EU News: Sweden PM Ousted


Lofven, who as Reuters notes was defeated after nearly seven years in power over a plan to ease rent controls for new-build apartments, now has a week to resign and hand the speaker the job of finding a new government, or call a snap election.

But with parliament deadlocked and opinion polls showing center-right and center-left blocs evenly balanced, the political crisis may not be resolved for a long time, even though economists say this is unlikely to have a big impact on the economy. After all, we live in a world where central banks are now in control of everything and politicians are merely their muppets.

  • This seems to be a copy-paste situation applicable to so many EU countries: politics bumbles along simply to keep out the right-sovereigntist parties. But this can’t go on. The entire EU project is being undermined with this strategy.
  • The centre left parties don’t understand that they have been destroyed through the EU! They’ve become one and the same over time. (Europe Reloaded Editor's Note): i.e. globalist, pro-corporation, pro-war, pro-mass immigration, and ‘woke’ which means turning against the majority of the electorate.) So as the EU declines, so do these parties.

The EU isn’t fostering stability – it’s just integrationist and globalist, which is destroying itself. It’s like ivy wrapping around a tree, whereby both end up dead.

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