The vaccine IS the pandemic: 80% of nuns vaccinated at Kentucky convent tested positive for coronavirus two days later

Thirty-five nuns from the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg in Kentucky were vaccinated earlier this month for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), and just two days later two of them died and 26 others tested positive.

According to Sister Aileen Bankemper, the convent’s prioress, the monastery was completely locked down during this entire time, and there was no movement of people in or out of the premises.

“We [the Benedictine community] were shocked to have so many [Covid-19] cases since we were being extremely careful, not going out, and not having visitors since the beginning of the pandemic,” Bankemper is quoted as saying.

Sisters at the facility were so careful, she added, that they “redoubled” their efforts “after the [Christmas] holiday surge,” only to still see a surge in new cases and a few deaths.



The vaccine is a lethal weapon.




The vaccine is a killer both spiritually and physically. Father has left the final say as always up to The Judge, Christ. It is possible that those who take vaccines will not enter the Kingdom. Please see links above.


You’re welcome. Agreed.


Immunologist Dr. Hooman Noorchashm advises nuns who lost three sisters after getting COVID vaccine to avoid second dose.

After reading of the Kentucky sisters’ plight with COVID-19 vaccines last month, Noorchashm felt “duty bound as a physician-immunologist” to share with them his “high level of concern and alarm” for their safety. Noorchashm characterized the mRNA-developed Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as “a large-scale public health risk,” which he believes is “directly affecting” the Monastery of St. Walburg community.


Great when the s**t hit's the fan then great...when i mean that things like a new mutant virus coming from people who took the jab.

As for me my body's mother wants me to take the jab, it makes me annoyed when i say no i mean no..


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Please view this extremely important video. More Truths about what's already in the making and coming soon.

Sadly it is to late to save many of those who have taken the vaccine. Those of us who have not HAD THE Vaccine could be in serious danger and may need to stay away from those who have had it. According to those like Dr.Coleman they will be shedding a deadly virus.

Vaccines will kill hundreds if not millions or MORE in the near future. Immune Escape and Viral Shedding are the second wave.

Dr Vernon speaks about the genocidal lunatics, the Horseman of the Apocalypse, who think they are running the show but are NOT, who planned this FRAUD, who satan is using to bring actually bringing prophecy to past, the Battle of Armageddon, to punish us for not obeying Father and His Commandments and LAWS.

World War 3

The Second of its Three Woes/Phases

(the First Woe was the Invasion of Kuwait - Gulf War)

The Pen-ultimate WOE - The Time of the Sixth Angel
(of The Apocalypse/Revelation)

by JAH

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Please take a serious in-depth look at this Disclosure Dr. Vernon mentions in his video, found at this link.

Please also see list of very informative links below and many more@ Vernon Coleman - Author, columnist & leading campaigning journalist[]=Abortion+spontaneous+(10000234)&SYMPTOMS[]=Abortion+spontaneous+complete+(10061616)&SYMPTOMS[]=Foetal+death+(10055690)&SYMPTOMS[]=Foetal+heart+rate+abnormal+(10051139)&SYMPTOMS[]=Foetal+heart+rate+decreased+(10051136)&SYMPTOMS[]=Foetal+hypokinesia+(10068461)&SYMPTOMS[]=Foetal+movements+decreased+(10016866)&SYMPTOMS[]=Premature+baby+death+(10076700)&SYMPTOMS[]=Premature+delivery+(10036595)&SYMPTOMS[]=Premature+labour+(10036600)&SYMPTOMS[]=Stillbirth+(10042062)&VAX=COVID19

After the vaccine is administered and sudden deaths occur they call it only. coincidental. What a lot of tragic coincidences there have been.

Truthfully there are NO coincidences in God's world. Everything happens for a Divine reason.

Dr Coleman now suspects that in the fall those who have taken the vaccine and then come into contact with covid-19 virus their immune systems will over react cause more deaths.

Want answers on how to help your self and others, read and digest what people are calling the MOST important book on the planet. Is it? You decided.

Health Ranger Mike Adams supports and agrees with Dr. Vernon Coleman and Dr.Sheri Tenpenny, the vaccine is the bio-weapon will kill millions.

Joy from Sorrow. - March 18

I bind up the broken hearts with the cords wherewith men scourged Me in the Judgment Hall; with the whips of scorn wherewith Men have mocked My Love and Divinity down the ages.

Symbol, this, of the way in which, out of seeming obstacles, stepping-stones can be fashioned, and, out of trials undreamt-of, blessings can be wrought.

Share My Life with its longings and tears, with its Joys unspeakable and its heartaches beyond human description.

Share My Joy .

The Real World. - March 17

Blessed are they that hear My Voice.

Deaf to My Voice man can so often be. Live, My children, more in the Unseen World. There, in the contemplation of Me, your whole nature becomes sensitive to My faintest whisper.

I have told you, I tell you again, the Unseen World is the real world. Realize more and more as you go through this earth-life that this is only a material-plane parenthesis. The real paragraph, chapter, Book of Life is the Spirit-Life.
This point of view will alter your idea of suffering, failure, and the work of life here. It will give you a new view of death. Birth begins the parenthesis, death closes it. Then back to real Life-History. Absorb this.

When you have done so, you will get that same idea about the various periods of your earth-life. Times of struggle; defeat; joy; failure; work; rest; success - Treat them all as parts of a parenthesis in the one Eternal Life of spiritual progress .