Sticking to the Purpose of the Forum

What does Maui, Michael LaVaugn Robinson Obama and the fake Moon landings have to do with Defending Gibraltar from, for example: CBDC; the COVID Plandemic 1 and preventing COVID Plandemic 2 and bringing the criminals to justice?

Daniel Napoli is a Gibraltarian, but has posted nothing about defending Gibraltar, where he lives and knows about the corruption, and people he could share vital information with, but chooses not to do so.

The forum is called Defending Gibraltar, not defending Maui, or Michael LaVaugn Robinson or NASA's lies.

Early on we asked people politely to stick to things relating to, or affecting Gibraltar, and how to defend it, not to come and start arguing about their pet projects that have nothing to do with defending Gibraltar; but that polite request has been ignored.

There must be forums that talk about the fake Moon Landings and about Michael LaVaugn Robinson being a man that people could join and post on, instead of spoiling our forum with time-wasting pointless arguments that cause unpleasantness.

Gibraltar needs defending, and the corruption ending by reinstating God's Perfect Law of Liberty, so please stick to doing that.


Agreed, thank you.

Personally D.freeman does not take much interest in post shared on this form unless they are about stopping the NWO or contacting more people about TWHOFTF.

God's perfect laws of liberty and justice are the only solution.

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This Forum is The Gibraltar Messenger's Forum.
He posts many articles for us to learn from about the world, based on truth, in His newsletter: Gibraltar Messenger:

The range of topics that are related to Defending Gibraltar is very broad.

It may seem that the topics to post on have reduced. On the contrary...

Simply sticking to topics that are found on Gibraltar Messenger's newsletter and threads here on DG that He has initiated or commented on can help us all develop a deeper understanding of those topics as well as monitor them, and report on them as they evolve over time.

Focusing on solutions to the problems created by The NWO should help us all, as well as those who live on The Rock.

Videos that have not yet been uploaded to DGTV under the categories listed above (Maui, Moon, Michael), by the forum administrator will not be uploaded to DGTV.

Thank-you for your diligence of copy/pasting:


to your video posts on Defending-Gibraltar, so that those can be added to The Gibraltar Messenger's video channel: DGTV on BitChute.

The efforts of a few can have a positive effect on many, in the long run, as people wake up to The Hierarchy Enslaving them.

Keep fighting the Go(o)d fight.



What a wonderful (better) world this would be.


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Thank-you. Understood. It is our duty to eradicate all crime, bring all criminals to Real Justice, and put an end to mass murdering being carried out by the parasitic criminally insane in this lunatic asylum by first, learning , then living out, and using God's Perfect Law for Real Justice..



Thank-you. Follow The Leader.



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“I AM THE WAY” (home).

8:5 I am the way, that each and every one of you has to be, before you can come home (John 10:7-9 & 14:2-6).
8:6 The Jewish people had become so evil, and arrogant (Ex. 33:5), with their customs and religious doctrines and traditions, that they refused to accept that Jesus was the promised Messiah, and that he brought the Living Word (John 1:1-5) of God (Mark 7:7-9). This shows how the devil uses your ego, to fool you.
8:7 Jesus disappeared, after his birth and the Druids’ visit, for more than 30 years, with the single exception of when he was 12 years old (Luke 2:42), at the Feast of the Passover, when he was talking to the priests in The Temple, and amazing them, with his great knowledge.
8:8 He disappeared, because he had to learn, in private, exactly what it was like, to submit to human limitations, and to be, to all intents and purposes, a normal human+being.
8:9 He had to learn everything, about all the different types and degrees of temptation, and how to overcome them. If he didn’t, he could not possibly help others, to overcome theirs, or be able to complete his mission. Before you can help anyone, you have to not only understand their problem, but how to solve it too. To do that, you have to have solved it yourself, many times over.

Suggestions for Gauging Your Posts on DG:

Can your post or reply relate to defending Gibraltar or The Campo (uniting /educating them)?

Areas of Focus – Can it relate to topics on Gibraltar Messenger; relate to JAHTruth; TWHOFTF; God’s Law; the King of kings’ Bible; JforJustice; or messages/directions from The Master?

These AREAS OF FOCUS might be a gauge to determine if your subject matter should be put on DG.

If you can’t think of one FOCUS AREA to hyperlink them to; then, think again if it needs posting (whether you choose to hyperlink the "related area of focus" or not – which would depend on your post and if it’s an obvious relation).

In some cases, it might be helpful to readers/DG-users for you to write out why you think it relates to the above FOCUS AREAS. Your explanation may encourage discussion.

Thank you.