONLY ONE Survival Plan for mankind and it's tilted The Way home or face The Fire , title self explanatory.

Everyone is between a Rock “Their rocks are not our Rock ”and a hard place, the beast system. There is still time to change the road you're on. There is only one way, The Straight Way home (John 17:3, Sura 46:30) out of Hell and to escape the flames on the last day and that's to Follow Christ “Can You See Christ in His Second Coming? He Has Already Cast His Net

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