Director of Public Health warns of the dangers of 'Long Covid'

The Director of Public Health has said there are people in Gibraltar who have had covid-19 who are suffering longer term consequences such as blood clots.

Could Mr. Bhatti’s “Long Covid” be related to 5G?

Dr Sohail Bhatti has called for vigilance, saying just because someone was not admitted to hospital, it does not necessarily mean there won’t be anything wrong with them.

(He is setting everyone up nicely there)

He first reflected on the loss of life in recent weeks.

One group we’re watching is those in the hospitals, and those on ventilators. We’re watching that cohort. Another group we’re watching is those with secondary disease. It might not be noticeable but symptoms develop such “Long Covid”, muscle aches, damage to the heart, brain, and kidney, the lining of the blood vessels that activates coagulation going on randomly in our body, is a bad thing. Clots in the lungs, clots in the legs. And that’s the tragedy of what’s going on here. Unfortunately we’ve warned people but they are fed up,
I think that they are immune from it. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell people, it’s like telling a child over and over again.

This “Long Covid” really worries me. We don’t know anything about that disease.

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Besides how the vaccinations are damaging people, the 5G weapon technology, does cause coagulation of the blood plus many other symptoms, occurring all over the world, at this time. Dr. Bhatti mentions coagulation of the blood purposefully, is he is letting us know we will be seeing a lot of this? Those who are aware of the connection to 5G do understand this… There are many articles on this site which tell of the damaging effects of the 5G technology.

Different diseases occur in different frequencies 60gighz is pulmonary edema 900 mhz causes diabetes, 2.4 ghz also causes diabetes but it is a free spectrum for the telecom’s and so is the 60ghz at which point your lungs build up fluid and you suffer from oxygen starvation, like those in Wuhan who collapsed in the streets. If you are hit with a 900 mhz (5G technology weapon) you will get pneumonia. With the 60ghz they don’t travel thru the air because they get stuck in the oxygen molecule, so your hemoglobin coagulates and you become oxygen starved. (Like the corona virus). This resembles altitude sickness. Other Dr.'s have compared the Corona virus to altitude sickness as well. Since the microwave radiation is an immune suppressant it is the first cause of cellular damage.

Interesting to note is that Blackstone bought patent rights to chloroquine compound as a radiation sickness therapy, and DNA repair. They also bought a controlling share in (Huge source of DNA DATA). Joseph P Farrell discusses this in his his 18 minute video:
Private equity wants to own your DNA - CBS News

Why are the government and the drug companies so interested in our DNA that they will spend billions for it?

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"Written by YGTV Team on 01 March 2021.

The GHA’s Public Health department wishes to explain some of the medical reasons as to how deaths related to COVID-19 may be confirmed long after a positive patient is considered as having recovered, for example as has been experienced recently in our Elderly Residential Services.

A statement continued: “The World Health Organisation declared that the name of the Wuhan Coronavirus would become, on 11th February, SARS-CoV-2 and the disease caused by the virus would be known as COVID-19. The press has often confused the virus with the disease.

“The swabbing and PCR analysis tests for SARS-CoV-2 identifies the genetic material found in the virus (RNA), not the virus itself. This viral material deteriorates as the body mounts an immune response, such that after 10 days, the only thing being identified by further tests are fragments of RNA, not of viable virus. This means that a person who tests positive for the virus is infectious for a maximum of 10 days from their positive test result. After those 10 days, the person is no longer infectious even though parts of the RNA may be found up to 84 days later.

“The Contact Tracing Bureau identifies people as being positive for the virus when the person first tests positive, and automatically deems them to have recovered 10 days later. This means only that the person was infectious for that 10 day period, and has then recovered from that state. It does not mean the person who had COVID-19 has now fully recovered. Both the virus and illness can persist. This includes the state now being referred to as long-haul COVID; this may be where the virus persists in the organs, or the damage caused by the presence of the virus in the body can reveal itself over time. This damage can be detrimental to an individual by damaging cells in the lungs, heart, brain, kidney and also activating the clotting system, such that clots form in the organs, blood vessels and skin.

“A person can therefore die from COVID-19, even though they are no longer infectious with SARS- CoV-2, and are therefore marked as recovered, but the disease they suffer from, COVID-19, can persist over time. Or they can die with COVID-19 where their death was inevitable, but they coincidentally also had COVID-19. The confusion is between the virus and the disease. CTB records the virus, and the death certificate records the disease.”

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