The Acceleration of New Underworld Order Feudalism


It's really about FOLLOWING THE MONEY and looking to see who's in bed together, committing adultery against God and their nations.

Look Who Gets to Make Billions off the Coronavirus

"An economic collapse right before our eyes, blamed on a “virus” which is perhaps a simulation."

It can be said that China plans to invade the U.S., but it has already through the market-system. In fact, it's invaded almost every country in the world, using tactics it learned from the West – to exploit for profit.

Notice Walmart is in the group.

Walmart Sells To Chinese Investment Group For Over $500B:

See also:

Walmart & China – a joint venture:

So if we take Walmart is dispensing drugs, we can tie that with China is supplying the drugs to the West to exact revenge, liked discussed here: Joe Bossano and joint-ventures with the Chinese Red Dragon

You may want to read this letter: Beware the Chinese

So, Are you buying all of this fake news?

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Compliance with evil is “guilt by association” in God’s Eyes.

In America right now, there are violent (attempted) take-overs by antifa and blm (black lives matter). A video from the past addresses the "negro question" [beginning @ 7:50 mark ] and how it is orchestrated.

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