A number of un-vaccinated staff members moved away from school environment...

A number of un-vaccinated staff members have been moved away from the school environment after choosing not to comply with Public Health advice.

A guidance policy document highlights the procedures un-vaccinated staff members should follow. GBC understands this includes wearing a mask and regular Covid testing.

Director of Education Keri Scott confirmed there had been a small number of re-deployments.

They have a guidance directive from Public Health England and Public Health Gibraltar – yet PHE has confirmed it hasn't been able to isolate the virus, and is just one of the many health agencies around the world who haven't – Hundreds of FOI’s reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of COVID-19 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever – The Expose

At about 16-second in, she had to stop her flow of why people may not get vaccinated? Was she about to say they've had the vaccine "experiencing adverse reactions"?

It is good news to see staff standing for their rights and not complying to health-harming masks, ridiculous PCR testing that isn't fit for purpose and letting the government use them as guinea pigs for an experimental jab, where thousands upon thousands have experienced adverse reactions. Yet, the Government of Gibraltar keeps a lid on the adverse reactions occurring on The Rock.

This note from Dr. Mike Yeadon seems very appropriate here:

Obviously some actors do have excellent knowledge of what’s happened & is due to happen.

Pharma made these fraudulent gene-based “vaccines” and cheated their way across the regulatory agencies to obtain Emergency Use Authorisations.

Fear mongering, lies, induction of a mass psychosis in most populations, coupled with long drawn-out “measures”, especially masks, primed huge proportions of the population to line up to receive their “vaccinations”.

Despite being horribly injurious & killing scores of thousands in the USA alone, they’re closing in on herding us onto a vaccine passport platform.

Many have worked out that vaccine mandates are absurd, since most people aren’t at risk from this virus, but they’ve no idea why.

A small number of us understand that this is about control & that if a VaxPass is required to buy food, humans will have surrendered their freedoms, forever.

We’ll be required to line up for regular injections in order to retain any access to their old normal lives,

Ask yourself is this the future you want for your children & grandchildren?

If you don’t, then I make this sincere request of you:

If unvaccinated, NEVER comply with their demands that you get vaccinated.

If vaccinated, I hope you do not experience adverse events. But if offered back some of your freedoms in exchange for your compliance with a VaxPass scheme wherever you are, DO NOT COMPLY.

Whatever they’re up to, it’s completely illogical to mandate an experimental treatment that’s unable to prevent transmission of a virus that’s no threat to most people.

If we can prevent the establishment of a common digital ID, aka vaccine passports aka VaxPass, the perpetrators can smash the economy but they won’t own or control us.

Please accept the pain & considerable inconvenience of NON COMPLIANCE.

You’re preserving human freedom against totalitarian designed by international perpetrators. Evil, crooked liars, attempting a takeover of humanity, for reasons now & later that I believe include MASS DEPOPULATION.

Thank you.

Source - Telegram: Contact @robinmg

Looks like Gibraltarians are understanding and standing up to the coercion.

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