What the END GAME of this Entire “EVENT” Actually is

Here is a recent interview with Dr. Carrie Madej where she discusses meetings she attended, and the implications of this corona virus hoax, (tests) (vaccinations) (masks), etc., in a very futuristic dystopian way, [in regards to the evil and technology used]. On the bright side she points out the Truth that we are spiritual beings, and that at this time we are here to make things right by exposing the evil and bring forth the truth. that there is a silver lining and that it comes from the salvation of Almighty God and Christ Jesus. Keep spreading The Truth.


Thank you. The Truthseeker features the video from Ritchie From Boston.

This video had been uploaded on Brighteon by Bitterroot Bugler:

From Bugler’s description:

“Please give this video 10 minutes - I promise you will want to watch to the end - and share in every way you can. Both Carrie and Richie are fully aware of the risks they take in creating and publishing this information, yet know to not share it is a much graver risk to themselves, you, I and all of humanity. Respect that.”

Dr. Carrie Madej was also featured in this related thread in a video JAH wanted everyone to watch.


Just thinking about the timeline of the End-Game too…

We have independent scientists, like Dolores Cahill, who said we didn’t really have a first spike when the governments were pushing the fear of a second spike. And, we have other scientists, like Jean-François Toussaint who say the governments are creating a Casedemic (which isn’t the same as an epidemic medically or scientifically).

Yet, we have politicians and medical authorities across the board saying we’re “in the middle” of a epidemic, with some reports that a vaccine will be ready by March 2021.

March 2020 to now is about 6 months. So, it looks like we are “in the middle” of their evil plans and being strung along by the use of a casedemic until the vaccines are ready. They throw a few “liberties” our way; then take them away if we don’t obey/behave. And it looks like we are in a perpetual cycle until they are ready to launch a full blown worldwide mandatory vaccine campaign. Too bad the military and police don’t stand up to these evil globalists; and protect the people they vowed to protect, instead of the psychopaths. Hitler was able to build the brown shirts and use them until he was threw with them. History will repeat itself until we learn – or die – again.

Finally, in terms of their timeline, this article is revealing. We’re looking at two years of this torture:


“In that case, during 2021, the pandemic is going down, and in 2022, the global pandemic comes to an end,” Bill Gates said.

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It looks like curfews will begin shortly in England to remind the slaves who is "in charge?"