Short-version 1.5min – How Novavax Vaccine Works? - Dr. Fleming

Dr. Richard Fleming joins Alex Newman to discuss Novavax. Dr. Fleming warned against, saying it is also a bioweapon.

While it works somewhat differently than the mRNA potions, the spike proteins are made using moth cells. And nanotechnology is incorporated into the final potion.

He gives a slide presentation in the interview, which included this slide:

Dr. Jane Ruby concurs with Dr. Fleming as she is using his slides and explanations on the Stew Peters show:

Dr. Jane Ruby discusses Novavax for six minutes, starting at minute-marker 5:55.

The UK Column discusses Novavax too:

Given these propaganda headlines, watch governments around the world market them for the young:

It is also being marketed as one for Christians, because they claim fetal cells are not used in the process. Obviously, they are going after Catholics with this spin. Unfortunately, there are a lot more Christian leaders saying all these poisons are good, whether they be Novavax or Pfizer. THEY ARE DEAD WRONG.

It could very well be the jab the UK uses in the future for everyone – In response to the announcement the former chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce said its addition to future winter vaccine campaigns ‘could save the UK government a considerable amount of money’, and therefore ‘should’ replace currently-used vaccines. Dr Clive Dix, former chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, said: ‘This is excellent news as the clinical data on this vaccine is excellent and the strong cellular response should make this an excellent vaccine for boosting next winter. Newly approved Novavax Covid jab ‘should replace’ Pfizer and Moderna next winter. ‘This should replace the need to buy more Pfizer and Moderna vaccine and save the UK government a considerable amount of money.’ – Newly approved Novavax Covid jab ‘should replace’ Pfizer and Moderna next winter

They are evil – inspired by Satan Lucifer the Devil. We were warned not to listen to him; or use pharmakeia (witchcraft).

Even so, all pharmacy is against The Law and it weakens the body's own imune-system – Discussion on the World Situation in Biblical Terms - #49 by GibMessenger

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Background on Novavax:

Novavax was being sued by its shareholders and was on the verge of collapse, but Operation Warp Speed infused the company with a massive amount funds, allowing it to continue – Novavax | COMPLETELY EXPOSED - STAY AWAY FROM ALL VACCINES !


Big Pharma: We Now have a “CHRISTIAN Vaccine”; Mass Murderers Target Christians With “NovaVax”
Big Pharma is BACK with a not-so-new vaccine by Novavax, made for CHRISTIANS?

Dr. Jane Ruby joins to expose the lies of the non-fetal cell injection, which instead contains toxins and animal DNA, and marketed to religious groups!

Is the Novavax just another bioweapon?