DIED SUDDENLY - Documentary

From the directors of “Watch the Water” and “These Little Ones”, “Died Suddenly” will be released in November 2022, exclusively through the Stew Peters Network.


Stew Peters’ New Trailer for ‘Died Suddenly’ Film Goes Viral

SHORT CLIP FROM FILM: Depopulation was always the plan.

VIDEO - EXCERPT: Died Suddenly, November 2022 – Stew Peters

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Died Suddenly (2022) Movie

Healthy adults are dropping dead all across the globe. In the last 18 months, the term “Died Suddenly” has risen to the very top of “most searched” Google terms. Now, the award-winning documentary team that brought you, “Watch The Water”, and “These Little Ones” travels around the world to find answers, and tell the stories, of those who Died Suddenly.

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When will Big Pharma and EVERYONE associated with THEM be held accountable for what THEY have done and are still doing.

Video and article (below) were originally published October 27 and 28, 2022 respectively.

OAN Sounds The Alarm on the Covid Vaccines & What Appears to be New Terrifying Symptoms!

Facebook admits the COVID Vaccines destroy the Immune System and cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Highlights and Review of 'DIED SUDDENLY' - The New American

Watch: Prominent Virologist Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, who advocated for emergency use authorization of three Covid vaccines, has died suddenly from a brief unknown illness.


Watch- Prominent Virologist Dr. Fuller has died suddenly

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Died Suddenly film review: It’s a powerful showcase of vaccine dangers – original story RETRACTED with explanation

by Mike Adams

What I have witnessed happening since publishing this original story is that this has set off a firestorm of criticism against Stew Peters and the film which I did not intend, nor anticipate. Many people misinterpreted my intention in this, and I began to see that this story was being used to try to attack Stew Peters or to discredit the film itself, which as I stated earlier is a powerful film that carries a critical message for humanity. It was never my intention to attack Stew Peters. I have repeatedly promoted his work and his videos. We have covered his work editorially many times. I agree with the core message of this film, and it needs to be seen by billions, not just millions.

Perhaps instead of asking what was missing from the film, I should have just thanked the people who put it together, and who are enduring a barrage of unfair, bad faith criticism from the vax-pimping media.

"What Mike experienced" with the opposition using his article is a testament of how powerful the film is. The film must be over the mark?

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** 'Died Suddenly' Embalmers - Mass Baby & Young Adult Deaths, More Strange Clots**

Published November 27, 2022

Embalmer Richard Hirschman and Funeral Director, Coroner and Embalmer Wallace Hooker from the 'Died Suddenly' documentary join us to discuss how more and more embalmers and funeral directors around the United States and the whole world are witnessing the strange clots appearing in injected people, with a colossal rise in baby and young adult deaths.

'Died Suddenly' Embalmers - Mass Baby & Young Adult Deaths, More Strange...

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Steve Kirsch posted a response to the critics of “Died Suddenly" -

by Steve Kirsch:

The critic, Eric Burnett, MD says there is nothing to see here: these are just regular post-mortem blood clots (You can watch his video {at the stevekirsch.substack} link). Then you can read the rebuttal I just got from Ryan Cole, MD and decide for yourself who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you. Please ask Dr. Burnett if he will accept Dr. Cole’s invitation to resolve the matter. He will never accept the invitation.

Dr. Cole’s response to Dr. Burnett doesn’t pull any punches

Eric Burnett, MD is an internist, not a pathologist, nor mortician. The arrogance of inferring that a mortician, a professional, beyond his experience, cannot make a valid observation beyond his own naïveté, is the epitome of hubris. He has likely seen one or two autopsies in his entire career. He has not seen, observed, nor described countless post mortem clots. A gelatinous saddle embolus is “apples to oranges” compared to these post “clot shot” death clots. He has never embalmed a body. He is entirely and exceedingly out of his lane. Post mortem, rubbery clots are as rare as hen’s teeth. He is likely covering his “gene injection” pushing ass. Morticians did not have trouble cannulating and embalming bodies prior to the jabs. He is acting as a bloviating, pharma, financial and hospital administrator defending shill, having zero experience, nor idea of what he speaks.

Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.

With a modicum of humility, he might acknowledge alarming rates of excess deaths in the hyper injected, young and healthy and see the actual harm of failed gene based experimental injections, that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands to millions.

Having performed countless career autopsies, examined dozens of these novel clots, extensively explored the spike protein clotting mechanisms, diagnosed over 500,000 patients through the microscope, in my extensive career, I invite my colleague, Dr. Burnett, and any colleague, from around the world, to sit at my microscope, and observe the truth, and set aside their purchased pride. The cells don’t lie!!!

Honor the dead who speak loudly. Stop fantasizing that you can ever vaccinate ahead of an always mutating coronavirus, especially with a “variant expired” investigational gene product.

Honor your oath to “first do no harm,” instead of hiding behind an uninformed ego, shaded with harmfully naïve, humanity destroying pride.

NEW Stew Peters (11/30/2022): Steve Kirsch NUKES 'Died Suddenly' Critics


The critic in question was Dr. Eric Burnett, who claims that there’s nothing unusual about the fibrous clots embalmers say they are finding. These are just regular post-mortem clots, he says.

From the very beginning, Dr. Nepute stood up against the relentless Covid propaganda. Instead of promoting remdesivir and killer ventilators and clot shots, Nepute encouraged alternative remedies like Vitamin D and Zinc. In retaliation for this, the federal government sued him for an amount as high as five hundred billion dollars.

Dr. Jane is here to answer all the burning questions!
Will the Elites be held accountable, and how?
Are allergies caused by chemtrails and vaccines?

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander joins to detail how Dr. Malone is throwing a fit over Died Suddenly, as he pleads that people be forgiving towards Big Tech and Big Pharma for their crimes.

When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever: (Ps 92:7)


More reviews are coming in about Died Suddenly.

In his article – Died Suddenly film review: It’s a powerful showcase of vaccine dangers, but why is Dr. Jane Ruby missing from the film when she BROKE the story about fibrous clots in the first place? (UPDATED) – NaturalNews.com (linked above in another reply) – Mike Adams had to update it, because people were using what he said against Stew Peters.

In that same article, Adams acknowledges some of the reviews by others, like Brian Wilkins, Steve Kirsch and Dr. Robert Malone.

I just want to point out Mike Adams approach; which is now Brian Wilkins approach, highlighting Dr. Jane Ruby's work.

Dr. Jane Ruby - and credit:


Before the film Died Suddenly, there were investigations that received far less attention but were pivotal in uncovering the truth about the “fibrous clots” that are causing people to die. Dr. Jane Ruby broke the “fibrous clots” story in early 2022. She’s the one who first “discovered” embalmer Richard Hirschman.

Mike Adams - From that first breaking news exclusive, Dr. Jane Ruby went on to conduct dozens of interviews and investigation pieces into the fibrous clots story. You can see many of those videos on her channel on Rumble. Or just search Brighteon.com for “Jane Ruby clots” and you’ll see plenty of videos.

Let's not get distracted with film-critiques – the blood clotting is real.

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Wherever the lipid nanoparticle distributes, the spike protein gets through as well.

By Red Voice Media
December 3, 2022

Wherever the lipid nanoparticle distributes, the spike protein gets through as well, including the blood-brain barrier, explains pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole.

Cole is no stranger to controversy and has been an outspoken doctor since the outset of Covid-19. His claims of horrific side effects from mRNA vaccines and his recommendations of alternative treatments like ivermectin have prompted medical board investigations against his license.

MORE NEWS: The UN And The CIA Want Your Free Speech – Bowne Report [VIDEO]

And if you or someone you love believe they’ve been injured by the shots, Dr. Cole has a clear and concise recommendation: “Sue your doctor.”

Be sure to stay up to date with the latest news on our Red Voice Media’s aggregate news homepage. You can also see all of our video content on our dedicated video page. Just want to see all of our different creator’s latest episodes? Check out our shows page. Want to see every piece of PREMIUM content all in one place? Yup, we’ve got that covered on our PREMIUM content page. Not a PREMIUM member yet? You can check it out with a ONE-DOLLAR Trial & go AD-FREE on Red Voice Media, get access to all the PREMIUM content from all of our different creators, support our Constitutional values and help keep Red Voice Media independent of any outside funding.

“Foot-Long Blood Clots” from mRNA Shots: Dr. Drew Interviews Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole

Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice

How to Lawfully Decline a Vaccine & Other Pharmaceutical Frauds e.g. Masks, Tests

"Foot-Long Blood Clots" From mRNA, Says Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole w/ Dr Kelly...

Those Who "Died Suddenly" Likely Killed by the Vaccine Reveals Autopsy Report

A new study on patients who died unexpectedly at home but had no underlying health issues has concluded that they were victims of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The report is significant due to the analysis being performed post-mortem by pathologists in contrast to the purely theoretical papers written by academics a the behest of Pharmaceutical companies.

The autopsy report has found that three people who died shortly after receiving a Covid vaccination were likely killed by it. with a further two deaths found to be possibly due to the vaccine.

The report, titled: Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination is published in Clinical Research in Cardiology , the official journal of the German Cardiac Society, detailed autopsies carried out at Heidelberg University Hospital in 2021. Led by Thomas Longerich and Peter Schirmacher, it found that in five deaths that occurred within a week of the first or second dose of vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna, inflammation of the heart tissue due to an autoimmune response triggered by the vaccine had likely or possibly caused the death.

For the five deaths in the main report attributed as likely or possibly due to the vaccines, the authors state:

All cases lacked significant coronary heart disease, acute or chronic manifestations of ischaemic heart disease, manifestations of cardiomyopathy or other signs of a pre-existing, clinically relevant heart disease.

This indicates that the authors limited themselves to deaths where there was no “pre-existing, clinically relevant heart disease”, making the report very conservative in which deaths it was willing to pin on the vaccines.


CDC quietly confirms at least 118k Children & Young Adults have ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA since the roll-out of the COVID Vaccines

Official figures quietly published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm nearly half a million children and young adults have died ever since the Food & Drug Administration first granted emergency use authorisation to a Covid-19 vaccine in the USA.

This has sadly resulted in nearly 118,000 excess deaths compared to the 2015-2019 average.

The figures also reveal that there have been 7,680 more excess deaths among children and young adults in 2022 so far compared to the same time frame in 2020 at the height of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic.

But the year 2021 was by and large the worst year for deaths among 0 to 44-year-olds, with 291,461 excess deaths in total, nearly 60,000 more than occurred in 2020. And according to the official CDC figures, this was mainly due to a mysterious sudden rise in deaths among children and young adults from around week 31 onwards.

Unfortunately, according to data published by the UK Government, that “mysterious” sudden rise which has contributed to half a million American children and young adults dying since late 2020, is most likely due to the Covid-19 injections.


Demons that have him? it's the poisons in the kill shots and bad decision making by one of the seven deadly sins that caused this primarly not obeying and listening to God and His Holy Word.

Everybody Knew Covid-19 Vax Was a Criminal Bioweapon!

2 foot long “clot” pulled from a living person is the new normal if you are vaccinated


Steve Kirsch – Newsletter Substack.com Dec 28, 2022

These odd rubbery clots are now happening on a regular basis in not only the dead, but the living too. For some reason, they are only affecting vaccinated people. Weird huh?

I talked to a nurse with 23 years of experience and she never heard about clots longer than a few inches in her career until the vax came along. Now, we are seeing blood clots in kids as young as 8 -12 years old, but only if they’ve been vaccinated.

Here’s the report I just got today, for example:

Some time ago, I texted you a video called “Died Suddenly”? It was about finding huge blood clots in people who were in good health but died very suddenly. I sent the same video to a customer of mine. Well this morning I got a phone call from him. His 58 year old brother who lives in Arizona and in decent shape was out running. All of a sudden his heart stopped. He fell into a bush. Through the grace of God, there was a doctor running by at that exact moment and saw it happen. He started CPR and they got the guy to the hospital. He is still alive. But, they found a 2 foot blood clot in him. The only way to find out if he has more clots is by doing a full body MRI which the hospital is saying he does not need. The guy was vaxxed and boosted three times.

I’m trying to see if this person will talk to me, but so far, for some reason, nobody wants to talk about it nor will they say what the pathology report on the clots returned.

Consider this comment which points out that removing an INTACT 2 foot long clot is unprecedented; the key word is intact

From Clarke

I worked with vascular surgeons for 24 years and quit prior to covid so all our patients were unvaccinated insofar as covid. I have seen clots primarily in the lower extremities longer that 1 foot but mostly on ultrasound. In most cases anticoagulation is used. In cases where clot removal or surgical thrombectomy is needed the clot would not come out as an as intact piece or unit. It would break up into pieces. So, as I commented below, I have never seen anything resembling these “fibrous” clots in operating room and I have no idea what they are.

What is your experience with these clots?

So now we come to an important poll of the day. Please do NOT answer the poll unless you’ve seen one of these clots. I will post the running results to Twitter, but you already know the answer to this one, don’t you? Only something they can inject into you could cause damage like this.

Continues …


** Second ABC News Producer Dies Suddenly by Undisclosed Causes**
By Jim Hoft
Published December 31, 2022

nother producer for ABC 10News in San Diego, California, died suddenly last week by undisclosed causes.

Erica Gonzalez, one of ABC’s talented morning show producers, passed away last week.
“As some of you have heard, our dear family member, Erica has gained her Angel wings, unexpectedly,” according to her fundraising campaign.

“Our family is hurting and in disbelief. We are currently in the process of bringing her home from San Diego to El Paso, TX,” it reads.
The cause of her death was not disclosed by ABC 10News or her family.

ABC 10News released a tribute following her sudden death:

The ABC 10News team has lost an important member of our family.

Erica Gonzalez, one of our talented morning show producers, passed away overnight.

Gonzalez was a creative and passionate person who not only served our viewers, but her country as well.

When the United States was reeling from the tragedy of 9/11, Erica was compelled to join the Marine Corps. She served proudly for eight years.

As the old mantra goes: Once a Marine, always a Marine. Erica was behind the coverage of many ABC 10News military stories that aired in 2022.

Erica attended Grossmont College and graduated from San Diego State. Most early mornings in the newsroom, you’d find her typing away with her Aztec hat on.

Years before becoming a full time producer, Erica interned with Team 10, our station’s investigative unit.
News was in her blood, and after spending some time producing in her hometown of El Paso, Texas, she couldn’t wait to get back to San Diego earlier this year.

A friend to many, Erica’s dry sense of humor made the news team laugh in the early morning hours, and will forever stay with those who loved and cared about her.

Tragically, Erica Gonzalez joins Dax Tejera as one of ABC’s two producers to pass away in the past week due to unexpected causes.

Tejera was the executive producer of the ABC News Sunday public affairs show “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

He died unexpectedly of a heart attack on Friday, December 23, according to a statement sent out to employees on Saturday by ABC News president Kim Godwin.

An Australian family doctor who got death threats from anti-vaxxers during the pandemic after two children experienced adverse reactions to the Covid shot has died suddenly.

Hong Kong-born Doctor Wilson Chin, who studied medicine in Britain for 14 years and ran an under-12 Covid vaccination clinic on the Gold Coast, died just days before Christmas, Daily Mail reported.
The death of Dr. Chin was confirmed by Pacific Pines MedCentres Director Deon Raju.

In an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin, he stated that medical issues and ‘not mental health related’ was the cause of death.
Earlier this year, Dr. Chin made headlines after he broke down in tears in a video, revealing he had received death threats from anti-vaxxers following a rumor that two girls who fainted after treatment at Pacific Pines MedCentres had actually died.

According to Dr. Chin, it was just a normal occurrence of fainting that had nothing to do with the vaccine.

The Hong Kong-born doctor in an earlier interview with local channels broke down in tears while describing the abuse he received shortly after the rumours spread. The rumour claimed that two girls at his clinic on the Gold coast collapsed and began to scream and then later died. Dr Chin had then, during an interview with a local news channel, stated that the case was unrelated to the vaccine and it was a simple fainting episode.

But after this episode, the centre became a major target of abuse, which forced them to immediately halt the vaccine program for children under 12. Chin eventually made a statement on the local news channel that said, “The death threats and threats from those out there are not worth us jeopardizing the safety of our staff”.

According to a statement by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Chin received abuse and threats that claimed the vaccine centre was ´poisoning kids´ and also that the doctor was a kid killer.

# 20-Year-Old Colorado College Tennis Player Dies in His Sleep

By Jim Hoft
Published January 12, 2023
A member of the Colorado College men’s tennis team died suddenly in his sleep last week, his school announced.

Jack Madison, 20, a sophomore student at Colorado College, died in his sleep while at home on Monday, January 2, according to the school’s news release.

The cause of death has not been released.

“We are devastated by the tragic passing of Jack Madison,” Colorado College Vice President and Director of Athletics Lesley Irvine said in a statement.

“Jack was a treasured member of our men’s tennis program and his loss will be profoundly felt throughout the athletics department and campus community,” she continued.

Madison’s coach, Anthony Weber, described Jack as one of the” most friendly and respectful student-athletes” in the program.
“The tennis program is deeply saddened by the news of Jack Madison’s death,” head coach Anthony Weber said.

“Jack was one of the most friendly and respectful student-athletes we have had in our program. We will miss his selflessness and positive influence. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family as they cope with this tragic news,” he added.

Due to an injury, Madison didn’t play for Colorado College as a freshman in 2021-22. His obituary said his hernia complications kept him off the court.

However, he did play for the Tigers in the fall of 2022. At the Metro State Invitational, he played in two singles matches and one doubles match, where he and his partner won their match.

To fulfill his desire of teaching history at his alma mater, Jack was considering declaring a double major in history and journalism. He was an editor for his undergraduate newspaper, the Catalyst.
“Jack was fascinated by language and words; sound and music, and was crazy about art,” Colorado College said in its announcement.

“He was a thoughtful writer, with his writing appearing in the Catalyst and through the SoCC Blog which he managed. Jack encouraged our community to reflect and think more deeply – not to mention to listen to new artists. He loved tennis and being part of the tennis team at CC. He engaged fully with campus life in a myriad of ways, embracing CC to the fullest. Jack was observant, super imaginative, creative, and independent minded. His humor, deep thinking, and generous spirit was a gift in his friendships and to all of us.”