Everybody Knew Covid-19 Vax Was a Criminal Bioweapon!

Must-Watch Video with Greg Hunter & Karen Kingston, a biotech analyst.

Kingston, who is also a former Pfizer employee, has researched and written about many aspects of the so-called CV19 vaccines. She has uncovered documents that prove everybody knew or should have known the deadly effects of these criminal injections. Kingston says documents with the drug makers, FDA and CDC listed the deadly and debilitating “side effects” of the injections. She shows that vaccine makers gave a list to the FDA of “side effects” or “possible adverse event outcomes” from the injections.

Kinston says, “Common side effects should be muscle aches, headaches, fever and pain. With these injections, common side effects are Guillain-Barre, . . . inflammation of your brain and your spinal cord, meningitis, stroke, narcolepsy, anaphylaxis, heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis, auto immune disease, death, pregnancy and birth outcomes, fetal injuries, fetal mutations, spontaneous abortion. . . and vaccine enhanced disease. . . So, they knew this was not mild side effects.

These is literally their documents – see The Kingston Report - Intended Consequences: mRNA Vaccines were Designed to Cause Severe Disease and Be Resistant to Antibodies

This information is just the tip of the iceberg, which show how really sick and perverse these CV19 injections are.”

Kingston asks, “How much longer are doctors going to defend the safety of these injections? Why are people not waking up? Their trusted leaders and their family doctors are telling them these mRNA injections are safe and effective. . . . In legal terms, it is the definition of extrinsic fraud. . . . These are gene editing technologies, and the FDA does not have the right to call these injections a vaccine. They are not even gene therapies because they cause disease, disabilities and death. . . . They are bioweapons.”

Kingston goes on to say, “This is fraud. The claim that these injections are safe and effective are all based on fraud. It is blatant misrepresentation of facts to the American people. This was parroted and repeated to the American people through the mainstream media as well as through all of the healthcare organizations. We are in a real pickle, we really are because those who know the truth are being hammered down, myself included. This is premeditated battery and murder of adults and children. They knew what was going to happen, and they authorized it any way. Keep in mind, your entire medical industrial complex, which includes your local family practitioner, nurses and pediatricians, went along with it. Why? If they were not getting large financial incentives and being pressured to go along with it, they would have never stuck these shots in people’s arms. . .

Continued at Everybody Knew CV-19 Vax Was a Criminal Bioweapon – Karen Kingston | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog link.

To look at some of the data and documents Kingston shows to prove the CV19 vax is a criminal act of releasing a bioweapon on an unsuspecting public, go to the kingstonreport@substack.com.


VICTORY: Governments Worldwide Discover Covid Shot Is Weapon Of Mass Genocide

Every government that participated in the fraud that is Covid 19 were very aware of the intent to do harm with the vaccines.

Their is no ignorance, only criminal conduct and treason.

During his Sunday broadcast, Alex Jones covered the massive awakening taking place across the globe as governments and doctors begin to realize and admit the Covid jabs are dangerous bioweapons.

“You have the government boards, you have the most prestigious universities assigned to research it saying the shots don’t work, they erase your immune system and they give you blood clots and infertility,” Jones said. “And the top Japanese doctor that runs the science department at one of their major universities in a government board meeting says as they nod their heads that this is depopulation and they’re going into the next phase of the diagnosis and it gets worse after the blood clots for those that even live.”

Alex Jones, Infowars – VICTORY: Governments Worldwide Discover Covid Shot Is Weapon Of Mass Genocide



Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: The Tsunami Of Death I Have Been Talking About Is Here! All Vaccines Are Bioweapons!





State of The Nation – VAERS Official Data Proves Weaponized COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Were Formulated As A Highly Premeditated Mass Extermination Scheme

It’s of paramount importance to understand that every single physician and scientist in America has access to the official government data and information posted on the VAERS website.

Likewise, every department throughout the U.S. Federal Government, the U.S. Armed Forces and all affiliated NGOs have free access to VAERS. Which means that the NIH, CDC, FDA, and entire HHS can consult the most up-to-date vaccine injury and death data at this website: https://vaers.hhs.gov/.

Similarly, every public corporation and private company, every medical center and hospital, every healthcare insurance company and risk management firm, every university and college, every research institution and non-profit foundation, etc. has full and free access to the VAERS public database.

In light of these indisputable facts, willful ignorance of the exceedingly important VAERS hard data/info is no excuse for not immediately responding to the true cause of the mass death occurring across the USA today. For every individual, who is directly or indirectly associated with the administration of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ in any official capacity, is now well aware of how extremely dangerous and deadly the jabs truly are.

So, let’s keep this critical analysis simple and short.

First, exactly what exactly is VAERS?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a United States program for vaccine safety, co-managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VAERS is a postmarketing surveillance program, collecting information about adverse events (possible harmful side effects) that occur after administration of vaccines to ascertain whether the risk–benefit ratio is high enough to justify continued use of any particular vaccine.

The following table of vaccine injury and death hard data was captured precisely as it was published on the VAERS website.

According to the official VAERS data shown in the table above, it was reported that there were 15,508 U.S. deaths directly attributed to the various Covid ‘vaccines’ as of November 25, 2022.

In light of the established fact, as well as official government stated position, that reported VAERS data only represents 1% to 10% of the actual number of vaccine-induced deaths, the real number may be closer to 1,550,800.

Likewise, the 15,505 permanent U.S. disabilities — incurred post Covid vaccination — may be as high as 1,550,500.

While the reported number of U.S. life-threatening events was 13,559, it’s quite likely much closer to 1,355,900.

Similarly, the 903,327 U.S. adverse reactions indicated could actually be as high as 90,332,700.

The 106,978 U.S. emergency room visits after Covid vaccinations may be closer to 10,697,800.

Lastly, there were 72,111 reported U.S. hospitalizations which was much more likely 7,211,100 hospitalizations.

We rest our case.

And, the preceding presentation of hard evidence conclusively confirms, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the subtitle of this scathing indictment is absolutely true:

VAERS Official Data Proves Weaponized COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ Were Formulated As A Highly Premeditated Mass Extermination Scheme

KEY POINT: Throughout the roll-out of the various, there has been an unwritten and unspoken rule throughout American Healthcare System. That rule highly discourages vaccinated individuals from reporting their vaccine injuries to any medical authority or health official. In point of fact, medical doctors and physician specialists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, RN and LPN nurses, nurses aides and hospital techs as well as all other healthcare providers have been operating under this unwritten code: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

EUA = Emergency Use Authorization under FDA rules and regulations.

This key data point alone, that the Covid vaccines were approved for “Emergency Use Authorization” ONLY confirms the institutional intent to kill on a mass scale.

Continued at link.


Dr. Peterson Pierre on cover-up of side effects

Not all adverse reactions in the United States apparently ended up in the VAERS database. After the introduction of the Corona vaccines, Big Pharma decided to bypass the whole system by developing its own app called V-safe.

Patients could report their side effects there. One of the side effects that patients could not report was heart muscle inflammation, even though they knew that this was a common side effect and could be life-threatening.

The CDC has kept this data under wraps for a long time, Doctor Peterson Pierre knows. After all, V-safe is not public. Now, through a request, data on V-safe has come out after all.

The data shows that 33 percent of the people who used the app needed medical help and could not go to school or work. Nearly half (48 per cent) needed emergency care, 15 per cent ended up in the emergency room and 10 per cent in the hospital.

The CDC knew all this, up to 10 million reports per month from January to April 2021, and decided to hide the information and keep recommending the dangerous vaccinations.

This is simply criminal, insists Pierre, who speaks of a major cover-up. "It's time for a second Nuremberg Tribunal".


Bullet Points: Tsunami of Vax Deaths in Next Two Years – Dr Betsy Eads



The Chorus is Growing

The bombshells against the COVID vaccine narrative continue to drop, and here at DailyClout, we are documenting the unfolding chaos for posterity.

  • Today a British doctor named Dr. Ahmad Malik added his voice to the group of medical professionals who are calling for a complete cessation of the COVID vaccine program, ASAP.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Comments On Desantis' Power Play Against America's Medical State

MP calls for complete suspension of mRNA jab in extraordinary British...


FDA Criminally Approved Bioweapon as Safe & Effective Vaccine – Karen Kingston

FOIA Documents prove COVID-19 "Vaccines" were treated as "Medical Counter-measures" to a Bio-Weapon attack. Entire COVID Operation Run by US National Security Council with NO MANUFACTURING SAFEGUARDS OR DISCLOSURES

Current Laws enacted by the United States Congress appear to make the coverup...

New Docs Reveal Department of Defense Controlled COVID-19 Program from the start. The FDA Vaccine Approval Process was Theater. A combination of the PREP Act, Emergency Use Authorization, and Other Transactions Authority (OTA), shielded Big Pharma, Agencies, and Medical Participants that Delivered Unregulated Vaccines, from any liability.

According to congressionally passed statutes, research of active laws, and extra details obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the Department of Defense owns, implements, and oversees the COVID-19 vaccine program as a “Countermeasure” to foreign attack. While the public was bombarded with an orchestrated fear campaign, the U.S. Government managed the Covid response as a national security threat.

The research and documents (Click Here) were obtained by a former executive of a pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO), Sasha Latypova, and intensive legal researcher Katherine Watt (Click HERE).

The Three-Legged Stool

The undercover operation was orchestrated utilizing three critical legal maneuvers:

  1. Emergency Use Authorization EUA.

  2. Prep Act,

  3. Other Transactions Authority

President Trump declared a Public Health Emergency (PHE) on March 13, 2020, under the Stafford Act, putting the National Security Council in charge of the Covid policy. Covid-19 vaccines are “medical countermeasures” – a grey area of products that are not regulated as vaccines or medicines.

“They put the National Security Council in charge and treated it as an act of war,” said Latypova.

According to Operation Warp Speed/ASPR reports, the DoD ordered, oversaw, and tightly managed the development, manufacture, and distribution of Covid countermeasures, mainly utilizing the DoD’s previously established network of military contractors and consortia.

Department of Defense (DoD), the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority *(*BARDA), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), ordered all Covid countermeasures, including “vaccines” as prototype demonstrations of large-scale manufacturing, avoiding regulations and transparency under Other Transaction Authority. As prototypes used under EUA during PHE, Covid countermeasures, including “vaccines,” need not comply with the U.S. laws for manufacturing quality, safety, and labeling.

“The implication is that the U.S. Government authorized and funded the deployment of noncompliant biological materials on Americans without clarifying their “prototype” legal status, making the materials not subject to normal regulatory oversight, all while maintaining a fraudulent pseudo- “regulatory” presentation to the public,” said Latypova.

“Most incredible is the fact that current Laws enacted by the United States Congress appear to make the coverup actions LEGAL!”

Under the PHE, medical countermeasures are not regulated or safeguarded as pharmaceutical products (21 USC 360bbb-3(k)).

The American people were led to believe that the FDA, CDC, and figureheads like Anthony Fauci, oversaw the COVID-19 vaccine program. Their involvement was an orchestrated information operation. All decisions concerning the COVID-19 vaccine research, materials acquisition, distribution, and information sharing were tightly controlled by the DoD.

Hundreds of Covid countermeasures contracts have been uncovered. Many disclosures are in redacted form. However, Latypova and Watt have found sources to fill in the details.

A review of these contracts indicates a high degree of control by the U.S. Government (DoD/BARDA). It specifies the scope of deliverables as “demonstrations” and “prototypes” only while excluding clinical trials and manufacturing quality control from the scope of work paid for by the contracts.

To ensure that the Pharma is free to conduct the fake clinical trials without financial risk, the contracts include the removal of all liability for the manufacturers and any contractors along the supply and distribution chain under the 2005 PREP Act and related federal legislation.

Why is no action by regulators or courts? According to Latypova and Watt, a combination of recently passed legislation and executive orders make it LEGAL to LIE! The HHS Secretary is accountable to no one if the Health National Emergency continues to be extended by Congress every three months.

A significant information operation was set in motion the minute COVID-19 hit. The U.S. government, the intelligence community, the media, and Big Tech colluded to orchestrate and implement an intense pressure campaign designed to get the vaccine legally designated under the Emergency Use Authorization Act while vilifying dissenting doctors, critics, and viable alternative treatments. This designation allowed for speedy manufacturing devoid of the standard safety and public health protocols.

For a vaccine to receive designation under the EUA, there can be no other known treatments or cures. Therefore, many proven treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were blacklisted in the media and dismissed as “horse de-wormers” when these cheap, readily available drugs were in the past heralded for their effectiveness.

Eminent COVID-treating doctors such as Peter M. McCullough and Pierre Kory have faced unprecedented attacks on their medical credentials.


I am not a lawyer and am not qualified to render a competent legal opinion. That said, it seems to me, as a layman, that when these COVID-19 "vaccines" were declared to be prototype demonstrations of large-scale manufacturing, that was fraud.

This was not going to be a . . .demonstration of large-scale manufacturing" it was going to be wide-scale distribution to the general public. This was clear from the outset. There was no question about this. THAT makes it fraud.

The persons who declared the "vaccines" to be prototype demonstrations of large-scale manufacturing knew what they were saying was fraud and they did it anyway.

In American federal jurisprudence, "Fraud vitiates everything." Nothing that stemmed from the fraud can be allowed to remain, and everything caused BY the fraud must be remediated by the courts to the extent possible. (See United States v. Throckmorton (98 U.S. 61 (1878)). In the Throckmorton case, the Supreme Court of the United States court held "fraud vitiates everything."

As such, it seems to me, no one can have any immunity from liability because everyone involved knew, or should have known, the entire COVID-19 Vaccine operation was a fraud. Not only were the brand new mRNA gene therapy shots NOT "vaccines" they were being distributed as such when everyone in the process knew there was no foreign attack, this was not a "medical countermeasure," and the representation that these were "prototype demonstrations of large-scale manufacturing" were all falsehoods.

I believe this situation qualifies as a "crime against humanity" for the scope of the deliberate fraud, and the horrific damages, injuries, and deaths, caused by these mRNA vaccines.

People are still, to this very moment, actually dying from consequences of having taken these fraudulent "vaccines." People need to go to prison for this.

In the meantime, NO ONE SHOULD TAKE THESE VACCINES OR THEIR "BOOSTERS." It is now clear that no safeguards were used in the manufacture of these materials, no one is being told what the actual ingredients of these shots are, it is now established scientific fact these shots do not prevent anyone from being infected with COVID, do not protect anyone from transmitting the virus to others, do not prevent severe illness from COVID, and do not prevent death from COVID. Worse, there are documented, widespread, injuries and deaths attributable to these shots.

Given these realities, it seems logical to me that no one should take these shots again.

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A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense - meaning the Pentagon - controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning. If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process. Our guest today is the former executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization Sasha Latypova and she shows what she has found due to her searches based on instinct that the Covid vaccine was not exactly on the up and up.

Outrage as Tory MP Andrew Bridgen compares Covid vaccine roll-out to HOLOCAUST

73 Million Americans Now Know Someone Who Has Died Because Of The BioWeapon

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CV19 Bioweapon Vax - a Black Swan Event - Ed Dowd

Ed Dowd: 30% of the Workforce is Sick, Injured, or Dead

CV19 Vax Ongoing Global Criminal Experimentation – Karen Kingston


By Greg Hunter

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who was one of the first to warn of the dangers of the so-called CV19 “vaccines.” Kingston showed the danger of the nanotechnology called mRNA, which Big Pharma patents say is, in fact, an electromagnetic device. Kingston was also one of the first to warn the CV19 vax was the “Beginning of Transhumanism,” a bioweapon, and not a vaccine at all.

Kingston also says people were not told they were being experimented on by Big Pharma. Kingston points out, “The clinical trials were never designed to demonstrate they could prevent infection and protect against disease. No one was given informed consent in the clinical trials and also under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). People were not told about the risks that the FDA knew about in October 2020, which was a dozen neurological disorders and cardiovascular problems.

Kingston says the mRNA/nanoparticles are still being injected, and they are also being used in other products without the public’s knowledge.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 5-minute interview.

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The words "biological and technological weapon" have finally made it to both law enforcement and local MSM in Florida. Karen Kingston joins us to share a comprehensive letter detailing references from Pfizer and government documents every citizen can use to commence criminal action.


It is a bioweapon.


“This was a military project from the beginning".


Swiss cardiologist calls for the destruction of the WHO.

# Top Health Official Warns Public Not to Take ‘Boosters’ Due to Safety Concerns

Frank BergmanSeptember 10, 2023

Florida’s top health official, Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, has issued a warning to the public over “red flags” about the safety of Covid “booster” shots.

Governor Ron DeSantis‘s hand-picked surgeon general warned against getting the new booster that is expected to receive approval for public use from Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration in the coming days.

Ladapo issued an alert during a press conference, saying there is no evidence to support getting the shot.

He continued by revealing that his team has uncovered major “red flags” regarding the safety of the mRNA injections.

The updated shots target a new variant, an Omicron subvariant named XBB.1.5.

They are due to be approved by Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The shots are currently awaiting FDA approval on standards for safety, effectiveness, and quality.

Once they receive the sign-off from Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the “boosters” could be rolled out for public use as early as Tuesday.

However, Ladapo warned during his press briefing that the FDA and CDC have become weaponized and no longer have the public’s safety in mind.

“Listen inside to what makes sense, what feels right, you know, what feels like truth,” said Lapado, offering his advice on receiving the shots.

CV19 Vaxed Are Sick Superspreaders – Dr. Betsy Eads

Dr. Betsy Eads warned about extreme disease and death coming because of the CV19 bioweapon/vax. She was one of a handful of doctors who told the truth and said everything about CV19 from infection to injection was a lie. She has been proven 100% correct.