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Homemade Heater - You Will Not Believe How Warm This Gets


Make sure before using one of these stoves you are aware of the dangers of burning methanol gas.

There are different methanol gases and concentrations, which if ingested, inhaled or coming within close contact of skin can do some serious damage.

Here are some articles and also alternatives.

Methanol is toxic (a potential cause for concern which we discuss later on) making this the only real downside to this fuel.

Also, the flame is virtually invisible in daylight. Exercise caution when cooking with it because it’ll be difficult to know if your alcohol stove is lit just by looking at it.

Note: Brands withhold the specific chemical component identities and/or the exact component percentages as trade secrets.

Methanol is toxic and accordingly some backpackers like to avoid using it as fuel.
It can enter the body by ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin.

When conducting the boil tests I certainly inhaled some fumes. When filling the alcohol stoves with fuel some of each fuel inevitably got on my fingers. It’s hard to avoid.

Methanol-use for cooking is still in its infancy, partially due to the fear of the potentially damaging health effects should the fuel be accidentally ingested. Methanol is primarily made from natural gas, but also can be produced from wood, bagasse, grass, or agricultural wastes. If methanol is burned with air in an open flame it burns without any by-products.Methyl Alcohol (Methanol)Furthermore, there have been reports of methanol toxicity caused by ingestion of ABHRs as well as chronic methanol toxicity from transdermal absorption of these products, where the methanol content was not disclosed [15, 16]. While all the alcohols used in ABHRs may be toxic following ingestion, only methanol appears to be toxic following dermal absorption via these products [15, 17, 18].

Accumulations of methanol vapors in confined spaces may explode if ignited, and containers filled with methanol may rupture violently if exposed to fire or excessive heat for a prolonged duration. › fact-sheets

Frequently Asked Questions About the Safe Handling and Use of ...

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Acorns - The Fuel Of The Future - A Super Easy Way To Remove Tannins-2022-10-07

Burning anything indoors should be properly vented and treated with caution.
The beauty of his burner is that it is a complete burn which results in no smoke/emissions other than humidity (water).

Thank you, we'll have to look into that

The Magical Forever Wick The Plant Pot Heater On Steroids

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Free heat from Sawdust + Vegetable oil .. No Tools Needed

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This is a great way to recycle all junk mail. The logs are suppose to last couple of hours.

This will save lots of money and help save the TREES!

Trees were protected by Law in Medieval Ireland

You're welcome.

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Blackout bread, bake without electricity, with tea lights! Also for preppers


UK stocks up on generators, gloves, and flashlights to prepare for winter blackouts

Britons are arming themselves with everything from generators to thermal underwear as they brace for rolling blackouts caused by the broader energy crisis in Europe.

Grid operators in the United Kingdom warned last week that residents could face pre-planned, three-hour power cuts this winter if they cannot import enough electricity or gas this winter to sustain the grid amid hours of peak demand.

"In the unlikely event we were in this situation, it would mean that some customers could be without power for pre-defined periods during a day — generally this is assumed to be for three-hour blocks," the U.K.’s National Grid Electricity System Operator said in its annual Winter Outlook.

And consumers’ fears are reflected in their shopping habits: Compared to the same period in October 2021, generator sales in the U.K. have soared by a whopping 203% in the first 11 days this month, Reuters reported, citing data from British building material retailer Toolstation. Meanwhile, sales of torches, known as flashlights in the United States, have also spiked by 43%.

Staying warm is key — another element reflected in shopping data released by British department store John Lewis. The retailer reported last week that its sales of thermal underwear had more than doubled compared to the previous week.

Sales of candles, gloves, heated blankets, and duvets also climbed, it said.

"Although it's far from certain that the National Grid will have to resort to blackouts this winter, it's clear customers are preparing for this worst case scenario," a Toolstation spokesperson told Reuters, noting the generators can be used to power equipment such as lamps and fan heaters.

Others are hoping to lower their monthly soaring energy payments by cutting out their use of the oven. Cooking appliances such as crockpots, air fryers, and sandwich makers rose more than 52% in September compared to the previous month.

Supplies to the U.K. will be limited due to the energy crisis in the European Union caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Though it received a far smaller amount of its gas from Russia, the EU’s supply concerns have spilled into the U.K. as well, driving prices further and making it harder for Britain to secure gas from outside suppliers, such as the U.S. and Qatar.

"The potential for a shortfall in gas supplies within continental Europe could have a range of knock-on impacts in Great Britain, creating risks around the ability of [Great Britain] to import from continental Europe," the U.K.'s National Grid's Gas Transmission said in its own winter report.

Growing watermelon hanging hammock for beginners Fruit is big and sweet

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Looks :eyes: like an interesting way to grow melons. Thank you, have you tried it yet?

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@be1 ,
You are welcome.
No, they don't grow well in this soil.