PROOF! Covid-19 to be DIAGNOSED and everyone monitored 24/7 using A.I. patented and planned in 2015

Originally designed to work with a wearable sensor and your Smartphone in 2015, but probably now in 2020 via the Covid-1984 vaccines and your Smartphone.

THEY will know EXACTLY where you are at ALL times, so THEY can grab you and do what THEY like with you, claiming you have the hoax Covid-1984 and are contagious and a danger to the public.

Why are the Rothschilds still breathing?




We do not hear much about sinister, behind-the-scenes activities from Rothschild from the Rothschild-controlled media, however, this odd (creepy) man (founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum), Klaus Schwab has been showing up in the alternative media lately:


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