Creating Titles & Writing Brief Descriptions for this site

It’s nice to see this site is growing. Long Live The King.

This is a suggestion about creating/writing titles for posts. Please choose/write ones that reflect what the posts are about, avoiding vague titles. People use titles to select which ones they want to read.

Within the post, it would also be helpful to provide a brief description, even a few sentences, on what embedded videos or even articles are about so that viewers can better choose if the link is one they’d like to visit or watch, especially if you provide the reason to include the article or video, why it’s important, or even how it relates to Gibraltar.

People usually like to “self-eliminate” what they don’t want to spend time on, so if they are provided a better guide as to the post by title and descriptions, it just helps. Think about how you select news to read.

This site will include embedded links to your hyperlinks if you put the link in its own paragraph - hard return before and after.

On occasion it does not work, which probably has to do with the site-linked.

So, it might be helpful to hyperlink titles to articles if the embedded link isn’t called up, which again makes it easier for the reader.

If Defending-Gibraltar doesn’t call up an embedded link, there are a few options.

To give the reader a better understanding of the hyperlink, use the title instead of the html-code.

  1. Type or copy the title of the article
  2. highlight it with the cursor
  3. select the hyperlink tool (linked chain to the left of the quote when you are creating the link);
  4. Put/paste the hyperlink html code in.

Then you get something like this:


or you could provide both if you like, ie:


Play around with the tools within the “create a new topic” and you’ll get the hang off it in no time. Don’t be scared, posts and titles can be edited :slightly_smiling_face:

If the post is doing something you don’t understand, look at any coding around it, and delete it in the window you type the post in.
Sometimes when one copies a title from another site you’ll get a (# followed by a space) in front of it and it is coding for a large headline.

horse turns into


And if you don’t want that, delete the hashtag.

Anyway, just be patient and play around with the editing tools at your disposal on this site.

I only know these things, because we have been playing with the tools, or something is learned by accident. Thought I’d share.

Thank you.


GOOD NEWS: links are now calling up hyper-linked boxes with Defending-Gibraltar posts :grinning:

The Search Tool is a Handy Feature :mag:

It’s located in the top right hand corner of the top navigation bar identified by the magnifying glass. So if you want to know if a link has been posted already; or join in a topic; or add to an existing topic with a similar/new item, use the SEARCH TOOL to find similar posts.

If there is text associated with memes, then they can be searched as well.

Remember to play around with the editing tools once you’re in to post.



In a post, how does one insert a web link into a word, please?

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Thank-you for sharing.


[Replacing the Admin post]

Highlight the word/s that you would like to hyperlink; click the 2-chain-link icon; enter the url and click Ok, and it’s done.

You might also want to highlight the same words and ‘Bold’ them, because the hyperlink colour is only slightly different from the surrounding text, so some may miss it.



I have now been able to do it successfully.

I discovered, also, that by placing a “dash” under the first sentence of a post, will turn the first sentence into a header for that particular post.

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You’re welcome.
You’ve taught me something.

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Thank-you. I was delighted to find it and now even more delighted to be able to share it.

A chain reaction :slight_smile: