War & Warmongers Are NOT concerned about Climate Change

There is a challenge in this post:

In looking at Gibmessenger's Thought for the Day about Bombs and the Butterfly Effect, it got me thinking about all the public figures pushing the Climate Change agenda. Their concern about the Earth's Environment is a JOKE; and perhaps T.H.E.Y. are laughing at us, because the real goal of the Sustainability Goals is about a One World Government, and sending us to the dark ages, despite them going on-and-on about how advanced they are.

I came across this article:


Bombs Of War Impact Climate Change

EXCERPT: Most military regimes are run by billionaires, psychopaths, and maniacs who lure hordes of incompetents into their grasp to kill on their behalf. Is it really safe to question their authority? So far, no one has dared to venture into that chamber of doom. The “sheeple” complex remains intact while the missing puzzle piece of war’s impact on global warming remains hidden out of sight on the floor.

And this one highlighted three key fact about war's impact on the environment:

EXCERPT: 3 Key Facts About How War Impacts the Climate Crisis and the Environment

  1. Militaries consume enormous amounts of fossil fuels, which contributes directly to global warming. If the US military were a country, for example, it would have the 47th highest emissions total worldwide.
  2. Bombings and other methods of modern warfare directly harm wildlife and biodiversity. The collateral damage of conflict can kill up to 90% of large animals in an area.
  3. Pollution from war contaminates bodies of water, soil, and air, making areas unsafe for people to inhabit.

Then, I got to thinking, who are the characters that on one hand are profitting from war, whilst at the same time croaking about Climate Change.

I'd like this thread to be about identifying them. So I offer up TONY BLAIR first.

Tony Blair Warmonger and Cimate Change

Here is one article about him promoting Climate Change Goals:

Tony Blair: A Bold, Progressive Agenda for Climate Change

And here is one article about how he profits from war:

Why Britain Is a Bonanza for the Arms Industry

Yes. The joke is on us. And real environmental issues do not really get in the spotlight. And if they do, their association with corporations get lost in a clause of plausible denability, with phrasing like "there is no evidence".

If you want to help identify these characters, please offer one person per reply with two proofs:
1 - Croaking about Climate Change
2 - Their connections to the war-machine.

The point is to identify them with links to the "proof" articles. Let's keep the replies brief, so just links to the articles are fine - no need to load text, other than perhaps a short paragraph-excerpt if you find one exceptional to include.


You can add one article about how war effects the environment per reply.

Again, no there is no need to load entire articles - links with one except is fine, enough to give a gist of what it is about, of which you can put into your own words.


John Kerry, Warmonger

Climate con man extraordinaire, John Kerry: The farming industry must be destroyed in order to achieve Net Zero.

John Kerry

Boris Johnson: Humanity is reaching a turning point on climate change

The Russia-Ukraine conflict would be over if Boris Johnson hadn’t intervened & cut off your nose to spite your face

Boris Johnson

Trudeau commits $500M more in military aid during surprise visit to Kyiv

Trudeau pushes for price on 60% of world's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

Justin Castreau

Currently, on the list are:

1 - Tony Blair, former PM of Britain. In November 2011, a war crimes tribunal of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, established by Malaysia's former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, reached a unanimous conclusion that Blair and George W. Bush are guilty of crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and genocide as a result of their roles in the 2003–2011 Iraq War. His institute

2 - John Kerry, American attorney, politician and diplomat currently serving as the first U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate; and the biggest cheerleader or the war against Syria.

3 - Boris Johnson, former PM of Britain. Johnson announced a 10-point plan for a "green industrial revolution", which would include an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030. Advocate to create the conditions for an aggressive anti-Russian offensive by the NATO powers and "kept the (Ukraine) war going".

4 - Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, also an advocate to keep the war in Ukraine going on one hand and pushes for carbon tax on the other.


Charles Windsor (aka Charles-The-Pretender).

“The British are really rather good at making certain kinds of weapons”, said King Charles at a Dubai arms bazaar years ago.

British royal plays ‘high-level salesman for British arms exports’

The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, is acting as a “de facto high-level salesman for British arms exports” and is “bolstering autocratic Gulf regimes,” claims a new report by Declassified UK.

He's emerged as the Green-WEF-king, and in this year's xmas address had a green theme. At COP28, he said "achieving climate goals remain “dreadfully far off track,” said he was encouraged to see awareness growing of the need to protect the earth.

PS. That's pretty rich given the royal family's involvement in Depleted Uraninum.

Eph. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

Church of England

Church of England has up to £10m invested in arms firm

The Church of England has invested up to £10m in one of the world's major arms firms, which supplies systems and technology for unmanned drones and jets to conflicts around the world. The discovery, on the eve of what is set to be the biggest day of protests against DSEi – the UK's leading arms fair – in Docklands, London, tomorrow, has led worshippers to accuse church leaders of profiting from conflict.

Church of England Environment Programme

Our Environment Programme exists to enable the whole Church to address this — in faith, practice and mission. This includes tackling our own carbon emissions (aiming for Net Zero Carbon by 2030) and our wider work.


The Staggering Carbon Footprint of Israel’s War in Gaza

The planet-warming emissions generated during the first two months of the war in Gaza were greater than the annual carbon footprint of more than 20 of the world’s most climate-vulnerable nations, new research reveals. The analysis, which is yet to be peer reviewed, includes CO2 from aircraft missions, tanks and fuel from other vehicles, as well as emissions generated by making and exploding the bombs, artillery and rockets. It does not include other planet-warming gases such as methane. Almost half the total CO2 emissions were down to US cargo planes flying military supplies to Israel.


Seems this one is. EV Tanks?