6G Wireless Technology Could Use Humans As A Power Source

6G wireless technology could use humans as a power source, study explains

5G wireless technology is just starting to take off worldwide, but a new study is already speculating on the future of 6G! Researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst say, unlike older technology, 6G could end up using people as antennas.

Specifically, 6G telecommunications could possibly take advantage of Visible Light Communication (VLC), which is like a wireless version of fiberoptics. Right now, fiberoptics use incredibly thin glass or plastic strands to transmit information on flashes of light. These wires are extremely small, but also extremely fragile.

The UMass Amherst team says they have created a low-cost and innovative way of harvesting waste energy from VLC — using the human body as an antenna. Their invention can recycle waste energy to power wearable devices and possibly larger electronics as well.

“VLC is quite simple and interesting,” says Jie Xiong, professor of information and computer sciences at UMass Amherst, in university release. “Instead of using radio signals to send information wirelessly, it uses the light from LEDs that can turn on and off, up to one million times per second.”

What makes VLC so appealing to the future of wireless technology is the fact that the infrastructure to use it already exists. Thanks to modern technology and smart devices, our homes, vehicles, streetlights, and offices are all lit by LED bulbs, and they could also be transmitting data.

“Anything with a camera, like our smartphones, tablets or laptops, could be the receiver,” Xiong explains.

6G could rely on VLC ‘leakage’

The team explains that VLC systems experience a significant “leakage” of energy because LEDs emit “side-channel RF signals” — or radio waves. If scientists are able to harvest this RF energy, they can put it to use.

To turn this into reality, they designed an antenna out of coiled copper wire to collect leaked RF. From there, the biggest question is what kind of object maximizes the collection of this energy?

Researchers experimented with all sorts of surfaces and thicknesses of wire. After resting the coil against plastic, cardboard, wood, and steel, as well as phones and other digital devices turned on and off, first author Minhao Cui tried wrapping the coil around a human body.

The team experimented using different daily objects to amplify the harvested power, and discovered that the human body is one of the best materials. CREDIT: Cui et al., 10.1145/3560905.3568526

Results show people are actually the best medium for amplifying the coil’s ability to collect leaked RF energy. Attaching the coil to a person collected up to 10 times more energy than just using a bare coil.

A cheap bracelet could give you 6G service

Based on these results, the researchers created an inexpensive, wearable device called the “Bracelet+,” which people can wear on their upper forearm. Study authors note they can even modify it to work as a ring, belt, anklet, or necklace — although a bracelet seemed to work best for harvesting power.

Different coil designs influence the amount of power harvested. CREDIT: Cui et al., 10.1145/3560905.3568526

“The design is cheap—less than fifty cents,” the study authors note. “But Bracelet+ can reach up to micro-watts, enough to support many sensors such as on-body health monitoring sensors that require little power to work owing to their low sampling frequency and long sleep-mode duration.”

“Ultimately, we want to be able to harvest waste energy from all sorts of sources in order to power future technology,” Xiong concludes.



The video (in article above) titled: Cell Phone Radiation Causing Spike In Alzheimer’s? And In Young People?

Cell Phone Radiation Causing Spike In Alzheimers And In Young People

In end stage Alzheimer's disease, people become zombie-like.
Is 5G/6G effects related to that Zombie Apocalypse?



Reporting: Sabrina D. Wallace @psinergy explains "how our Emergency Alert System (EAS) routes from where the physical equipment is to you, whereever you may be and with what you may or may not have with you (cell phone, ipad, laptop etc.)."

Who's the Jew?

Real Computer Engineers react to Sabrina Wallace

To that fellow with the beard and gray shirt, I would say to go eat another bagel with some lox and cream cheese provided by the other two speakers. Those presenters are missing the point laid out by Sabrina Wallace. Yes, some people are aware of having had an implant placed against their will, but Sabrina is also talking about unauthorized access to a human-body by way of their etheric body associated with what is an aura which does not require an implanted chip to be controlled remotely.

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Do you seriously believe that this is real valuable information and not ramblings of a woman with mental issues, please?




I highly recommend setting aside 2.5 hours and listening to this insightful mind-provoking and truly fascinating conversation with a Canadian author Anab Whitehouse. While Anab is not a Targeted Individual. I've never met a non-TI who understand the program in such depth. He also offers his own unique point of view of Targeting from historic and philosophical perspective. - Dr. Len Ber.



CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing System for Nano-networks




This is quite a perplexing document.

Questions: Who are the authors? Apparently Rahimullah Miah, Are they real? Are they trustworthy? Is this a real peer reviewed study? What is the Amrican Journal of Bioformatics Research? Is Bioformatics good?

Some interesting quotes:-

"Cyber hackers misuse the radio frequency
through smartphones, telematics and high frequency sensor
devices for spreading this corona remote sensing VIRUS
(Vital Information Resource Under Siege) among animals
and human beings, mostly coronavirus.

American Journal of Bioinformatics Research 2021, 11(1): 1-31 3
because of my research. So, corona is not spread by bats,
humans or any other animals, it was not made in any
scientific lab like the Wuhan Institute of Virology [101], but
cyber hackers spread corona disease in humans and animals’
body through cloud sensing devices due to misusing of
wireless sensor networks at certain GPS distances

The cyber hackers are misusing the wireless sensor
technology due to expanding processed radio frequency coil
at longitude, latitude and ellipsoid heights. These processed
radio frequencies are disseminating to a human body’s GPS
coordinates points through a clouding system around the
world. The cyber hackers are staying at geographic locations
and produce different types of diseases, particularly
Coronavirus disease in the human body. The hackers select
the specific organ of the body as a fixed GPS location,
including (i) Office room, (ii) dining room, (iii) Bed room,
(iv) Wash room, (v) Meeting and conference room, (vi)
Media / communication room, (vii) Computer / Network
Server room, (viii) Mobile / Telephone room, (ix) TV /
Theatre room, (x) kitchen, (xi) Dressing room, (xii)
Healthcare room, and (xiii) Other GPS location. The sensor
disease can produce through the following steps, which as
shown in Figure 3.

Telematics is a type of sensor light made with sensor
technology, which works in combination with atmospheric
waves. Cyber hackers are scanning the retina of the human
eye to know the current location and monitor every moment.
As a result, your location will be known immediately
wherever individuals open their eyes at the country or
international border and their activities will go to the sensor
server with the picture. Because the sensor network is
adjusted to your vision in the atmosphere. In addition,
individuals are sitting / lying in the office or at home,
working, eating, sleeping, etc. on a daily basis. At this time,
even if you have a mobile phone or sensor device around you,
your location is easily known. Moreover, even if you do not
have a mobile phone, your location can be known through
words, laughter, tears, high-cough or open eyes. Cyber
hackers find out the distance of different parts of your body
from your surroundings through telematics devices, then
digital scanning is done from the neck to the head of your
body with software like CT (Computed Tomography) scan
or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagery). Then the low
frequency electromagnetic sensor force is applied to the
voice box and trachea of the place through smart remote
sensing with the help of telematics. For a while, the person
feels a tingling sensation, body temperature rises,
sneezing-coughing, or high-hiccups and body fades, runny
nose, loss of appetite, and dryness in the airways. After the
SMART mobile sensor contracts, the airway becomes

A team of Cyber hackers has created 362 diseases till to
December 31, 2020 [Appendix C] including coronavirus
disease through misusing of advanced sensor technology in
humans, animals and plants worldwide, and is creating more
new diseases through cutting edge nano-sensor technology.
14 Md. Rahimullah Miah et al.: Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks
Cyber hackers have a four-member of management team.
Three of them are involved in the operation and one is a
sheltered for them. The pseudonyms of these four are: (i)
Tangal Pharaoh Bari Hatem, (ii) Narsi Nimrud Jasim, (iii)
Chichang Karun Nizam, and (iv) Mohakhali Candle Taj
[135]. Each of them has four sub-groups. Each subdivision
has a separate division of responsibilities based on area or
country. They use sensor technology from time to time to
create new names in human or animal bodies for specific
frequencies with telematics, spreading them in different
ways. Again, they spread in the media that the person
concerned had died of such a disease. In this case, you have
to be very careful. The research has shown from the ISNAH
(Impact of Sensor Networks towards Animals and Human
beings) effect that the GPS position of humans and animals
can be determined by coding the retina light rays of their
eyes. Digital poisoning at the GPS location interferes with
the movement of electrons in the body of humans and
animals, i.e. oxygen in the trachea and blood flow to the heart.
Cyber hackers create this barrier through misusing of sensor
technology within GPS location. Educational institutions
were closed due to pandemic coronavirus. According to
policy, vaccines are limited for school students. From my
study, all animals and human beings are affected in
processed wireless sensor networks. So, the vaccine policy is
also bouncing message, if it is verified its authentication.

These are such claims that open up a large number of questions that need answers. To blindly accept these claims as truth is just plain stupid.

Here's Dr Md Rahimullah Miah.....quite bizarre

Dr Md Rahimullah Miah ISNAH1 - 6G


I would not recommend spreading that video. It's in a language that I (we) don't understand and the text in the video are nonsensical.

Exam question leak, REAL Institution?

Washroom block, REAL or Technological???

And so onnnnnnnnn.

What do these things mean?

Hard to say. He probably comes from the South Asian region, which does not play the biggest role on the world political stage. He has few followers on his X-account drmrmiah@yahoo.com@drmrmiah and even less reach.
Apart from his "scientific" statements, which are difficult to understand, he also says quite sensible things, for example

We say, “Merry Christmas, everyone". I encourage it. We live under one umbrella. Religion may be different, but the blood of the body is the same. We are humans, created by the same Allah. We are not painful to others. Our love spreads to others worldwide.
Dr Md Rahimullah Miah pic.twitter.com/gfn8WsSJiT

— drmrmiah@yahoo.com (@drmrmiah) December 25, 2023

My Respected All,
Netanyahu is a wrongdoer. His output is absolutely negative in the extreme. The whole world is watching him.
Dr Md Rahimullah Miahhttps://t.co/KUyVOEXOd9

— drmrmiah@yahoo.com (@drmrmiah) January 6, 2024

But, YOU posted that video here. Was it to portray the Dr. as a kook in order to diminish the contents of the research paper (above) he is a part of? In reference to the video YOU posted:

Agreed. I would explain it differently and say it is a poor translation or purposefully mistranslated.

Such technologies would not require surgical implantation of “computer chips” or neural devices.

The Looming Threat of Directed Energy Weapons

... some of the weapons can be operated from “hundreds of miles” away from the target.

Thus, one might be able to determine how directed energy weapons and systems could be even more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Directed Energy Weapons and Systems can move at the speed of light, are low-cost, are invisible, and are extremely accurate and, unlike nuclear weapons, can be fired at individual targets rather than causing mass destruction.

Targeted Individuals

.... one should be aware of the literature describing “Directed Energy Systems” (distinct from “Directed Energy Weapons”). The significance might be obvious to those who have studied “surveillance systems.” Radiofrequency surveillance systems have been developed which can see into homes and buildings, and, if improved enough, could likely observe every movement a person makes throughout his life.

"DEW" You Agree?