Review: the 5-star Sunborn Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar

This is our review of the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar.

by Rob Burgess, Head For Points

If you are heading to Gibraltar there are only two high-end options. There is the art deco The Rock and the Sunborn Yacht Hotel. The Eliott and the Holiday Inn Express bring up the rear.

Some good and not-so-good observations:

The rooms are light, bright and classy.

I’m not sure what you expect from a yacht hotel, but I want to be clear about one thing. It ISN’T like being on a boat.

The hotels is not fully honest with its room descriptions. When it says ‘marina side’ or ‘marina view’, it means ’10 metres from an Irish pub’...

I am at the desk in my room and the sliding doors to the tiny balcony are open. If I turn my head I can see a fantastic collection of boats, the airport runway and the hills of Spain across the water.

The Sunborn pool was a big disappointment. If you want a swimming pool, the one at The Rock Hotel beats this hands down.

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Just thought Gibraltarians might find this interesting.

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