The W.H.O.'s Pandemic Treaty

By Rhoda Wilson on June 6, 2024
There has been much coverage of the World Health Assembly adopting the amendments to the International Health Regulations. Unsurprisingly, this coverage has been in independent media and not in corporate media.

The following are brief descriptions of articles, podcasts and press conferences from various sources in recent days. Some of the concerns are the agreement for governments to “address” misinformation and disinformation, and the wording that further strengthens surveillance – thus laying the groundwork for the surveil-declare-threat-lockdown-coerced mass vaccination approach.

It is important to note that countries have 10 months to reserve or reject provisions, except those countries which rejected the 2022 amendments and so have 18 months. We must, therefore, keep raising awareness and put pressure on our governments to reject the amendments before the end of March 2025.

At the end, we have included an article about the World Health Organisation’s Science Council, a “group of unelected people who will control your future.”

Michele Bachmann Reports On WHO Establishing ‘The COVID State’


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WHO International Health Regulations

In a frantic last minute rush, modified IHR were illegally approved by the most recent World Health Assembly

The 77th meeting of the World Health Assembly concluded Saturday June 01, 2024. This particular Assembly meeting, the first following the COVIDcrisis, failed to achieve agreement on wording or passage of a proposed World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic “treaty”, also referred to as an “agreement”. In parallel to the treaty, the World Health Assembly (in close cooperation with the US HHS/Biden administration) has been working on “updating” the existing (2005) International Health Regulations (IHR) agreement, which historically functioned as a voluntary accord establishing international norms for reporting, managing, and cooperating in matters relating to infectious diseases and infectious disease outbreaks (including “pandemics”).

In blatant disregard for established protocol and procedures, sweeping IHR amendments were prepared behind closed doors, and then both submitted for consideration and accepted by the World Health Assembly quite literally in the last moments of a meeting which stretched late into Saturday night, the last day of the meeting schedule. Although the “Article 55” rules and regulations for amending the IHR explicitly require that “the text of any proposed amendment shall be communicated to all States Parties by the Director-General at least four months before the Health Assembly at which it is proposed for consideration”, the requirement of four months for review was disregarded in a rush to produce some tangible deliverable from the Assembly. This hasty and illegal action was taken in direct violation of its own charter, once again demonstrating an arbitrary and capricious disregard of established rules and precedent by the WHO under the leadership of the Director-General.

There was no actual vote to confirm and approve these amendments. According to the WHO, this was achieved by “consensus” among this unelected insider conclave rather than a vote; “Countries agreed by consensus to amend the International Health Regulations, which were last changed in 2005, such as by defining the term “pandemic emergency” and helping developing countries to gain better access to financing and medical products”, a WHO statement reported, continuing that “countries” agreed to complete negotiations on the pandemic accord with the year, “at the latest”.

Representatives from many WHO member nation-states were not in the room, and the ones that were there were encouraged to keep quiet. After the non-vote, there was giddy celebration of this achievement, clearly demonstrating the lack of somber maturity, commitment to both rules and careful diplomatic consensus, and absence of serious intent and purpose warranted by the topic. This was clearly an insider clique acting unilaterally to circumvent normal process, and mirrors a similar process used to confirm the re-appointment of Tedros to the Director-General position. This unelected WHO clique of “true believers” clearly signals that it believes itself above any requirements to comply with established international norms and standards, including its own. By their actions you will know them; the giddy arrogance of these actions predict that WHO decision making will continue to be arbitrary, capricious, and politicized, and will continue to reflect the will of various insider interest groups (and nation-states) rather than anything even approximating a broad-based international consensus.

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