What to do when posting url links

  1. To make sure that the url picks up and shows the site’s header in the post put a space above (hard return) the url, a few spaces behind the url, and a space below it (hard return) - with no space in front of it.


  1. If that doesn’t work repeat 1 except add a space in front of the url - that seems to at least bring up the site’s name. [<Edit.]

  2. If you’re posting the url by itself, particularly in replies which don’t have separate header features, write some text, and/or add tags, to facilitate the forum’s and other search engines finding your posts.

This site will include embedded links to your hyperlinks if you put the link in its own paragraph - hard return before and after. Creating Titles & Writing Brief Descriptions for this site

Verify you haven’t added any extra spaces if it doesn’t.

It might be a good idea to add a brief title to memes, they aren’t searchable otherwise.

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Please see a new edit in the first post.