Trawling the globe for immigrants isn't a mistake it is policy. A mistake is forgetting to take an umbrella in a forecasted rainstorm.


Hugo tells the comedians and politicians what he thinks of their pushing, (and in some countries, like Ireland, implementing unlawful policies to take immigrants/ refugees into ones home.)

This is where we stand today, the forcing of opening ones home to immigrants,/refugees,/migrants... This insanity needs to be bought to it's knees.

A recently reposted article from 2013 describes the process to flood the UK with immigrants to "stick it to the English Nationalists, and to deliberately set out to transform the demographic make-up of England.

(Immigration a mistake? Labour deliberately set out to transform the demographic make-up of England | The Truthseeker)

Mass immigration wasn’t a ‘mistake’. A mistake is forgetting to take an umbrella when heavy rain is forecast. A mistake is wearing brown suede shoes with a blue pinstripe suit.

No, trawling the globe for immigrants was a deliberate Labour policy. It was designed, in the memorable words of former Blair speech-writer Andrew Neather, to ‘rub the Right’s noses in diversity’.

To ‘dishonestly’ conceal the plan from the public because they knew voters would never go along with it if the truth came out.

"The reptilian Peter Mandelson, another co-conspirator, has since joked about Labour ‘sending search parties’ for immigrants from the four corners of the Earth."

(And this they have done, making merchandise of men).

This is a banking policy, an EU policy, a United Nations policy. All notably going along with the communist agenda. Their New World Order policies... Without the one true living God, Almighty Father.

New Labour hated the English. They weren’t to be trusted. In 2000, Straw himself damned the English as violent nationalists who have used force to subjugate other races. It was a despicable slur, but entirely in keeping with Labour’s core strategy. So the plan was to flood the country with immigrants who would then repay the favour by voting Labour.

Ministers told bare-faced lies about their true intentions and smeared anyone who objected to the unprecedented influx of foreign nationals as a ‘racist’ or a ‘xenophobe’.

Was it a despicable slur, or was it now the way the British Establishment operated, (not the British people?)

Britain was supposed to be an example to follow, An example of a world, that if following the Laws of God, the possibilities of peace and prosperity would know no bounds. This in turn would cause a "ripple effect" amongst the other nations that could see how wonderful living under God's Laws would be, and a grafting in of these nations would follow.
Instead Britain thought it best that they police the world and do whatever it liked, wherever it liked.
Endless wars, and robbing countries of their resources, forcing their banks and policies on other countries and throwing them into economic ruin.

This article specifically mentions Sheffield, where in 1988, JAH served a High Court Writ upon the British Parliament in Sheffield where His body was born, demanding He be recognized as rightful King, but was rejected, just as prophesied, but this time, it wasn't from the line of Judah, but from the true Israelites, (Britannia), who would now have to suffer the consequences of their actions for denying the true King.

(In Sheffield, the locals are angry about Roma gypsies loitering in the streets and dumping litter.)

The sheer weight of numbers arriving in a short space of time meant that there was no need for them to integrate. The multi-cultists expected British society to adapt to accommodate immigrants, not vice versa.

Herein lies the problem.

Man made legislation equates to slavery, and one cannot be free until he turns to our Heavenly Father.

And the solution is to return to God's Royal Laws of Liberty.

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