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Nuclear Russian Roulette in Ukraine

NATO is a beaten docket, whose race has run and whose chips have all been lost, Declan Hayes writes.

The Gambler, Dostoevsky’s superlative novella about the gambling addiction he was afflicted with, is a remarkable tour de force NATO’s leaders should read before they gamble what is left of their own depleted resources away on the unlikely event they can take down China and Russia.

Though Dostoevsky, unlike several of his fictional characters, eventually learned that gambling is a fatal drug that gradually destroys its adherents, there is no indication that NATO’s gamblers have learned that or any of the other hard lessons that most ruinous of all vices teaches. Because NATO, having bluffed its way to Pyrrhic victories in Serbia, Syria, Libya and Yemen, now feels it can play Russian roulette with nuclear tipped missiles over Ukraine and live to tell the tale, their psychoses must be dissected on the long shot that Armageddon can be avoided. This article aids that diagnosis.

Video: New York Releases New Nuclear Attack PSA – What Does this Mean?

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

New York City Emergency Management released a new nuclear attack public service announcement today. American Military News reports:

New York City Emergency Management released a new nuclear attack public service announcement on Monday, despite admitting the likelihood of an attack being “very low.”

The grim video begins with an animated depiction of New York City after a nuclear explosion, including piles of rubble and sirens blaring.

“So there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know that the big one has hit. Ok? So, what do we do? There are three important steps that I want you to remember,” the video’s host states. “Step one: get inside, fast. You, your friends, your family … get inside. And, no, staying in the car is not an option. You need to get into a building and move away from the windows.”

Full article.

So what does this mean? Why are they disseminating this PSA in New York City at this time?

The most logical reason would be that someone believes that NYC is being targeted for a nuclear missile strike. But sending a nuclear missile into NYC would be pure suicide for whatever country would do such a thing, as the U.S. would most certainly retaliate.

Targeting a major civilian population area also does not make much military sense, because if any country would be foolish enough to risk a first strike against the U.S., chances are they would target military bases and our naval ships (remember Pearl Harbor in WWII, the Japanese bombed our ships, and not the cities in Hawaii), seeking to destroy places where nukes are kept to reduce the chances of retaliation.

Given the current political climate and the constant use of fear to keep the public in a never-ending state of terror so that they gladly accept government solutions that sacrifice freedom for slavery, the more logical explanation is to keep New Yorkers (and the rest of the country) in a perpetual state of being afraid of the next “big thing.”

Could we be looking at “false flag” attacks on American soil that are actually orchestrated by our own government, who will then turn around and blame some foreign entity, such as Russia, in order to justify more government actions to keep people at home and off the streets as they did during the COVID plandemic?

Stay Calm and Remember that This is all a Show Following a Script

Live production (hot set) at Universal Studios Florida. (Source.)

I certainly do not want to minimize the potential risks to a nuclear missile strike, but it would also be foolish to just trust what the government is saying as they have no more credibility when it comes to telling the truth, especially when they push “solutions” to problems they create, such as COVID “vaccines” that have killed and injured millions for a “virus” that was just a replacement for the annual flu virus, and to which there were multiple pre-existing solutions for the symptoms attributed to COVID, both natural and pharmaceutical products, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

If you are among the segment of the population who still believes in the government that they basically tell the truth and are concerned about public welfare, and that anything contrary to that belief is a “conspiracy theory” by crazy people, then you are probably going to suffer the worst when whatever the next big “thing” is to create fear and panic actually happens.

These are dangerous and treacherous times, for sure, but they will be much worse if you give in to fear, and look for a government solution for whatever it is that causes you to fear.

Learn to accept the fact that the government is not your friend, but your enemy, especially right now, and that includes both sides of the political aisle.

We are witnessing a planned destruction of the global financial systems in order to implement a “New World Order” that will have fewer people but more “sustainable” green solutions to “save the planet.”

And since so many people do not agree with this New World Order, they will do whatever they can, and whatever the public allows them to do, to implement this planned New World Order.

Fear is your biggest enemy right now, and while most of our recent articles have been very gloomy with mostly bad news, my purpose in publishing these articles is to prepare you for what is coming, so that you can be informed and do NOT have to fear, but trust in a righteous God who is still in control, and to look at your enemy in the face and NOT back down.

Where you get your information right now is extremely important, and it is important to find trustworthy sources in the Alternative Media who are not controlled by the same Wall Street money that controls the corporate news and entertainment industry.

So here are some things you need to be prepared for NOW!

Energy is going to cost more in the immediate future, and even become scarce, because that is what they have planned.

Breitbart News reported today about a World Economic Forum (WEF) position paper released today that explains how they WANT gas prices to go higher to punish people who do not follow their tyrannical methods to force people to adopt their plans.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) released a position paper Monday that inexorably links two claimed global crises as one – “climate change” and the “decline of democracy.”

It says fighting the former can save the latter as long as consumers stop burning coal, oil, and gas in exchange for green renewables.

The WEF paper argues for the past 15 years, democracy has been in decline worldwide. To protect and promote freedom, “leading democracies must strengthen their economies and safeguard liberty.”

It goes on to say ignoring progress toward a “low-carbon economy could put democracies in greater economic peril, not less” while repeating the broader demand of environmental activists for companies to stop investing fossil fuels.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought renewed focus on this economic weakness, the WEF says.

What is the answer for the U.S. and Europe? Pricing the alternatives to green energy out of the market. It says:

First, leading democracies should agree to end the underpricing of fossil fuels, which is the principal factor preventing a clean energy transition. The underpricing associated with producing and burning coal, oil and gas amounted to $5.9 trillion in economic costs in 2020. Nearly a quarter of these losses – $1.45 trillion – occurred in 48 major and smaller democracies.

The leading democracies of the G20 should collectively commit to phasing out cost and tax breaks for the production and consumption of fossil fuels. They should also phase in more efficient pricing of fossil fuels through taxes or tradable permits to cover the costs of local air pollution, global warming, and other economic damages.

The paper goes on to argue that compliance can and must be enforced. (Full article)

We reported last week on how this plan is being forced on farmers in the Netherlands who are being forced to give up their farms. Farmers all across Europe have responded in mass protests.

Farmers Across Europe Protest in Solidarity with Dutch Farmers as Green Agenda Takes Away Their Farms with Food Shortages Looming

Those who dare to oppose their plans will be punished, and we have seen many examples of this already, including a major section of the American workforce, from healthcare workers, to law enforcement, pilots, and military members, who refused to comply with COVID vaccine mandates and are no longer a part of the workforce.

San Diego Loses 22% Of Its Police Force Due To Vax Mandates

Army Cuts Off More Than 60K Unvaccinated Guard and Reserve Soldiers from Pay and Benefits

Stuart Kirk, global head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management, was recently suspended and has now decided to quit after he questioned the risk climate change plays on financial markets, arguing investors shouldn’t worry about it.

In a resignation letter, posted to LinkedIn, Kirk explained that HSBC’s behaviour towards him since the speech has made staying in the role, ironically, “unsustainable”.

Kirk’s post on LinkedIn highlighted issues around freedom of speech and the damage caused by cancel culture.

Investing is hard. So is saving our planet. Opinions on both differ. But humanity’s best chance of success is open and honest debate. If companies believe in diversity and speaking up, they need to walk the talk. A cancel culture destroys wealth and progress,” he wrote.

There is no place for virtue signalling in finance. Likewise as a writer, researcher and investor, I know that words or trading shares can only achieve so much. True impact comes from the combination of real-world action and innovative solutions.” (Full article.)

For those who complied to the COVID mandates and Green Agenda and are still alive and working, they are among a dwindling workforce who has to work longer hours in worse conditions as inflation takes off.

We have yet to see the full effect this is going to have on our economy, but we probably won’t have to wait long, if the national rail workers go on strike a week from today, as they are threatening, because this would make supply chain disruptions that are already stressed become a nightmare.

National rail labor strike possible July 18 unless President Joe Biden intervenes


Railroad freight traffic across the United States could come to a screeching halt July 18 if progress isn’t made on a labor contract between national rail carriers and their unions.

Union officials stressed they do not want to go on strike, but argued they are being forced to consider the option in a bid to get better benefits, wages and staffing. The unions have worked without a contract since July 1, 2019.

The two sides were forced into a 30-day “cooling off period” after failing to reach an agreement working through the National Mediation Board. The cooling off period prevents unions from striking or railroads from locking out their workers while they continue to negotiate.

That cooling off period ends at midnight on July 18, and a coalition of unions could choose to go on strike at that point, said Sheet Metal Air Rail Transportation union president Jeremy Ferguson.

However, the Railway Labor Act, which sets out the rules for these kinds of disputes, allows President Joe Biden to appoint a three-member emergency board to investigate and make recommendations to both sides about how to settle their differences. The union is not allowed to strike during the Presidential Emergency Board’s investigation.

The main issues are wages and benefits. Railroads have proposed a 16% pay raise over a five year period according to a letter from from Ferguson.

However, the unions are pushing for 36%, which Ferguson said in a phone call Friday accounts for inflation, productivity increases, and increased demand for shipping over the past three years.

He referenced a recent plan by
American Airlines to give its pilots a 17% pay increase over two years and Walmart offering over $100,000 salaries to recruit truck drivers for context.

Full article

American Airlines to give its pilots a 17% pay increase over two years and Walmart offering over $100,000 salaries to recruit truck drivers for context.

Full article

Video: New York Releases New Nuclear Attack PSA – What Does this Mean? - Vaccine Impact

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Russian state TV warns war will expand to Poland if US continues to arm Ukraine

A Russian state TV host warned Tuesday that President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine could expand to Poland if the US continued to arm Kyiv’s forces.

On a broadcast of Russia Channel 1’s “60 minutes,” TV host Olga Skabeyeva made the veiled warning saying that if the West continued to send aid to Ukraine the conflict could intensify, Newsweek reported.

“If God forbid, Americans deliver missiles that can travel 186 miles. Then we simply can’t stop,” the TV host said.

“We’ll go all the way to Warsaw.”

Skabeyeva referenced the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), which the US started sending to embattled Ukraine last week.

Russia’s latest warning comes after the US pledged several more units to Ukraine.

The Polish foreign ministry has yet to make any comment on the threat.

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Embassy: “All Americans Should LEAVE Ukraine Immediately” — U.S. Nuclear Bombs Being Moved! – GAZPROM Declares “Force Majeure”

The United States Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, has increased its Alert status and is now publicly advising all Americans to get out of Ukraine IMMEDIATELY. All Embassy functions will be transferred to Lviv, in western Ukraine.

The Embassy web site update is dated July 13. You may recall they originally did this same thing back in early February, and closed the Embassy, moving its functions to Lviv at THAT time. Then, they came back to Kiev. NOW, they’re leaving again!

This seems to coincide with a report issued yesterday (HERE – Subscribers Only!) which outlined that an ULTIMATUM had been given to Kiev by Moscow.

This also seems to coincide with intelligence reports saying Ukraine plans to use new HIMARS MLRS to attack Crimea.

Crimea is Russian territory now. Russia has previously stated that if U.S. long range weapons are used against “Russian territory” then Russia will declare the US an active combatant, and will take military action.

The US says that Crimea is “Ukrainian territory” and so the Ukrainians can use HIMARS against it.

Over the weekend, former President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev publicly spoke about possible Ukrainian attacks on Crimea, and said: “If something like this happens, Judgment Day will happen to all of them”

Overnight, the Russian Navy began moving several ships OUT of Crimea to their port at Novorossiysk. The Russian Black Sea fleet pulled anchor and left Sevastopol, for the Kuban. Clearly they suspect a missile attack on the port facilities. If this should happen, many observers think there will be war.


This morning, Russian energy giant Gazprom declared force majeure on gas supplies to at least one major EU customer RETROACTOVE TO JUNE.

According to a document from inside the company, Gazprom tells a large client it cannot fulfil its supply obligations due to “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control.

REUTERS News Agency now reports that its sources are saying that the letter was referring to supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The letter makes clear that GAZPROM cannot supply any natural gas via Nord Stream One pipeline, until further notice.

The route is currently undergoing planned annual maintenance which is due to be completed on Thursday, however many in Germany fear that the flow will not be resumed. Given today’s declaration of a “force majeure” it now appears certain that natural gas flows WILL NOT RESUME.

Without the flow of Russian natural gas, Germany and other European nations had to begin drawing-down on stored natural gas reserves in their countries as of July 11. Those reserves are finite, and will run out. Various countries in Europe have various amounts of gas in storage, but none of them have more than a few months worth.

As natural gas runs out, there won’t be gas to power the steam boilers in gas-fired electric generating plants. No boilers means no steam. IF there is no steam, that means nothing to turn the turbines. No turbines means no electricity.

UPDATE 2:05 PM EDT — With regard to GAZPROM’s declaring a “force Majeure” this is now explicitly CONFIRMED. The company has thus decided to void itself from all contractual obligations. Gas will stop flowing to Germany through Nord Stream 1 indefinitely.

So right now, July 18, 2022, many differing issues are all coming to a head at about the same time. If Ukraine attacks Crimea using U.S.-supplied HIMARS, then Russia may declare the US an active combatant and use military force against the US.

If Russia refuses to restore natural gas flows to Europe, then Europe will run out of natural gas, and its economy will utterly stop.

If Europe’s economy stops, then two weeks later, the US economy stops.

These are things that cause nations to go to actual war.

In that regard, Russia announced today it will be holding NUCLEAR ATTACK CIVILIAN EVACUATION DRILLS so its citizens can become accustomed to where they have to be in such a situation. That story is HERE.

US Nuclear Bombs Under Deployment Order

Continues …

Embassy: “All Americans Should LEAVE Ukraine Immediately” — U.S. Nuclear Bombs Being Moved! – GAZPROM Declares “Force Majeure” | The Truthseeker

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Major news day for Russia: In conclusion of his working visit to Iran, Vladimir Putin answered questions from the media.

" Question: Mr President, a serious energy crisis is developing in Europe, which is discussing the possibility of Gazprom cutting off gas deliveries. The company has allegedly issued an official notification to one of its German clients, citing force majeure circumstances.

Are there grounds for accusing Russia of causing this energy crisis? Will Gazprom continue to honour its obligations

Vladimir Putin: First of all, Gazprom has always honoured, and will continue to honour its commitments.

There are no grounds at all for the attempts by our partners to shift or try to shift the blame for their own mistakes on Russia and Gazprom.

What is the situation with energy deliveries? In 2020, in the first half of 2020, gas cost 100 euros per 1,000 cubic metres in Europe. The price rose to 250 euros in the first half of 2021. Today it is 1,700 euros per 1,000 cubic metres of gas.

What is happening? I have spoken about this on numerous occasions, and I do not know if we should go into detail regarding the energy policies of European countries, which underrate the importance of traditional sources of energy and have put money on non-traditional energy sources. They are big experts on non-traditional relations, and they have also decided to make a bid for non-traditional energy sources like the sun and wind.

Last winter was long, there wasno wind, and that did it. Investment in the fixed assets of traditional energy producers has decreased because of previous political decisions: banks do not finance them, insurance companies do not insure them, local governments do not allocate land plots for new projects, and pipeline and other forms of transportation are not developing. This is a result of many years, probably a decade of this policy. This is the root cause of price hikes rather than any actions by Russia or Gazprom.

What is going on today? Until recently, we supplied gas to Europe without Turkiye: we supplied around 30 billion cubic metres a year to Turkiye, and 170 billion to Europe, 55 billion via Nord Stream 1, and, if memory serves me, 33 billion were supplied via Yamal-Europe, via the two strings that run through Ukraine. About 12 billion were delivered to Europe through Turkiye via TurkStream.

Ukraine suddenly announced that it was going to close one of the two routes on its territory. Allegedly because the gas pumping station is not under its control but on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic. But it found itself under the control of the Lugansk People’s Republic several months before, and they closed it just recently without any grounds. Everything was functioning normally there, no one interfered. In my opinion, they closed it simply for political reasons.

What happened next? Poland imposed sanctions on Yamal-Europe, which supplied 33 billion cubic metres of gas. They used to take 34, I think, 33–34 million cubic metres a day from us. They shut it down completely. But then we saw that they turned on the Yamal-Europe pipeline in reverse mode, and they started taking about 32 million a day from Germany. Where is the gas from Germany coming from? It is our Russian gas. Why from Germany? Because it turned out to be cheaper for the Poles. They used to get it from us at a very high price, closer to the market price, whereas Germany gets it from us 3–4 times cheaper than the market price under long-term contracts.

It is profitable for German companies to sell it to the Poles at a small premium. It is profitable for the Poles to buy it because it is cheaper than to buy it directly from us. But the volume of gas in the European market has decreased, and the total market price has gone up. Who has won? All Europeans only lost. This is the second point: Yamal-Europe.

So, first one of the routes in Ukraine was shut down, then Yamal-Europe was shut down, now Nord Stream 1, which is one of the main routes – we pump 55 billion cubic metres a year through it. There are five Siemens gas compressor stations working there, and one is on standby. One compressor had to be sent out for repairs. A repaired compressor was supposed to come from Canada, from the Siemens plant in Canada, to replace it. But it ended up under sanctions in Canada. So, one pumping station, just one piece of equipment was out of order because of scheduled maintenance work and it has not been returned from Canada.

Now we are being told that the unit will be delivered from Canada soon, but Gazprom does not have any official documents yet. We must certainly obtain them, because this is our property, it is the property of Gazprom. Gazprom should receive not only the hardware, not only the gas pumping unit, but also the accompanying documents, both legal and technical documentation. We must be able to see what Gazprom is taking – the turbine’s current condition as well as its legal status, whether it is under sanctions or not, what we can do with it, or maybe they are taking it back tomorrow. But that is not all.

The problem is that at the end of July, on July 26, I think – we can ask Gazprom – another turbine should be sent for routine maintenance, for repairs. And where will we get a replacement from? We do not know.

One more turbine is actually out of order because of some crumbling of its internal liner. Siemens has confirmed this. That leaves two operational units, which are pumping 60 million per day. So, if one more is delivered, fine, we will have two in operation. But if it is not, only one will be left, and it will pump only 30 million cubic meters per day. You can count how much time it will take to pump the rest. How is this Gazprom’s responsibility? What does Gazprom even have to do with this? They have cut off one route, then another, and sanctioned this gas pumping equipment. Gazprom is ready to pump as much gas as necessary. But they have shut everything down.

And they have fallen into the same trap with the import of oil and petroleum products. We hear all sorts of crazy ideas about capping the volume of Russian oil imports or the price of Russian oil. This is going to lead to the same situation as with gas. The result (I am surprised to hear people with university degrees saying this) will be the same – rising prices. Oil prices will spiral.

As for gas, there is another route we are ready to open, which is Nord Stream 2. It is ready to be launched, but they are not launching it. There are problems here as well, I discussed them with the Chancellor about six or maybe eight weeks ago. I raised this issue; I said that Gazprom had reserved the capacity, and that this capacity needed to be used, and it cannot be suspended in mid-air indefinitely.

The answer was that there were other issues on the agenda, more important things, so it is difficult for them to deal with this right now. But I had to warn them that then we would have to redirect half of the volume intended for Nord Stream for domestic consumption and processing. I raised this issue at the request of Gazprom, and Gazprom has actually already done it. Therefore, even if we launch Nord Stream 2 tomorrow, it will not pump 55 billion cubic meters, but exactly half that amount. And given that we are already halfway through this year, it would be just a quarter. Such is the supply situation.

But – I said this at the beginning of my answer to your question and I want to end with this – Gazprom has always fulfilled and will always fulfil all of its obligations, as long as, of course, anyone needs it. First, they themselves close everything, and then they look for someone to blame – it would be comical if it were not so sad."

Complete article here.

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Sen. King Warns That China, Russia Are Eclipsing US Hypersonic Weapons Tech

Although the United State’s status as a military superpower has served to maintain some sense of global order in recent decades, one lawmaker warned that the tides appear to be taking a troubling turn.

U.S. Sen. Angus King (I-ME) issued his stark assessment during a Fox News Channel interview on Friday, indicating that the U.S. is about “five years behind” China in the pursuit of hypersonic military weaponry.

“Frankly, the Chinese and the Russians just plain got ahead of us,” the senator said.

The primary reason that China has made such notable gains in recent years, King opined, is that the nation’s leaders “don’t mind failing at tests” and push forward with new programs despite experiencing significant setbacks along the way.

In fact, he noted that China’s “series of failures” have provided an opportunity for the communist regime to “learn something” new about how to improve its military capabilities.

“We have this idea that we’ve got to get it exactly right and every test has to be a success,” he said of the prevailing American ethos.

Last month, U.S. officials announced that a hypersonic missile failed to hit a target during a test off the coast of Southern California. According to the Missile Defense Agency, the mission was intended to take out a missile launched on the Kwajalein Atoll, which is located some 4,000 miles away.

The Pentagon acknowledged the failure and confirmed that “officials will conduct an extensive review to determine the cause or causes of any anomalies which may have prevented a successful intercept.”

In addition to four interceptors located at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, the U.S. military also maintains 26 at Alaska’s Fort Greely. Earlier this year, the Pentagon announced a billion-dollar plan to add 14 more in Alaska as part of a response to North Korean nuclear weaponry advancements.

There have been a handful of such tests conducted this year in California, but a failed mission in 2010 led to a pause that lasted more than a decade. As King explained, America’s apparent willingness to give up after setbacks has allowed China and Russia to take the lead.

He cited Britain’s development of the longbow in the 15th century as a central reason for its defeat of France during the Battle of Agincourt, noting that the U.S. currently finds itself in a similar situation.

“Technological developments often determine the outcome of conflict,” the senator said, describing hypersonic technology as “the game-changing strategic difference in any future conflict that this country is engaged in.”

In reference to a successful test of a Chinese hypersonic vehicle that circumnavigated the globe last year, King confirmed that “it scared the hell out of everybody,” noting that if such a glider “is dwelling over Kansas City, you’re talking you’re reducing 15 to 20 minute sto two or three minutes.”

One potential bright spot in the U.S. program came last week with a successful test involving a new hypersonic craft created by Lockheed.


Earlier this year, King brought up the same topic during a confirmation hearing for Assistant Defense Secretary John Plumb, who agreed with his concerns.

“It certainly appears that we are behind,” Plumb replied.

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Meanwhile "back at the ranch"
News from across the pond:

Actual audio of Biden Getting lost at the White House

"it would be comical if it were not so sad."

And more importantly,

Has NATO Now Taken Over Command of the U.S. Navy?

On 15 July 2021, Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk declared Full Operational Capability and marked the occasion with a ceremony presided over by its Commander, Vice Admiral Andrew Lewis. General Milley, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also attended the ceremony. Notice that although this event occurred in Norfolk, VA, that the U.S. flag appears nowhere on the stage. (Source.)

Has a non-U.S. citizen, a military general from France, now taken over command of the U.S. Navy under NATO?

French General Philippe Lavigne was appointed to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation by the North Atlantic Council on May 28, 2021. (Source.)
The North Atlantic Council is the political organization that controls NATO:

The North Atlantic Council is the principal political decision-making body within NATO. It oversees the political and military process relating to security issues affecting the whole Alliance. It brings together representatives of each member country to discuss policy or operational questions requiring collective decisions, providing a forum for wide-ranging consultation between members on all issues affecting their peace and security. (Source.)

Former secretaries of state Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger. Source.


Who are the main leaders influencing and controlling The North Atlantic Council? Primarily, George Soros is the main donor to The North Atlantic Council.

Joe Schaeffer, writing for The World Tribune on October 25, 2019, reported:

What can you say about an organization that brings together George Soros, the Clintons, leading defense contractors, a powerful lobbying firm that employs ex-House speaker John Boehner and notoriously biased media outlets such as CNN and Reuters, all under the same umbrella?

The Atlantic Council‘s commitment to globalism is at the core of its mission statement. “Through the papers we write, the ideas we generate, and the communities we build, the Council shapes policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world,” the group says of itself.

Preserving the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and fostering a Cold War-era hostility to Russia are among its chief priorities. So it is no surprise that the Council is thoroughly engaged in Ukraine.

The Council is funded by and partners with Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that paid Joe Biden’s son Hunter $83,000 a month to serve as a consultant, despite the younger Biden having no experience whatsoever in the energy industry.

The think tank has publicly declared its great debt to progressive globalist billionaire George Soros. “Soros’ political and strategic philanthropy is an inspirational example of how one man’s vision and unflagging commitment to the open society ideal can change the lives of millions,” the Council gushed in a 2015 article on its website simply titled “Thank You, George!”

“Soros has become one of the world’s most ardent advocates of the new Ukraine,” the article states.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations is listed as one of the top donors to the Atlantic Council, coming in under the $250,000-$499,000 category in the Council’s “Honor Roll of Contributors” for the 2018 fiscal year. (Full Article.)

Less than two months after the appointment of French General Philippe Lavigne to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation by the North Atlantic Council, NATO annexed the largest naval base on U.S. soil, in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 15, 2021, bringing it completely under the control of NATO, even though the base is on U.S. soil.

There was almost no media coverage of this event, but we covered this story in September last year with a story published at

U.S. Sovereignty? Largest Naval Base in the U.S. Now Operated by NATO – Norfolk Allied Joint Force Command

Today (July 20, 2022) it was announced that the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group was now also under NATO control.

Has NATO Now Taken Over Command of the U.S. Navy? - Vaccine Impact

See the article at Defending-Gibraltar Truther Forum:
Video in link:

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Russian TV Declared WWIII Has Begun


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China Calls for “Immediate Ceasefire” in Ukraine

China calls for an “immediate ceasefire” in Ukraine and the resumption of talks between all of the parties involved in the conflict, including the US and NATO, Chinese Ambassador to the US Qin Gang said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, Qin said that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine was “spilling over” and causing “multiple crises,” including economic downturn, an influx of migrants, and energy and food shortages.

“So what China is calling for is immediate ceasefire, resumption of peace talks. All parties involved should be engaged, including between Russia and US and its NATO allies,” the ambassador said.

He called on the sides to “sit down, calm down to find a way out of [the] dilemma” which would be based “on the principle of accommodating each other’s legitimate concerns.”

“Only by doing so can we achieve peace and can we restore the security in Europe which should be stable, should be comprehensive, should be balanced, effective and sustainable,” the diplomat said, adding that this position was shared by other developing countries.

According to the ambassador, Beijing believes that “national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of all countries must be respected” and that “the legitimate security concerns of all countries must be taken seriously.”

Meanwhile, two days ago, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba declared that peace negotiations with Moscow would make sense only after Russia’s defeat on the battlefield. By saying so, he echoed the remarks of EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who claimed that, “This war [in Ukraine] will be won on the battlefield.”

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to Kuleba’s statement by saying that the Ukrainian government did not seek peace for the country and, instead of talking with Russia, was choosing to sing along to Washington’s “tune.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has previously accused the US and its allies of “actively betting on the continued war” and of not allowing Kiev “to think nor talk about or discuss peace.”

Moscow and Kiev started peace talks four days after the start of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine in late February. The sides have held several rounds in person in Belarus and then continued the talks via video link. In late March, the delegations from Russia and Ukraine met once again, in Istanbul. Since then, however, the talks have stalled.

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Russia Informs Turkey It Had "Nothing To Do" With Odessa Port Attack

While the White House and European allies, along with the Ukrainian government, were lock-step in condemning as outrageous a series of reported Russian airstrikes on the port of Odesa the morning after the grain export deal was signed in Istanbul, the Kremlin is apparently denying it was behind the attack:

Turkey's defense minister said on Saturday that Russian officials had told Ankara that Moscow had "nothing to do" with strikes on Ukraine's Odesa port.

"In our contact with Russia, the Russians told us that they had absolutely nothing to do with this attack and that they were examining the issue very closely and in detail," Defence Minister Hulusai Akar said in a statement.

"The fact that such an incident took place right after the agreement we made yesterday really worried us," he added.

Ukraine for its part, has said it is still preparing agricultural exports despite the threat of more strikes. Key infrastructure at Odesa port was not damaged, according to local officials.

The EU joined the US in blaming Russia and condemning the attack, with Ukraine's President Zelensky accusing Moscow of deliberately trying to thwart the deal it just signed.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has condemned a fresh missile attack on the key Ukrainian port of Odessa on Saturday, which came a mere hours after a major UN-brokered Russia-Ukraine deal was reached to unblock Ukrainian grain export transit. Western media and officials are widely calling it a continued deliberate attack on Ukraine's vital grain export infrastructure by Russia, despite the signed breakthrough agreement in Istanbul the evening prior.

"The secretary-general unequivocally condemns reported strikes today in the Ukrainian port of Odesa," Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said following the strikes, some of which were captured on video...

The UN statement, however, stopped short of assigning blame or that the attack violated the grain export deal agreed to by Russia.

"The enemy attacked the Odesa sea trade port with Kalibr cruise missiles; 2 missiles were shot down by air defense forces; 2 hit the infrastructure of the port," the Operational Command South wrote on Telegram on Saturday.

America's ambassador to Kiev slammed the attacks as "outrageous" and demanded that Russia be held to account...

The UN's Haq continued, "Yesterday, all parties made clear commitments on the global stage to ensure the safe movement of Ukrainian grain and related products to global markets," adding that "These products are desperately needed to address the global food crisis and ease the suffering of millions of people in need around the globe. Full implementation by the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Türkiye is imperative."

And The New York Times weighed in on whether this will collapse the deal even before it gets off the ground: "Russia may not have technically violated the deal, since it did not pledge to avoid attacking the parts of the Ukrainian ports that are not directly used for the grain exports, according to a senior U.N. official."

The two sides inked what Kiev was eager to stress were separate but "mirror" agreements with the UN. The Ukrainian government has said will not negotiate directly with the Russian side until all its national territory is returned. There were not even photo ops involving Russian and Ukrainian officials in the same vicinity in the same room.

UN Secretary General António Guterres and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were present for the finalized deal at Istanbul’s lavish Dolmabahce Palace, with Erdogan saying the landmark deal would "hopefully revive the path to peace."

Guterres said, "Today, there is a beacon on the Black Sea — a beacon of hope, a beacon of possibility, a beacon of relief" - as over 20 million tons of grain which especially a number of Mideast and African nations are heavily reliant upon are expected to be released.

Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov later in the day said there was not significant damage from the Russian strikes, and announced, "We continue technical preparations for the launch of exports of agricultural products from our ports."

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