UK Government Greases Skids For Fleets of Surveillance Drones Over Cities

What could possibly go wrong?

Trials will take place on campus at Nottingham University £500,000.

The scheme will be submitted to the UK government’s Innovate research program, and could eventually see helicopters being replaced by drones as a front line tool of law enforcement.

“It is a high capability drone that costs just £100 an hour but can do 80 percent of what a police helicopter can do,” said Richard Gill, the founder of Drone Defence. “It cannot do high speed pursuits but it can do the other tasks such as searching for people and ground surveillance.”

The idea of countless government drones whizzing around a city keeping tabs on people is garishly dystopian.



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I said years ago that there could be a matrix of drones over the whole country (less intense in the countryside), with drone bases which will house say 3 drones per base, two operating on a tag relay system, one up and the other recharging with another spare or the be utilised to follow someone of special interest at any time.

The bases will be on government or corporate attached buildings roofs like doctors, schools, cell towers or supermarkets etc which already have security in place.

They could lock on to target and daisy chain from one to another so the need for them to move fast or even at all other than locally could be removed.

I'd also point out that you can't put today's constraints on the future, battery and technology developments or it's release, is moving exponentially the same with drones.