REVEALED: UK Covid testing firm set to sell-on people’s DNA harvested from testing swabs


One of the largest Covid-19 testing companies in the UK is being investigated by the country’s privacy watchdog after it declared their intentions to sell swabs containing customers’ DNA for medical research.

Cignpost Diagnostics, a government-approved testing provider, has delivered up to three million tests at a cost of between £35 and £120 each since it was founded in June last year, The Sunday Times reported.

Cignpost, which trades as Express Test, said it intended to analyse the samples to “learn more about human health”, develop drugs and products or to sell information to third parties, according to company documents.

Express Test offers pre-departure and arrival testing for people travelling abroad and has 71 walk-in locations across the UK, including at its two main airports, Heathrow and Gatwick.

According to the report, customers were not clearly informed that their medical data would be used for purposes outwith what they were specified.

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