Police Brutality Warning – Governments have begun to “regard their own population as the enemy” on covid


UN intervenes over Berlin police brutality towards anti-lockdown protestors

Nils Melzer, the UN official, said that he has received over 100 reports of excessive police violence from German authorities since last weekend’s Berlin anti-lockdown demonstrations.

He will now be investigating each claim...

Melzer added that he was “very concerned about the development of police operations in demonstrations worldwide,” saying that “Something fundamental is going wrong – in all regions of the world, the authorities are evidently increasingly viewing their own people as an enemy.

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Soldiers on Streets as 25 Million Australians Under Martial Law Because of Just 3 Covid Deaths

Authorities in Australia have called in the military to occupy parts of Sydney and enforce the country’s latest draconian COVID-19 lockdown.

People in New South Wales are basically under the most draconian form of lockdown where they are only allowed to leave home for work, exercise and food and are not permitted to venture more than 3 miles from where they live.

Police are going house-to-house to check that residents are obeying the rules, and also using helicopters blaring the message: “This is public health order – do not break rules – you will be found and fines issued.”

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Is this what police officers and military soldiers signed up for? The politicians have coerced them to act as if their own citizens are the enemy, when it is government officials using them as their foot-soldiers to enact a totalitarian regime. This isn't rocket science - it's classic psychological warfare.


Add oil to black paint and lob it at the gestapo says ex military...

The video is 3 minutes.

The Governments and their Military Have Declared War on the American and British People

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