The Hillsborough Disaster - The Match-Stalk Men Trial - Report No 1

Why are THEY still protecting Walter Jackson?

During the Hillsborough Inquest which ended in 2016, after having a vivid dream about Christina Lambert QC, Tony Farrell, a former Principal Intelligence Analyst and whistleblower from South Yorkshire Police, travelled from Ireland to Warrington in order to ultimately dispatch incriminating information about the scale of the cover-up to The Hillsborough Inquest Team. The incriminating information pertained to Walter Jackson former assistant chief constable, operations. Walter Jackson was responsible for the force’s planning for all major events, including the fateful 1989 semi-final. He was in the stadium at the time the disaster unfolded before his eyes.

Receipt of Tony Farrell’s evidence / information was eventually acknowledged by Tim Suter of the Hillsborough Inquest Team, but the information was ultimately conveniently ignored by the Coroner John Goldring, who from thereon-in went to extraordinary lengths to protect Walter Jackson from any adversarial questioning.

Within half an hour after day two of Tony Farrell’s own first attendance at The Hillsborough Inquest, where he had just been talking to several family members and a family solicitor at Birchwood Train Station, he was arrested and questioned under caution, but not subsequently charged with any offence. He believes to this day that his arrest in the nearby town of Widnes, was motivated by a desire by the security services to frighten him, and deter him from returning to the inquests, and spoiling their evil scheming plans. To this day, after over thirty two years of cover-up of the truth, he remains possibly the only employee past or present from South Yorkshire Police, who has ever been arrested and handcuffed over Hillsborough. He believes that the Inquest Coroner John Goldring was hellbent on not only covering up the truth about Walter Jackson, but crucially keeping the evidence about his hopelessly compromised state from the jury at all cost. The established order simply did not relish the prospect of Tony Farrell boldly talking to the families about what he actually knew about Walter Jackson. That’s because the established order knew full well that it could have conceivably altered the entire direction and outcome of the inquest, had it been disclosed to the jury, as it most assuredly should have been. Back then, John Goldring, the coroner undoubtedly perverted the course of justice.

At the subsequent criminal trial of David Duckenfield at Preston, and after seeing Christine Agnew QC in the courtroom, Tony Farrell submitted an Amicus Curiae Brief to the court with the prosecution barrister's kind assistance. The Amicus Curiae Brief again made reference to Walter Jackson and gifted the court with Muad'Dib's Hillsborough Ripple Effect film.

This second of the latest of three unjust judges served an Exclusion Order on the former Principal Intelligence Analyst, prohibiting him from any further attendance at Duckenfield's criminal trial and subsequent criminal retrial. The prohibitions unleashed upon Tony Farrell unLAWfully banned him from going anywhere near the Court at Preston, and also the Cunard Building in Liverpool where family members and survivors were watching proceedings unfold on a daily basis. Needless to say, the incriminating ‘Elephant in The Room’ evidence about Walter Jackson, delivered at Preston, was ignored by the unjust judge. The AMICUS CURIAE BRIEF was never once mentioned.

Two weeks prior to the start of the criminal trial of Denton, Foster and Metcalf, armed with even more incriminating evidence, Farrell had good cause write to the Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill, asking for the above criminal trial to be postponed, owing to the new evidence available about the cover-up and protection of Walter Jackson, who was Duckenfield's boss, and the highest ranking officer in the stadium at the time of the disaster.

The following is an excerpt from Tony Farrell’s letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Max Hill.

" Public Confidence in the CPS - In approximately two weeks time, the criminal trial of Denton, Foster, and Metcalf is scheduled to commence. Just as it was with the more major criminal trial of David Duckenfield at Preston, again agonizingly absent from the upcoming lesser criminal trial at the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, is the name of Walter Jackson. My report reveals precisely why that is so, and implicitly infers that the trial of Denton, Foster, and Metcalf, as it stands, is destined to erode, not restore confidence in the CPS.”

In short, the CPS stands accused of protecting Walter Jackson, and with respect, the lesser criminal trial needs to be postponed until the $64,000 question, as to why THEY are protecting Jackson, is satisfactorily resolved once and for all at a greater criminal trial of the former operational commander in charge of planning. Jackson’s trial must be in an open criminal court hearing. It must not be swept under the carpet any longer, within the backroom secret deals between Renaissance House, 102 Petty France, and 10 Downing Street. You will stand or fall on this single issue."

Needless to say, Max Hill ignored Farrell’s communication, and the criminal trial of Denton, Foster, and Metcalf, proceeds, with that protected species Walter Jackson, seemingly nowhere to be seen.

Let it not be said therefore that before the start of the Match-Stalk Men trial of Denton, Foster and Metcalf, in the Lowry Theatre, that three unjust judges, namely Coroner John Goldring, Judge Peter Openshaw, and DPP Max Hill, were not all each given beforehand, more than a fair word of warning about their own devious parts in the ongoing cover-up and protection of Walter Jackson.

“Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Readers of this article are encouraged to follow the criminal trial of Denton, Foster, and Metcalf, and carefully observe proceedings against the insightful backdrop of The Hillsborough Ripple Effect film. Thirty-two years too late, the latest farcical criminal trial is expected to last for up to 16 weeks, but whilst-ever the $64,000 question of why are THEY still protecting Walter Jackson remains unanswered, the previous conduct of three unjust judges really needs to be brought under the greater spotlight, as day one of the Lowry Street Theatre trial gets underway on this day 19th April 2021.

Wait a Moment! Where’s Mr. Jackson?



I cannot take credit for it and do not recall who said it (in that case it was about the current government), but it applies to the current so-called justice system as well: It needs to be dragged to a cliff, where it will be kicked off, fall, and then break into pieces, to be no more, so that The Lord and we the people can begin again anew.

Email To Richard Ullger - The Current Commissioner of The RGP

Dear Richard,

Good morning and good wishes.

An important scheduled sixteen-week criminal trial gets underway in the UK this week, albeit 32 years too late.

You are being sent some brief details as posted on the Defending Gibraltar website, not because it directly involves anyone from the Royal Gibraltar Police, but because it is known that your predecessor Ian McGrail indirectly demonstrated some sympathy and support for the Justice For The 96 Campaign, a couple of years ago. I was very pleased to note, at the time, that Ian went public in showing such support, which was a brave move, and so, as the rabbit hole of Hillsborough, just keeps getting deeper and deeper, I thought Ian, the former commissioner, and possibly you too, might find this article of mine, released yesterday at the start of the trial, of some interest.

Perhaps, if you are still in touch with Ian, you might forward this email on to him, please?

The Hillsborough Disaster - The Match-Stalk Men Trial - Report No 1

The link above leads to an article about a police cover-up about a fateful day which will forever go down in infamy as far a British Policing is concerned.

I intend to send this article out to certain people high up in South Yorkshire Police for their information, too. This will include: The Chief Constable Stephen Watson; The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Billings; and the two other candidates in the forthcoming re-election for that position, namely Joe Otten and David Chinchen.

Best wishes,

Tony Farrell

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An Email To Max Hill, The Director of Public Prosecutions

Dear Max,

Good morning and good wishes.

It was disappointing not to get a reply from you after sending you a "Healing Wings for The 96" email on 5th April 2021.

I don't know, but perhaps you may wish to reply to this on-line article instead, which was posted on the Defending Gibraltar Forum earlier today, as you feature in it as one of the three unjust judges.

The Hillsborough Disaster - The Match-Stick Men Trial - Report No 1

Muad'Dib / JAH, The Hillsborough Effect Film producer, once wrote this on His JAHTALK website about Discovering Truth.

Discovering The Truth.

In speaking of the Truth, Henry David Thoreau once said: "Any Truth is better than make-believe ... rather than love, than money, than fame, give me Truth."

Yet Italian Renaissance statesman and political writer, Niccolo Machiavelli, wrote in The Prince, one of the most influential political works of all time, that governments are created to lie to the greatest number of people the greatest amount of the time.

And why do governments lie? Why, to cover up their previous lies in order to protect the perpetrators, of course.

But the Truth is a funny thing. You can distort it, you can even suppress it for a while. Sometimes you discover that it's been hiding in plain view all along. Eventually the Truth always comes out as unsealed records, and death-bed confessions reveal decades later what really happened.

But once in a while the lie, the fraud or hoax is exposed while the perpetrators are still alive, as is the case today, with this article.

What will you do now? What did Winston Churchill say? "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened." Until it is too late to do anything about it - JAH.

The second $64,000 question, today is what will you do now that you have been confronted with The Truth about Walter Jackson, please?

I look forward to your reply.

Best wishes

Tony Farrell

Former Principal Intelligence Analyst - South Yorkshire Police

Disciple of The Gibraltar Messenger Who is JAH

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David Conn of The Guardian, who has written extensively about The Hillsborough Disaster over the years covers the latest developments as the trial at the Lowry Theatre collapses.

The Liverpool Echo covered it like this.

Channel 4 News covered it like this.

With the greatest respect to the families, if they ever want the truth and justice to prevail, they must stop clamouring for "Hillsborough Law" at all cost, and instead opt for God's Law, and now finally go for former ACC Walter Jackson, in order to expose the real villains of the piece.