Should Covid Commies Worry About Violent Resistance?


By Henry Makow

Not only did the Communists steal the election, they want to liquidate the 80-plus million patriots who voted for Trump.

Cancel culture is about cancelling you and the Western nation state.

Covid vaccines are about killing you.

Their goal is to destroy you & your values. We must awaken from our slumber and realize that we have been declared redundant. We cannot continue to play stupid. We are “useless eaters.”

These depraved psychopaths are gaslighting you to believe that resistance to tyranny is “terrorism.”

Decent Americans are in the cross-hairs but act like deer in the headlights.

Covid Communists are waging war on them yet they act like nothing is happening.

Am I wrong? Where is the resistance? The Red States. Anywhere else?

Americans are fully armed but there have been no reports of pushback. If the vaccines prove to be as deadly as some doctors predict, and mandatory vaccination and passports are introduced, violent resistance is inevitable.

What about Gibraltarians?

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