Weather Warfare

Climate change is Weather Warfare:

Huge N.J. forest fire expands to 11,000 acres, could be largest wildfire in 15 years

“This is increasingly, sadly, the world we’re in, with climate change,” Murphy said during his regular television show on News 12 New Jersey. “This went from 2,000 acres to 11,000 in a very short amount of time.”

Thank you for posting this, of course it's too early to tell what kind of fire this was, if it ever comes out. Many, {most} of these "forest fires" or so called "wildfires" happening around the world are not what they appear to be.

95% are deemed as intentional, or deliberate. But the MAJORITY are caused by policies, practices, procedures, and permits, that the government has their hands in.

They have gone so far as to give "Burn Bosses", "Firing Bosses", and "Fire effects monitors" immunity from damages caused by the fires that get away.

And MANY do "get away", run OUT of CONTROL.

Unfortunately for Andalucia, as well as many other countries, a Global change was in Order, and they decided to adopt the U.S. task book on fire management.

Whilst the US policy is to keep burning more and more land, monopolizing the resources, controlling the population, and to create communities that are prepared to exist with "wildland" fires.

And MANY do run OUT of CONTROL.

OOPS! BREAKING: The Biden Administration says it started all of New Mexicos LARGEST WILDFIRES!!!

Especially in this day and age with the flammable particulates in the air, pollution, and the electrification of our atmosphere by 5G, and satellites, Smart meters, etc., creating "Monster fires", that according to a fire expert in Spain, Marc Castellnou, have their own souls. "We need to learn to live with fires like we live with snowstorms" is one of Marcs mantras.

Today, forests are looked at as fuel :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:(trees, shrubs, brush, undergrowth), as a potential future fire, that needs an RX burn, (prescribed) so to "save" whatever they tell you they are saving, "property", "wildlife" etc.
Another WAR ON ... :palm_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :herb: :fire: :fire: :fire:

In reality they are involved in the climate change happening around the world, as the deforestation they are creating leads to the climate change they are supposedly preventing by, well, burning down the forest. :thinking:.

The toxins that are released into the atmosphere are some of the deadliest from the smoke. (PAH's), and prescribed burns are responsible for most in the atmosphere.

There is something very sinister going on, a "fire regime". T.H.E.Y. are trying to democratize fire, like they did with {Public Health}, and vaccinations.

"A prescribed burn is Like a Vaccination against a dangerous fire". So says Martha Miralles a forest engineer in Spain.

T.H.E.Y want to create a new governance, and, they want you to CO EXIST with fires.

Sooo much money is involved, in the trillions of dollars, for the carbon scheme and net zero policies in place. The shares of the forest are more than a lucrative venture for the Policy makers.

They want to change fire into a fundamental ecological process.

"Burning down the House"

In California for example, the Governor went from budgeting 350 million, to just over 200 million to "manage" fires, (NOT to fight fires anymore), and there was a huge smear campaign by (CAP) in the papers about him NOT burning what he promised in the alloted time. Marc Castellnou, was outspoken with critizing the Governor. Marc wanted him to BURN Somewhere over 20,000, rather than what he actually did burn: somewhere in the 700 - 800 acre range. Governor Gavin came out and said point blank, he wasn't going to "Manage fires for resources anymore".
Just after this, California had some of the most devastating "wildfires",
and shortly thereafter Gavin upped the budget to "manage fires" to 1.3 billion for the year.

A heafty increase indeed.

Back in the day, the mob used to go into your establishment, beat you around, and then collect their money, now it seems as though "THE MOB" is using fires for the same outcome. TO GET WHAT THEY WANT

They will tell you that there a many more fires because of climate change, but if they didn't partake in the deforestation, or RX burns, then a big part of the problem would be alleviated.

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Climate change is weather war.

Why does it seem that Governments are hell-bent on weaponizing every technology?

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Sky turns GREEN in South Dakota as giant hail strong winds and severe weather damage everything on its path (videos and pictures)

As millions of residents found themselves in the path of severe storms Tuesday, one state in particular received a colorful concoction in the skies as rain and hail fell.

Storms passed through South Dakota during the Tuesday afternoon hours, leaving behind considerable rainfall, hail and wind reports.

The most unique portion of the severe weather came in its particular hue, eschewing the typical gloomy grey skies for a green shade more in common with night vision goggles than daytime thunderstorms.

The hue covered the South Dakota hub of Sioux Falls throughout the late afternoon hours.

[The videos in the article are all using the YT platform. Since it is weather related, guessing they will not be deleted as we have seen with so many other videos.]

Much Of The Southwest Is Turning Into ‘Death Valley’ As Dust Bowl Conditions Return & Water Resources Dry Up

We are being told that the Southwest is in the midst of the worst “megadrought” in 1,200 years, and there is no end in sight.

CCP using HAARP for its part in depopulation?

Flash floods leave at least a dozen dead in China

Domestic News

Though summer floods are common in China, at least 12 people are dead and more are missing in Sichuan while more heat waves are predicted in other parts of the country.

Flash floods caused by heavy downpours have left at least a dozen people dead and six people missing in the southwest province of Sichuan, state news broadcaster CGTN reported on Sunday.

About 1,323 people were evacuated as of 8 p.m. on Saturday, and around 22,300 people in the western part of the country have been affected by the rain, which has damaged houses and blocked roads.

  • Beijing on July 10 raised a Level 4 emergency response and the next day allocated 270 million yuan ($40.32 million) from its central natural disaster relief funds to help local governments with flood control and drought relief work.
  • The China Meteorological Administration also raised the blue alert for rainstorms in some regions, after issuing its red alert earlier in the summer. The nation operates on a four-tier color-coded weather warning system: Red represents the most severe warning, followed by orange, yellow, and blue.
  • Across Sichuan’s northern border, Longnan City in Gansu Province reported another six deaths and evacuations of over 3,000 people. Maximum rainfall reached as much as 98.9 millimeters (3.9 inches) in the worst-affected areas, almost double the July average.

Summer floods are common in China, particularly in the low-lying area of the Pearl River Delta, which is one of the most densely urbanized — and economically dynamic — regions in the world. However, recent trends point to conditions that are “relatively worse” and “more extreme” than before, China’s National Climate Center said in April.

Meanwhile, sweltering heat waves that have hit large swathes of the nation are expected to return and remain until late August. The second phase of the traditional Chinese calendar’s sān fú 三伏, or the three annual 10-day stretches of the hottest spells in China’s summertime, is expected to double to 20 days from July 26 to August 14.

  • Temperatures between 39°C and 42°C (102.2°F to 107.6°F) are expected in southern China after July 20, including the provinces of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, and Fujian, per the China Meteorological Administration on Sunday.
  • More than 70 weather stations across the country reported record temperatures last week, with some factories asked to curb production at peak hours to reserve power for residents to cool down.

China is only one of the many places around the world suffering from extreme weather this summer: Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, and Morocco are fighting forest fires across tens of thousands of hectares amid a similar heat wave this past week. Further north, the United Kingdom declared a national emergency and released its first-ever red warning%20on%20Monday%20and%20Tuesday.) for exceptional heat, with temperatures expected to reach up to 41°C (105.8°F) over the next two days, breaking the country’s heat records.

'It's like a warzone': Residents show devastating aftermath after 41 homes were destroyed in London wildfires on 'busiest day for firefighters since WW2' - amid warnings of MORE blazes today

  • Temperatures hit an unprecedented 40.3C (104.54) in Coningsby, Lincolnshire yesterday beating records
  • Fire services in London, Hertfordshire, Bucks, South Yorkshire and Leicestershire declared major incidents
  • In Wennington a number of properties were destroyed as a grass fire swept across village, to east of London
  • Photographs and videos show a near post-apocalyptic scene with gutted houses and burnt-out vehicles
  • Homes throughout the country were destroyed along with a children's nursery amid highs of 40C
  • Emergency call centres were hit with tens of thousands of pleas for help while major roads closed due to fire

The London fire brigade said Tuesday was their busiest day since the end of the Second World War, with at least 110 fire trucks sent to blazes across the capital.

Wildfire rages near Athens as Britain faces aftermath of hottest day

A wildfire fuelled by gale-force winds raged in mountains near Athens on Wednesday, forcing hundreds including hospital patients to evacuate, as Britain counted the cost of its hottest ever day.

Wildfires have ravaged Europe this month, breaking out in Greece, France, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Portugal and fuelled by increasingly hot and dry weather that scientists link to climate change.

Thick clouds of smoke darkened the sky over Mount Penteli 27 km (16 miles) north of Greece’s capital, where close to 500 firefighters, 120 fire engines and 15 water-carrying planes tried to contain the flames.

The blaze, which broke out on Tuesday afternoon, continued to burn on several fronts on Wednesday.

Authorities said they evacuated nine settlements. One hospital and the National Observatory of Athens were also evacuated and police helped at least 600 residents out of fire-stricken areas.


Alaska is burning this year in ways rarely or ever seen, from the largest wildfire in a typically mainly fireproof southwest region to a pair of blazes that ripped through forests and produced smoke that blew hundreds of miles to the Bering Sea community of Nome, where the normally crystal clear air was pushed into the extremely unhealthy category.

Climate Emergency | "China Is Developing a High-Tech Weather Control System Called "River In the Sky" in Addition to Their Cloud Seeding Program."

Some forest fires may be started by D.E.W. (Directed Energy Weapons)


Lots of forest fires are intentional, not by perceived "arsonists," as one would think, but by DEWS, (yes), and also Rx burns that are government issued. The smart meters, along with direct energy weapons played a major role in the fires in California. Part of the [tool box] of psychopaths.

Drones that drop "dragon eggs" which are fire bombs, supposedly to prevent forest fires, are weapons of mass destruction.

A new cult of fire regime, and to democratize fires, is spreading like "wildfire".

Part of burning down the forests for carbon credits has become a trillion dollar market, anything goes to save the planet when money is involved, and depopulation, what an exciting bonus for eugenisists.

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At least 20 killed by lightning bolts in just one DAY as apocalyptic electrical storm strikes

Satellite data shows that strikes across the country "increased rapidly" between 1995 and 2015, according to the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

And from April 2020 to march 2021, India was hit by 18million lightning strikes - a rise of 34 per cent from the previous year.

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Man suspected of starting fires in Oregon detained by 3 residents who tied him to tree

A man suspected of starting fires in a rural area of southern Oregon was detained by three residents who tied him to a tree until authorities arrived.

The Curry County Sherriff’s Office received a call around 1:45 p.m. Monday about active fires in Marial, a community located about 95 miles northwest of Medford.

A Bureau of Land Management employee who was in the area saw a man walking along a gravel road that leads toward the Marial Lodge and Rogue River Ranch and "starting fires," according to the sheriff’s office.

Several agencies, including local, state, and federal authorities, were dispatched to respond to the report of two separate fires burning.

Meanwhile, three area residents spotted the suspect, identified as 30-year-old Trennon Smith, walking on the roadway near the flames and detained him until law enforcement arrived on the scene, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office said.

The residents said Smith became "very combative" and had to be tied to a tree to subdue him. An ambulance crew responded due to some injuries he apparently received from falling down, officials said.

Helicopters, ground crews, and area residents quickly "got the two fires under control and contained."

"The quick actions on getting the fires out most certainly averted a catastrophe and saved lives," the sheriff wrote in a post on Facebook. "The total area burnt is less than one acre."

"If the fires had not been contained and if they got out of control, they could have blocked all the residents and visitors from having an escape route," the sheriff’s office added.

Smith, from Veneta, Oregon, was first transferred to a local hospital and later arrested on two charges of first-degree arson and one count of reckless burning. Smith was also booked on a Lane County detention warrant for a probation violation, officials said.

I wonder if " Smith" is being set up?
Our alphabet agencies like to do that.
Most "forest fires" are due to arson,
not from the "lee harvey oswalds,"
But the government agencies themselves.
Expect to see many more fires in the
near future, as part of their demon/cratic fire regime.

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Hi @be1

Mr. Smith could have been set-up, a patsy or a hired thug. Hard to say at this point. Agreed about the alphabet agencies too. I posted the article to bring attention to arson versus "climate change" or weather warfare. I read an article recently saying that California fires are caused by hot weather; not lightening; the trees are spontaneously catching fire solely from the hot sun. Really???!!! I must say that the rays from the sun are different. It is more blue-white than yellow.

Firefighter Arrested, Accused of Setting Series of Blazes for Heinous Reason

Several fires in France were allegedly lit by a man who had promised to fight them.

French authorities have detained a volunteer firefighter on suspicion of his intentionally setting fires in the country’s south, according to France 24.

In a statement, Montpellier prosecutor Fabrice Belargent asserted that the thus-far unnamed firefighter admitted to lightning fires on three instances in May and July.

This may be the warfare that 'not-really-a prince' Charles spoke about at the Climate Change conference (COP26) last year.

Meteorologists call intense flooding that hit California's Death Valley 'once-in-1,000-year event'