Stand UP X Protests UPDATED

NOTE: The original title of this post was Stand UP X Protest in Sheffield, UK Sept. 5 UPDATED but because their events continue, this thread will be updated with news about current and upcoming events.

Stand Up X was one of the groups at the London Rally on August 29.

They hold protests in Sheffield, England, every Saturday:

Piers Corbyn was a keynote speaker on Sept. 5 – He was arrested again and manhandled horribly by the police:

He's been contacted about [The Challenge Document] and hopefully he will use it.

The crowd chanted "Choose Your Side" at the police. Guess they did; and the crowd chanted "Shame on You".

They are also holding a protest in London on Sept. 19th.

Sheffield Police attempt to charge 5G campaigner Mark Steele without cause or reason

Jason Liosatos: Humanity Has Risen | Brutal Police Behavior at Peaceful Protest in Sheffield (15min):

MSM Coverage:

Piers Corbyn is scheduled to be in Glasgow today. Wonder if he is?

This article features the Sheffield event:

It looks like Piers Corbyn was detained overnight:

Note also in the article: There was also an arrest of Kate Shemerani by police yesterday outside Downing Street, again for organising a political rally. Fortunately, she was released after her details were taken, but she also faces a £10,000 fine.

{The article on Lockdown Sceptics (linked above) actually encompasses worldwide events in relation to what's happening with the plandemic/casedemic madness.}

Piers Corbyn speech before the arrest:

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Concerning Kate Shemirani, this is her outside Downing Street:

Kate Shemirani and Kevin Corbett outside Downing Street 5th September 2020 in 2-parts:

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Assault in Sheffield – Brutal scenes – Disgraceful intimidating SYP from Banaman YT Channel (14min):

More footage of the event in the video below from Geoffrey Gaines YT Channel. Toward the end are similar scenes from the video above.

Piers Corbyn was in M&S and the crowd went in to try to protect him.

Part 1:

Part 2: Distressing scenes.

Mark Steele speech in Sheffield (12min):

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Dr Muhammad Iqbal Adil speech:

The Star features 16 photo of the event:

This is a prison planet as the world has been told in –
[The Way home or face The Fire :arrow_left: ].

Thank you for all these videos and articles. May God go with everyone fighting against tyranny.
We pray for all those who have been injured and hurt, arrested and oppressed.
Please use the challenge document, the more people that use this the quicker the topple down of this satanic world order. THERE'S ONLY ONE LAW - THE REST IS FORBIDDEN LEGISLATION


There is an important TOOL that people can use to challenge and defeat The Evil Establishment and its (Devouring) Beast System – especially for defending their God-given Rights.

It is a tool that puts one ON GOD'S SIDE. And it must be used correctly – as THE ARGUMENT.

People keep trying to do it their way, not God's Way; and this is why they fail.

We are fighting the Biblical Evil that we were warned about in the Holy Scriptures. Trying to fight the system using the evil system's tactics is almost pointless and exhausting (as intended) – because it is rigged in their favor, especially with corrupt attorneys, politicians, police and judges, who have sold their own souls for their measly worldly lives. They are still so arrogant they think they are going to win.

And people think they are so clever that they can beat the system at its own game. If individuals are so clever at understanding “legalese” then why can’t they be smart enough to know the game is rigged.

It's time to level the field.

And the way to do this is to go after the head of the snake.

This is where the TOOL comes in – it is THE CHALLENGE DOCUMENT – which challenges their authority – and the Queen's authority – USING GOD'S LAW, not man-made unlawful ones.

The evil system is so scared of this CHALLENGE that cases using it have been dismissed.

Please see testimonials of those who have used it:



Long Live King Christ. Long Live The Fighters –

For Good, For GOD.

Message from Piers Corbyn placed on the [911 Forum]:

Below is a reposting of his message:

I’ve just been released after being locked up for almost 24 hours by South Yorkshire Police. I have been charged with 3 offences – not wearing a mask in Marks & Spencer, participating in an illegal gathering (at the Peace Garden, Sheffield) and organising the gathering, contrary to the Coronavirus Regulations. A second £10,000 fine is looming if I am convicted.

Events followed a similar pattern to London last weekend.

Suddenly, at around 3pm orders came from “on high” to arrest me. There had been no attempt by police to disperse the rally beforehand, and I told the Inspector I was not an organiser (I live in London) but just a speaker; I gave him my details should he want to report me for a Fixed Penalty Notice. He later ordered me to leave the area which he has no power to do, unless the gathering is illegal – which it wasn’t. After the rally I went into M&S to use the toilet and when I came out police made a heavy handed attempt to arrest me.

This arrest was arbitrary and unlawful, and did not even follow the Regulations themselves. These specify that an arrest can only be effected if the conditions in s24 PACE 1984 apply – which they did not. The police then tried to justify the arrest by saying it had been done “to prevent [me] causing physical injury to [myself] or any other person. PACE CodeG 2.9 (c)(i).” A load of nonsense..This unlawful arrest triggered an unfortunate confrontation in the shopping centre as people were concerned at police arresting me unlawfully, and hence assaulting me. I know that 3 others were arrested as well. I have now instructed my lawyers to draft a letter to South Yorkshire Police to ask them to justify my arrest or issue an apology.. As for the Court case that is at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on 3 November 2020 at 10am.

I have been bailed on condition not to attend any illegal protest of more than 30 people anywhere in the UK. I will challenge that condition as it allows the police to arrest me pretty much on sight at any protest on “reasonable suspicion” that I am breach of my bail conditions. This is a clear attempt to silence me. Who gave the order for my recent arrests? PM Boris Johnson said on 7 June 2020 that there was a right to protest peacefully; if that is still the case in the UK,

Boris please tell the Police! Or have all human rights now been suspended?

Please note that I am still allowed to attend and speak at any rally of more than 30 on a public open space that is organised within Regulation 5B. But this is not enough – this is still a chilling effect on the right to protest, and human rights must remain paramount.

Please write to your MP to protest about any extension of the Coronavirus Act and Regulations due to be renewed and debated in Parliament for the very first time within 7 days of 26 September 2020. Complain to them about the assault on our freedoms and civil rights.

Thanks to everyone for their support. I vow to keep up the good fight – do not expect me to be silenced any time soon!!

He also tweeted this yesterday after getting out of jail:

He really needs to use [THE CHALLENGE DOCUMENT] as referenced above.

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SAVE US NOW has additional footage of Piers Corbyn’s arrest (17min):

EVERYONE – word has it a second lockdown is planned for later this month.

Save Us Now’s Brighteon Channel is

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Alarming, shocking, disturbing. Full-blown slavery in effect. The people are treated like animals (and animals should not be treated like that).

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UPDATE – VIDEO (6min) of Piers Corbyn after he was released from SYP from the arrest at the Sheffield event. This video was featured on The Truthseeker.

His arrest was like all psyops not justifiable in any terms.

Police are now embarking on a new stronger position on the NWO rule required to impose a de-humanized technocratic tyranny.

Four persons were arrested, who he calls the Sheffield Four.

We are stronger now than ever, because we have the numbers. We are the many and they are few.

We challenge the mayor of London to permit the 26 September Rally.

We now know the virus story is a hoax. The government has had 11 weeks to provide evidence and they haven't.

Please ignore fake news. They are scared of a massive demonstration.

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