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Thank-you for adding @DG-Truther-Videos to your youtube-containing posts.

EDIT 17 October 2022
Twitter is now also censoring heavily, so please follow the same procedure as below with posts that contain links to twitter posts with video clips, and also news-outlet articles that contain twitter and other video clips (e.g. Daily Mail UK). Thank-you.
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A BitChute channel has been opened for Defending Gibraltar Forum users called Defending-Gibraltar Truther Forum.

The purpose of the channel is to host videos that are posted on this forum that have been or might be censored by Youtube, and important videos from other sources.

If a video in one of your posts has been censored, you may find it at the channel and can replace it with the new one, and you can also inform the channel administrator of broken video-links where you see them (please don't delete the links).

Please subscribe to the Bitchute channel and be notified of each new upload; also in case you miss it on the quite active forum. (You’ll have to open a Bitchute account to subscribe, and can be notified via email etc.).

This forum will obviously have videos from several sources, but priority will be given to those which are censored and/ or are most likely to be censored because of the urgency factor.

Note: Uploads will be at the channel administrator’s discretion.

What to do:

If you see an important video on YT or another platform (see list below) that you would like to share, please make your post or post-reply with the video linked and active in it - sooner rather than later, and include @DG-Truther-Videos in the post and they'll get the message and know what to do with the video.

Or send a personal-message (see 1 below) to @DG-Truther-Videos with the specific post or post-reply link where you posted the video (see 2 below), requesting that the video in it be taken to the Bitchute channel.

1 Sending a Personal Message - e.g.

2 Finding the Post/ Post-Reply Link

The new video link, when established on the channel, will be substituted in your post or post-reply for you.

If you don’t want to make a post or post-reply, but feel its worth sharing, then send the video link - also to @DG-Truther-Videos - together with your reasons as to why you think it's important.

Please also send to @DG-Truther-Videos post-reply links that contain YT videos that have broken links (grey blank screen) - even if the video titles can't be seen. @DG-Truther-Videos will locate those videos and do the necessary replacements and uploads behind the scenes.




While we can't recommend one above the other, alternatives to Youtube so far are:

Brighteon; Bitchute; Rumble; Odysee; Daily Motion; Brand New Tube; OurTube; Youmaker, afreecaTV



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Woah thanks so much I am going to go and watch some videos rate now! :slight_smile:

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